Atlantic County


1 Lighthouse Cove Unit A, Rita R. James and Ella A. Diamond to Lori Klewin; 8/30/2011. $200,000

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210 Vermont Ave., Francis W. Peterson to Paul J. Johnson; 8/30/2011. $162,000

3 Dockside Drive, Lynne Clare Salani and Guy M. Salani to Robert P. Magee Jr. Disclaimer Trust; 8/29/2011. $650,000

502 Jefferson Ave., Atlantic Land LLC and Jason T. Schaeffer to Jennifer L. Maraldo; 8/29/2011. $210,000

309 Sunflower Drive, Matthew J. McCool and Joan L. McCool to Patricia M. Rich; 8/30/2011. $215,000

16 Carann Lane, Cleo Stump and Beatrice Stump to Christopher Hodac and Michelle Hodac; 8/30/2011. $220,000

109 Cindy Drive, Loraine Bedard to Blaine M. Dively; 8/30/2011. $125,000

40 School House Road, Richard E. Mason to Daniel Noble and Karen Noble; 8/31/2011. $248,000

101 Pleasant Heights Ave., Aurora Loan Services LLC to Kalyani Ghosh; 8/31/2011. $149,900


514 First Ave., George M. Williams, executor for George A. Williams Jr. to George M. Williams; 8/31/2011. $200,000

132 Brewster Drive, James P. Schooley to Richard Csocsan and Phyllis J. Csocsan; 8/31/2011. $184,000

311 Nectar Ave., Rocco Delareto Jr. and Diana Myrtetus to Denise D'Ambrosio; 8/30/2011. $145,000

639 S. First Ave., Luke Duff and Deborah Duff to Michelle L. Vanelli and Michael J. Vanelli and Linda J. Vanelli; 8/30/2011. $230,000

703 Lindbergh Ave., Thomas Brooke and Linda Brooke to Joseph Gresh and Mary Jo Gresh; 8/30/2011. $208,000


10 Renaissance Drive, Ashley Graves to Christopher Gordon and Emma Pilar Gordon; 8/29/2011. $239,900

6408 Harding Highway, Nai Mertz Corp. to 6408 Harding Highway LLC; 8/31/2011. $1,335,000


11 Fischer Road, George F. Lynn and Patricia K. Lynn to 11 Fischer Road LLC; 8/30/2011. $460,000


9513 Winchester Ave., Yiota Holdings LLC and John Soubasis to Timothy F. Coffey and Lori Marcus Coffey; 8/31/2011. $586,000

8007 Lagoon Drive, Philip Uchitel Living Trust and Philip Uchitel and Marilyn Uchitel and Marilyn Uchitel Living Trust to Augustine A. Staino and Paula Staino; 8/31/2011. $975,000


214 E. Yorkshire Ave., Duncan Hyrns and Shirley Hyrns to Sharon M. Davis and George R. Dennis; 8/30/2011. $367,000


1107 Iowa Ave., Louis S. Mister and Dorothy G. Mister to Anthony E. Taylor; 8/30/2011. $68,000

1-7 S. Main St., Hau Kim Kwok and Cheuk Kam Cheung to Pleasantville; 8/31/2011. $360,000

103 W. Washington Ave., Hilton Shostak and Stewart Shostak to Pleasantville; 8/31/2011. $495,000


6005 Atlantic Ave., Lee R. Burnham to Joseph P. Carfora and Donna H. Carfora; 8/31/2011. $890,000

6101 Monmouth Ave. Unit 803, Cheryl B. Lebowitz to Thomas Devuono and Tina Devuono; 8/30/2011. $128,000

414 N. Cornwall Ave., Regina L. Nagle and Richard D. Warlich and Rosa R. Warlich to Ryan E. Tripician and Christina M. Culler; 8/30/2011. $216,000

Cumberland County


23 Fern Road, Richele Kristovich to Antonio Ramos; 8/29/2011. $90,000

3 Mather St., Zachary S. Manpuello to Stephen J. Fralinger; 8/31/2011. $149,900


2411 Ogden Ave., Richard S. Fritz to Michael R. Webb; 8/30/2011. $40,000

4647 Magnolia Drive, Carol Garrison to Robert A. Woolson; 8/31/2011. $3,000


368 Tuska Ave., Susan Reed to Anthony N. DeGregorio; 8/31/2011. $84,000


336 Main St., Bronco One LLC, to Veronica Ferrer; 8/29/2011. $134,900


6 Holly Hills Court, HSD Developers LLC to Sigfrido Troche; 8/29/2011. $154,000

224 E. Oak St., U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Diguiseppi, Thomas; 8/29/2011. $27,000

Ocean County


41 Heritage Point Blvd., Heritage Point LP to Anthony Dasaro and Marie Dasaro; 8/31/2011. $343,175

95 Ravenwood Blvd., John A. Mandara and Patricia A. Mandara to Robert P. Bosco and Tara E. Mandrik; 8/31/2011. $230,000

27 Osprey Place, June C. Molesky and Donna J. Tarantin to Frank DiPaolo Jr. and DiPaolo Linda; 8/31/2011. $182,000

1 Mountain Stream Court, Gordon N. Odmark and Marilynn H. Odmark to Lorraine Jara and Rodrigo Jara; 8/29/2011. $299,900


703 Lake Barnegat Drive North, Patricia A. Singer to Kristen M. Hawalka and Shawn C. Hawalka; 8/29/2011. $270,000

110 Greenwood Lane, Lenora B. Fulani and Roosevelt O. Stack to George Koster and Karen Koster; 8/29/2011. $235,000

426 Chestnut Drive, Dorothy Biagiotti and Philip Biagiotti to Dina M. Epsaro and Victoria L. Epsaro; 8/31/2011. $210,000

1612 Evans Road, Andrew J. Lynch and Jacqueline A. Lynch to Robert J. Mikkelson; 8/31/2011. $172,500


5 Pembrook Court, Properties By Stonehenge LLC to Marvin Weaver and Thelma Weaver; 8/31/2011. $301,213

41 Daffodil Drive, AB Cranberry Holdings LLC and Stanley Koreyva to Kenneth A. Carter and Rosemary Carter; 8/31/2011. $210,000


25 Ocean Grove Lane, Angela Vinci and Ceasario Vinci to Diane Rebello and Michael Rebello; 8/30/2011. $353,000


2007 Millcreek Road, Mary L. Johnson to Lanfen C. Nawy and Robert M. Nawy; 8/31/2011. $625,000


40 Tarpon Road, Charles Bartley to Eileen M. Osborne and Mark D. Osborne; 8/30/2011. $192,500

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