Atlantic County


19 W. Curran Drive, Kathleen R. Mannering and William Mannering to Kelli L. Brenner and Man Ho Chan; 9/22/2011. $178,000


36 N. Congress Ave., Dekbon Community Development Corp. to Felix F. Rivera and Rosario Rivera; 9/22/2011. $133,000

3501 Boardwalk Ave. No. B212, Morry Markowitz and Irvin Markowitz Testamentary Trust and Irvin Markowitz and Ron Braunstein and Zev Braunstein and Fruma Markowitz to David Rinwalske and Donna Rinwalske; 9/22/2011. $65,000

3101 Boardwalk No. 3102-2, Peggy Lee Morris to Fred Liedman and Cheryl Cohen Freedman; 9/23/2011. $299,000

5 Oceanic Terrace, Leia Morales and John DiFelciantonio and Catherine DiFelciantonio and Armondo DiFelciantonio and Theresa DiFelciantonio and Peter J. Morales to Charles H. Ireland; 9/23/2011. $12,000

3101 Boardwalk Unit 2202 Tower II, Robert H. Hudson and Rosa L. Hudson and Hudson Living Trust to Annie R. Haxton; 9/23/2011. $300,000

13 Schooner Court, Carol Wootten and Matthew J. McBride to Doris D. Patterson; 9/19/2011. $122,500

204 N. Iowa Ave., LTMC Group LLC and Ming Z. Chen to Frank Lee; 9/19/2011. $220,000

2707 Pacific Ave., Four Parcels Inc. to 2707 Pacific LLC; 9/19/2011. $350,000

118 N. Massachusetts Ave., Eastwind Development Group LLC and Mario Procida to Atlantic City Housing Authority and Urban Redevelopment Agency; 9/19/2011. $200,000

101 S. Raleigh Ave. Unit 726, Gary Novick and Joy Novick to Harris Millier; 9/19/2011. $120,000

812 Ariff Ave., Ruth E. Huff to Castle One Inc.; 9/19/2011. $23,000

101 S. Plaza Place, Steven J. Feldman and Joseph H. Feldman and Sandra Swanton to Michael Rudnick; 9/19/2011. $187,000


325 Gull Cove, Alda Graziano to Florence Florio; 9/19/2011. $400,000

802 E. Shore Drive, Maria Underwood and Steven M. Urick and S. Dawn W. Urick to Kristopher S. Walsh; 9/19/2011. $157,500

4500 W. Brigantine Ave. Unit No. 2115, Justin DiFilippo and Michele DiFilippo to Juliana Stack; 9/19/2011. $212,000

4600 W. Brigantine Ave. Unit 312, Pauline Rice and John E. Rice to Paul L. Korcz and Romino Korcz; 9/21/2011. $215,000

215 Sixth St. South, James Miles Glasgow to Mark J. Lupinetti and Barbara J. Lupinetti; 9/21/2011. $252,000

4419 Harbor Beach Blvd., Myrtle I. Sorge and Pasquale A. Sorge to James Schmidt; 9/21/2011. $250,000

336 12th St., Stephen G. Mahan and Eileen Mahan to George Dwyer and Michelle Dwyer; 9/22/2011. $645,000

4631 Harbor Beach Blvd., Barbara Daniels and Desiree Daniels to Crest Construction LLC; 9/22/2011. $219,900

51 Ocean Drive, Richard M. Goldberg and Christopher Cullen and Heather Paulhamus and Steven L. Flood to Joel Mair and Stewart Bruder; 9/22/2011. $430,000

833 W. Shore Drive, Timothy John Robb to Richard A. Michelfelder and Geralyn V. Michelfelder; 9/22/2011. $270,000


702-704 W. Summer Road, Anthony DePasquale and Gina DePasquale to Albert A. Pellegrini; 9/19/2011. $182,000


356 Llewellyn Ave., Bartholomew A. DeLuca to Louis L. Petrini; 9/21/2011. $95,000


104 Ohio Ave., Patricia Taylor and Richard Hall, administrators for the estate of Raymond Hall to Holly L. Laun; 9/22/2011. $131,900

113 Snowdrop Road, DR Horton Inc. NJ to Charles Serembus and Joan Serembus; 9/23/2011. $255,000

251 Sea Pine Drive, Ryan Homes to Kristina Bonstead; 9/20/2011. $240,955

10 Saratoga Road, Shawn Yahrling and Lisa Yahrling to Richard Vogt; 9/21/2011. $277,000

401 Superior Road, George Ryan and Claire Ryan to Thomas M. Bell; 9/21/2011. $229,900

101 New Bridge Road, Aurora Loan Services LLC and LPS Asset Management Solutions Inc. to John J. Monahan; 9/21/2011. $240,000

43 Cambridge Ave., Joanna Howell and Valerie J. Scutti to Joann M. Fiore; 9/19/2011. $92,500

125 Crystal Lake Drive, Somerset Lakes LLC and Avi Schron to Randy S. Patiag and Cristina Patiag; 9/19/2011. $350,000


804 Lazyriver Campground, Charles Langsdorf and Patricia Langsdorf to Joseph W. Vassell and Donna R. Vassell; 9/19/2011. $35,000


401 Yam Ave., Yaser Bekete to Andrew R. Beyer and Jessica Rae D'Ambrosio; 9/19/2011. $195,000

112 E. Moss Mill Road, Brian L. Conover and Ruth Ann Conover to Brian L. Conover; 9/21/2011. $29,000

718 Eagle Point Court, Barbara M. Reynolds and John M. Hughes to Eric Thompson and Kelly Thompson; 9/21/2011. $177,000

305-307 Vine Ave., Fannie Mae to Losco LLC; 9/23/2011. $85,000

230 Colman Place, U.S. Bank NA and Residential Funding Co. LLC to Elena Magdenko and Robert McAroy; 9/23/2011. $114,000

8 Wordsworth St., John J. Heldon and Laney Heldon to Gregory J. Makar; 9/23/2011. $280,000


213 Lenape Ave., James Bitler and Lisa Bitler to Michelle Molina; 9/23/2011. $208,379

10 Croydon Road, Diana Venuti to Nathan R. Perry and Elizabeth Heggan; 9/21/2011. $270,000

4 Meadow Circle, Brian T. Slama to Mirope M. Pahang; 9/19/2011. $194,000

567 North St., Joseph North and Brooke North to Nancy E. Castrenze; 9/19/2011. $230,000


11 Alexander Drive, William Sikora and Lillian Sikora to Patricia A. Augustine; 9/23/2011. $265,000

360 N. Chew Road, Maria R. Pagan to James N. DeFrancisco and Sharon C. DeFrancisco; 9/21/2011. $248,000


N3 Hancock St., Mary Vougiatjis to Leonard Quinn and Alison Quinn; 9/22/2011. $128,900


12 S. Barclay Ave., Jeffrey A. Cohen to Richard T. Levine and Janet F. Levine; 9/22/2011. $610,000

413 N. Huntington Ave., Robert Blutinger and Lillian Blutinger to William F. Stahley and Carmela L. Stahley; 9/22/2011. $317,000

29 N. Clarendon Ave., Bernard W. Grosky and Helen Grosky to Michael L. Kavky; 9/23/2011. $407,000

9300 Atlantic Ave. No. 320, Paul Sotoloff and Libbie Sotoloff to Bruce H. Chmara and Mona W. Chmara; 9/23/2011. $400,000

304-A N. Wilson Ave., Forino Enterprises N.J. to Donna M. Robinson; 9/23/2011. $210,000

107 N. Nassau Ave., Sarah Rebecca Klavans to Martin Buchalski and Debra Buchalski; 9/19/2011. $450,000

6 S. Mansfield Ave., Cathy L. Schwartz and Herbert L. Stoolman and Sarah C. Stoolman to Michael Barrett and Robyn Barrett; 9/21/2011. $775,000

8209 Fulton Ave., Thomas A. Napoli and Michele R. Napoli to John W. Frangipani and Mary T. Frangipani; 9/21/2011. $382,000

4 N. Monroe Ave., Spring Hollow N. 1 LLC and Karl E. Senseman to Morris E. Kerstein and Margaret Schwedler Kerstein; 9/19/2011. $575,000


3435 Moores Ave., Deirdre L. Hayes to Thomas J. Keubler; 9/21/2011. $153,000


416 Wellington Ave., Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Ewa Wojciechowski; 9/22/2011. $35,199

25 N. Fourth St., Karen Brooks to David Doebley; 9/23/2011. $35,000

8 Lake Place, Arthur Sulik to Mercedes Lopez and Jans M. Ruiz; 9/23/2011. $223,900

1301 N. Main St., Casaba Real Estate Holding Corp. to Walter F. Reynosa and Mauricio A. Reynosa; 9/23/2011. $122,000

27 W. Adams Ave., Ramon A. Gonzalez Medrano and Benito Rodriguez and Maria Delgado Jimenez to Guillermo Polanco and Kathleen Reyes; 9/21/2011. $83,000

408 Chestnut Ave., Peter Berenotto and Catherine N. Berenotto and Magdalen Berenotto to KPB Assets Inc.; 9/21/2011. $58,000

23 E. Merion Ave., Homeworks LLC and Jake Ketschek to Elsa A. Charles; 9/19/2011. $129,000


356 Cologne Port Republic Road, Gary H. Sweezy and Lynn J. Sweezy to Rocco J. Delareto and Diana L. Delareto; 9/22/2011. $255,000


1418 Massachusetts Ave., William Ulrich and Elizabeth Ulrich to Ronald J. Smith; 9/22/2011. $240,000

925 Shore Road, Francis P. Dolan and Maryclare Gertrude Dolan, trustees, Francis P. Dolan and Maryclare Gertrude Dolan Trust Agreement to Jason A. Marsico and Sarah J. Marsico; 9/19/2011. $76,500


111 S. Buffalo Ave. No. 201, Thomas M. Young and Lisa M. Young to Anthony Jewell and Rebecca L. Fleischauer; 9/19/2011. $292,000

109 S. Swarthmore Ave., Julia Piwoz and Ellen Piwoz and Nina Markham to Jason Feinberg; 9/21/2011. $990,000

104 N. Wissahickon Ave., Henrietta Shelton to Linda Russo; 9/23/2011. $180,000


1502 Clement St., Joseph Lysy to Armando Conte and Angel Merrill; 9/22/2011. $60,000

1201 12th Ave., David Cohen and Stephanie Cohen to Mark Sheppard; 9/21/2011. $220,500

Cape May County


1205 Beach Ave., Frederick Kappler and Georgette Kappler to Ali Farahani and Shahin Farahani; 9/19/2011. $715,000

315 Ocean St. Unit 8B, Casaba Real Estate Holding Corp. to Harmony LLC; 9/21/2011. $250,000


64 Sunny Lane, Bonnie Kickasola to Andrew Galia; 9/22/2011. $223,000


709 Pacific Ave., Edward Callahan to Francis McGovern; 9/21/2011. $257,000

131 Schellinger Ave., Cynthia Mulholland and Doreen Corino to Glenn Whelan and Jamie Whelan; 9/20/2011. $250,000

300 E. Raleigh Ave. Unit 201, Barbara Sussman and Steven Sussman to Lane Brennen and William Brennen; 9/19/2011. $290,000

902 Ocean Drive Unit 401, Victor Plumbo to Frederick Kettinger and Rose Marie Kettinger; 9/23/2011. $297,000


5 Ryan Lane, Donald Rhinesmith and Michelle Rhinesmith to Gary Farrow and Torie Farrow; 9/21/2011. $180,000

208 Way Road, Barbara Schumann to Bruce Graf and Cynthia Graf; 9/20/2011. $95,500

102 Whiting Way, Kelly Bowman and Lance Bowman to Kristin Donohoe and Patrick Donohoe; 9/22/2011. $470,000


417-425 E. 22nd Ave. Unit 204, Marie Ferdinando to Gretchen Finley and Mark Finley; 9/22/2011. $115,000

805 Surf Ave., Barry Sell and Deborah Sell to Tina Clements; 9/23/2011. $362,500

214 W. 12th St., Anna Simmons and Richard Simmons to Anthony Tenaro and Brenda Tenaro; 9/20/2011. $205,000


620 Simpson Ave., Larry Larrabee to Joseph Padula and Suzanne Padula; 9/21/2011. $220,000

1247 Haven Ave., Albert Genz to John Giova and Maryann Giova; 9/23/2011. $232,000

8 E. 12th St. Unit A, Gabriel Dunn to Janice Dunn and Samuel Dunn; 9/20/2011. $180,000;


5910 Pleasure Ave. South Unit, Mary Burchman and Seymour Burchman to Lisa Callaghan and Steven Callaghan; 9/19/2011. $625,000


18 Foxborough Road, Enrico Cannizzaro and Rosemary Cannizzaro to Frank Quigley; 9/23/2011. $220,000

320 N. Quail Drive, Francis Brennan and Therese Brennan to Rodney Seeberger and Sharon Seeberger; 9/19/2011. $347,000


8401 Atlantic Ave. Unit 202, Patricia Tosado and Raul Tosado to Joann Martin; 9/23/2011. $140,000

215 E. Lotus Ave. Unit 215, Carrie Erickson and Eric Erickson to Barbara Newman and Paul Newman; 9/19/2011. $565,000

400 E. Monterey Ave., Bert Lanczinger and Eva Lanczinger to John Halper and Robert Delia; 9/21/2011. $470,000

6210 Ocean Ave. Unit 304, Elena Bresani-Kendall and Kirk Kendall to David Donohue and Teresa Donohue; 9/23/2011. $450,000

205 W. Charleston Ave., Dorothy Quill and Maurice Quill to Maria Sgrignioli and Michael Sgrignioli; 9/23/2011. $299,900


312 Franklin St., Joseph Bogushefsky and Mary Bogushefsky to Elisel Ortiz; 9/19/2011. $65,000

Cumberland County


409 Pearl St., Frederick W. Iveson III to Anthony Peterson; 9/23/2011. $14,500

19 Gardner Ave., Amarjit Singh to Teodoro Martinez; 9/19/2011. $16,500


2501 Lakeshore Drive, Patricia A. Rogers to Benjamin L. Press; 9/19/2011. $53,900

6018 Dennis Lane, Blanche L. Van Buren to Randy R. Dean Jr.; 9/22/2011. $42,400


938 Vineland Ave., Luretta Schaper to Jason Pereira; 9/22/2011. $200,000


554 Old Beaver Dam, Elizabeth D. Etter to Christopher S. Pittenger; 9/23/2011. $110,000


3172 Cedarville Road, Doris R. Ornelas to John M. Tisa Jr.; 9/23/2011. $109,000

South Main Street, block 237, lot 12 Paulette J. Mayo to Earl Miller Sr.; 9/22/2011. $10,000


Route 47, block 221, lot 10, Jesse J. Eilenberg, executor for Margaret Eilenberg, to Thomas R. Talalaj Jr.; 9/23/2011. $30,000


301-303 E. Mulberry St., Theodore F. Prohowich Sr., executor for Edmund H. Misskelly, to BTW2 LLC; 9/20/2011. $69,000

1501 Oakland Ave., R&R Rentals LLC to Oak Tree Properties LLC; 9/20/2011. $1,900,000

216 S. Third St., U.S. Bank to Andrea R. Cimino; 9/21/2011. $25,000

1131 S. Second St., Harley Properties LLC to Daryanani Enterprises NJ II LLC; 9/19/2011. $1,465,000


818 S. Valley Ave, Carmen Morales to Hector Torres; 9/19/2011. $155,000

1456 E. Walnut Road, Stacey M. Marciano to Hoolei LLC, ; 9/19/2011. $179,900

4056 Mays Landing Road, John McGinley to Francine Carr; 9/19/2011. $185,000

2102 E. Oak Road B5, Ryan Homes to Janize T. Webb; 9/19/2011. $169,990

2102 E. Oak Road M5, Ryan Homes to Tara Webb; 9/22/2011. $167,320

735 Brentwood Drive, Thomas J. Levari to Luke E. Rochetti; 9/22/2011. $174,000

2151 Rudolph Drive Michael Kissell to Daryl Desiere; 9/23/2011. $232,000

726 E. Wood St., Qasim A. Majeed Trust to Good Sheppard Pentecostal Church Inc.; 9/23/2011. $127,000

1369 Cherokee Lane, Spring Hollow N. 1 LLC to David DiLeonardo; 9/23/2011. $160,000

2580 Beechwood Drive, Matthew B. Monteleone-Haught to Albert J. DeNovellis; 9/22/2011. $202,000

2419 E. Landis Ave., Steven A. Cook to James C. Geraci; 9/22/2011. $217,000

2383 Ida Lane, Norman O. Strom to Charles E. Farside; 9/23/2011. $146,000

2102 E. Oak Road M-3, Ryan Homes to Kendall Blair; 9/23/2011. $179,370

2102 E. Oak Road M-2, Ryan Homes to Desiree Barbagli-Togno; 9/23/2011. $176,158

2102 E. Oak Road M-4, Ryan Homes to Terri DiSanti; 9/23/2011. $186,145

2606 Coronado Drive, Michael Glomb to Eugene Cardona III; 9/23/2011. $220,000

Ocean County


2502 Bayview Ave., Mary Leonard and Robert Leonard to Laurie Okun; 9/23/2011. $995,000

40 W. Fourth St. Unit 5, John J. Golding and PBB Property Holdings LLC to Christine P. O'Hearn and Robert F. O'Hearn Sr; 9/20/2011. $665,000


14 Beacon Drive, Kenneth Gluck to John P. Hartung; 9/20/2011. $195,000

21 Fountainview Drive, Gisele C. Pincus and Melvin A. Pincus to Santos B. Ruiz; 9/21/2011. $232,500

104 Ravenwood Blvd., Helen Fudali and Louis Fudali to Paul F. D'Aloia and Sandra D'Aloia; 9/22/2011. $245,000

34 Georgetown Blvd., Shaindy Strulovic to Joseph A. Russo; 9/19/2011. $170,000

5 Rocky Brook Drive, Betty D'Agostino and Joseph D'Agostino to Joann Polulak and Myron Polulak; 9/23/2011. $260,000


310 Station Plaza, Dorothy E. Gore and Gary W. Gore Sr. to Kenneth J. Muha and Laura A. Muha; 9/22/2011. $575,000


5625 Holly Ave., Wendy Mullen and Wendy C. Mullen to Denise Cahn and George M. Cahn; 9/20/2011. $690,000


317 Southwinds Drive, Gerard L. Ritzinger to Joann J. Bachonski and Thomas J. Grapentine; 9/22/2011. $238,250

6 Kent Drive, Edward E. Craviolo and Joan Craviolo to Danny T. Backhaus; 9/22/2011. $108,000


135 East Hudson Drive, Benny D. DePergola and Margaret DePergola to Denise Trischitta and Joseph Trischitta; 9/20/2011. $225,000;

10 Lake St., Jack Kreismer to David Winant; 9/21/2011. $180,000

253 Route 9, Linda Beam and Jerry H. Ehlers to Joy W. Couch; 9/20/2011. $115,000


118 E. 27th St., Anne M. Romano and Edward A. Romano to Frank Conti and Susan Conti; 9/19/2011. $750,000

11 E. Selfridge Ave., John B. Anderson and Ruth G. Anderson to Lynmar Associates Inc.; 9/22/2011. $601,000

34 W. Sand Dune Lane, John P. Greene Jr. to Lisa A. Tyson and William R. Tyson; 9/22/2011. $438,750

16 W. Joshua Ave., Linda Gomes and Richard A. Gomes to Dorothy C. Katauskas; 9/22/2011. $888,750

114 Arnold Blvd., Rosa M. Warfel and Timothy P. Warfel to Sandra E. Fitzgerald and Warren K. Fitzgerald; 9/22/2011. $950,000

26 Adrian Road, Denise M. McLaughlin and Jerome J. McLaughlin to Maureen Aloisi and Albert C. Van Roden; 9/23/2011. $712,000

107 E. Dune Lane, Susan Eveland and Wayne R. Eveland to Kimberli C. MacConnell and Terrence P. MacConnell; 9/21/2011. $1,150,000

7304 Ocean Ave., John Gervasoni and Anthony Tonzillo to Bonnie E. Gentile and Charles G. Gentile; 9/22/2011. $692,000

34 W. Alabama Ave., Mary R. Bell to Lori N. Harris and William Harris; 9/20/2011. $530,000


24 Peg Leg Way, Donna Rohlander and Robert Rohlander to Michael O'Neil and Sandra O'Neil; 9/21/2011. $415,000

9 Seabright Way, Lennar and U.S. Home Corp. to Christine Alexander and David Alexander; 9/20/2011. $408,940

45 Walnut St., Stephen King to Tracy Tucker; 9/20/2011. $135,000

106 Harborage Place, Janet D. Pryzby to Barbara Bennett and Gordon Bennett; 9/21/2011. $520,000

40 Harvey Cedar Way, Lennar and U.S. Home Corp. to Dolores M. Eilbacher and James M. Eilbacher; 9/20/2011. $419,750

46 Harvey Cedar Way, Lennar and U.S. Home Corp. to Darlene A. Walters and Peter B. Walters; 9/20/2011. $382,300


327 W. Eighth St., John T. Harquist to Surf City Marina Inc.; 9/20/2011. $120,000


24 Nautilus Drive, Tammy M. Marinaro and Tammy Marinaro-Crook to 24 Nautilus Drive Partners LLC; 9/20/2011. $115,000

13 Jennings Road, James E. Raylman and Margaret M. Raylman to Attic Three A. Partnership; 9/20/2011. $175,000

1732 Breakers Drive, Debbie Nemes and Robert Nemes to Anthony Chiarello; 9/22/2011. $315,000

105 Eddy Road, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Labrador Homes; 9/21/2011. $103,000

141 Longwood Drive, Sarah E. Bahto to Cheryl Hawkes and Harold Hawkes; 9/21/2011. $130,000

34 St. Mary Ave., Eileen Green and Raymond Green to Denise Santos and Rogerio S. Santos; 9/23/2011. $530,000

207 S. Lakeshore Drive, Deanne Ux and Ronald R. Ux to Darrin E. Markoski and Sarah E. Markoski; 9/19/2011. $180,000

133 Lawrence Drive, Antoinette Kelly and Eugene C. Tedeschi to Eugene C. Tedeschi; 9/20/2011. $97,776


1815 N. Ocean Terrace, Julie Kaplan and Michael Sandler to Barbara Mitas and Louis Mitas III; 9/23/2011. $1,675,000

343 N. Eighth St., Donna Lee Zuccarini and Ralph Zuccarini Jr. to Debra Wendruff; 9/22/2011. $465,000

127 17th St., Diane A. Minger, executrix for Agnes F. McIlhenny, to Barry W. Shaw and Kelly A. Shaw; 9/20/2011. $456,250

283 N. Third St., Beckie Michael and John T. Nutaitis to Ursula Y. Hodgson and William D. Hodgson; 9/20/2011. $375,000

456 Schoderer Lane, vacant land, Ursula Hodgson and William Hodgson to Beckie Michael and John T. Nutaitis; 9/20/2011. $1,075,000


713 Lady Slipper Court, George DelMonico to Melissa Alexander and Stanley Bulatowicz; 9/22/2011. $114,000

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