Atlantic County


727 S Shore Rd, Sragow William J, Bangura Mohammed A, Bangura Asha to Baginski Slawomir, Baginski Agnieszka; 1/8/2013. $120,000

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4B Oyster Bay Rd, Tibaquira Luis, Tibaquira Blanca, Tibaquira Garcia Luis Francisco, Velasquez Myriam to Barberi Joseph; 1/11/2013. $50,000


2834 Atlantic Ave #208, Smith Cathleen M, Holton Cathleen M to Hart Kenneth A; 1/7/2013. $37,000

4401 Atlantic Ave Unit B2, Blanco Mario L, Blanco Nelia to Petkova Pepi, Stefanova Petkova Iliana; 1/7/2013. $108,000

25 North Newton Ave, Mattia Arthur to Villari Heidi; 1/7/2013. $260,000

3801 Atlantic Ave Unit C2, Hoang Tue Linh, Su Shu Xin to Pollack John, Sablich Lois; 1/9/2013. $51,000

3920 South Blvd Ave Unit A, Villano Kathleen to Geiwitz Rae, Hamilton Mary G; 1/9/2013. $110,000

30 N Harrisburg Ave, Hamaty Gregory, Hamaty Mary to Romero Severino, Natividad Romero Teresita, Romero Teresita Natividad; 1/10/2013. $25,000

2834 Atlantic Ave Unit 1110, Bank Of America Na to Repaka Manik, Repaka Prasanti; 1/11/2013. $27,000

550 North Harrisburg Ave, Ray Thomas H, Ray Annabelle P to Dev Babul K, Chowdhury Mamuny; 1/11/2013. $190,000


107 E Brigantine Ave Unit 104, Csm Pacific Llc, White Michael to Pogue Brenda, Pogue Clifford; 1/10/2013. $210,000

1216 West Beach Ave, Hayes Jay Darin, Hayes Kimberly L to Cameron Robert K, Cameron Mariann C; 1/10/2013. $562,500

300 W Brigantine Ave Unit 110, Federal National Mtg Assn, Fein Such Kahn & Shepard Pc to Myers David, Myers Jessica; 1/10/2013. $131,760

5116 Ocean Dr South, Czarnecki Joseph E, Czarnecki Nancy S, Joseph E Czarnecki Rev Tr to Pitzel Matthew E, Pitzel Andrea, Matthew Pitzel Tr; 1/11/2013. $500,000

107 E Brigantine Ave Unit 103, Csm Pacific Llc, White Michael to Shemonsky Martin M, Shemonsky Betty L; 1/11/2013. $232,500


347 Wheat Rd, Errickson Rita to Walker Melanie; 1/9/2013. $128,200


229 Maple Terrace, Ackerman Investment Co Llc, Ackerman Eve to Conte Ann B; 1/9/2013. $345,000

4934 Landis Ave, East Vineland Volunteer Fire Co to Falasca Holdings 2 Llc; 1/10/2013. $129,000


2350 New York Ave, Brittain John R, Scholtes Thomas B to Lamont Jennifer A; 1/8/2013. $350,000


109 Briarcliff Dr, Baker Residential Of Penn Llc to Robell Christopher; 1/7/2013. $272,021

102 Briarcliff Rd, Baker Residential Of Penn Llc to Koguc Gregory; 1/7/2013. $284,990

205 Westgate Rd, Baker Residential Of Penn Llc to Scannell Shawn, Scannell April; 1/7/2013. $277,330

26 Olivia Dr, Lynch William S, Lynch Debra C to Vanseters Jennifer, Vanseters Brian; 1/7/2013. $220,000

6 Hartford Dr, Scibal Matthew, Scibal Hope to Easmael Mohammed; 1/8/2013. $343,000

326 Sanderling Lane, Matzel & Mumford at Egg Harbor Llc to Fitzgerald Girls Tr; 1/8/2013. $241,408

264 Sea Pine Dr, Ryan Homes to Leblanc Cody R, Leblanc Jennifer H; 1/8/2013. $291,280

131 Woodberry Dr, Solomon Esther to Carr Matthew Stephen, Carr Margo Elizabeth; 1/9/2013. $260,000

108 Treetop Lane, Fong Soi Tong, Vong I Lei, Fong Daniel to Shah Syed A, Iqbal Benish; 1/10/2013. $225,000

9 Royal Ave, Bock Josephine E, Casale Nancy, Christman Mary Jane, Bock Emmett W to Casale Michelle A, Maldonado Manuel A; 1/10/2013. $175,000

36 Allison Pl, Dixon Diane M, McGarry Dorothy K, McGarry James to Otero Molina Carmen A, Molina Carmen A Otero, Sierra Rosado Mariacarmen, Rosado Lies Marie Sierra; 1/11/2013. $170,000

2 Ivystone Dr, Westcott Robert B, Westcott Joanne to Steinthal Matthew; 1/11/2013. $185,000

206 Cranberry Ct, Natale Gregory, Natale Tina M to Passio Robert J, Passio Nancy E; 1/11/2013. $218,000


211 Cumberland Ave, Five Group Inc, Bowen Patrick to Keith Michael, Keith Barbara; 1/7/2013. $280,000


1305 Mays Landing Rd, Campi Gary J, Campia Gary J to Delaurentis Joseph N; 1/8/2013. $260,000


89 Shawnee Place, Peraine Nancy to Colosimo Davide; 1/9/2013. $108,500

878 Fishers Creek Rd, Hann Barbara L to Pedro Maria G; 1/10/2013. $100,000

546 Revere Way, Tyszka Leon J, Tyszka Karen A, Fisher Karen A to Le Ly T; 1/11/2013. $225,000


3164 Cologne Ave, Sterling Family Rev Tr, Sterling Ann, Schaeffer Laurie F to Dansby Lucien, Dansby Joan; 1/8/2013. $290,000

5920 Hickory St, Livigna Kelly, Gazo Kelly, Gazo Michael to McGivney Thomas R, McGivney Donna D; 1/8/2013. $225,000

12 Rue Chagall, Ryan Homes to Landry Kevin M, Landry Catherine M; 1/9/2013. $245,640

6314 Palmer Ave, Scott Vincent T, Scott Jeanette to King Jessica; 1/9/2013. $127,000

4895 Bala Court, Bayview Loan Serv Llc to Andros Brendan, Peter Andros Linda; 1/10/2013. $43,500

6918 Railroad Blvd, Jeh Properties Llc, Hand Jesse S, Hand Elizabeth A to Petrini Louis; 1/10/2013. $45,000


11 Oak Rd, Seward Aimee L, Topham Aimee, Topham Todd to Fabrizio Nicholas M; 1/9/2013. $190,000

508 Peach St, Peach St Property Llc, Burke Stephen J to Mauriello Kelly A; 1/9/2013. $179,900


2000 Franklin Blvd, Lopresti Eugene, Wear Barbara A to Fitzpatrick Richard B, Fitzpatrick Caren L; 1/11/2013. $270,000


9400 Atlantic Ave Unit 405, Stein Ruth, Amato Judith, Walter Stein Rev Tr Agmt, Stein Walter to Alpha Real Estate Mgmt Llc; 1/7/2013. $195,000

303 N Quincy Ave, Weiner Charles Daniel, Weiner Judith Ann to Gooden Steven, Gooden Michele; 1/7/2013. $524,000

9710 Amherst Ave, Monaghan John W to Rubino Michael J, Rubino Joann; 1/7/2013. $590,000

121 N Kenyon Ave, Beachwood Real Estate Holdings Llc, Laverde Frank to Steerman Paul, Steerman Susan; 1/8/2013. $825,000


4219 Pleasant Mills Rd, Knight Winsch Jean, Winsch Richard C to Bjorklund John; 1/10/2013. $275,000

7691 Weymouth Rd, Dacosta Fruit Co Inc to County Line Blueberry Farm Inc; 1/10/2013. $549,600


103 W Oakcrest Ave, Tiemann Jill M, Sauerbrey Dorothy J to Thompson Edward, Thompson Jane; 1/8/2013. $147,000

415 Jackson Ave, Haegley Janet, Myers Mary E to Estrada Colette; 1/11/2013. $86,000


1518 6th Ave, Goodlin Soonyong K, Kim Ryangee, Lee Toni, Lee Jung, Yi Jung Lee, Lee Sun, American Express Travel Related Serv Co, Jpmorgan Chase Bk Na, Celli And Leto Llp, Celli Rudolph L, Midland Funding Llc to Shore Management Co Of Delaware Valley Inc; 1/10/2013. $29,813

908 Wesley Ave, Logan Floretta S, Logan Ben, Sutton Bailey Karen to Henriquez Luis A; 1/11/2013. $60,000

30 North Main St, Mental Health Assn In Nj Inc to Arias Oliva; 1/11/2013. $55,000


222 N Somerset Ave, Friedman Christine, Friedman Warren W to Thomas Jonathan L, Thomas Sarah J; 1/7/2013. $115,000

328 North Somerset Ave, Grebenschikoff Ilse to Penna Louis P, Patrone Penna Alyce; 1/10/2013. $210,000

Cape May County


675B Town Bank Rd, Herbert Mitchell, Lynn Mitchell to Timothy Twombly; 1/7/2013. $145,000

20 Delair Rd, Shirl Kaplan, Judith Lawrence, Louise Caglia, Margaret Dimatteo, Albert Lawrence, Richard Lawrence, William Lawrence, Laura Hensil to Joseph Descher James; 1/8/2013. $120,000

226 Roseann Ave, Barbara Coyle, James Coyle J to Antonio Gomes, Olivia Gomes; 1/9/2013. $175,000

7 Shawcrest Rd, Paul Merrick J to William Peters A, Tammy Peters; 1/9/2013. $225,000

1101 Seashore Rd, Beatrice Gesualdo, Antonio Prioletti, Antoinette Fava, Lucia Macaluso to Nature Conservancy; 1/11/2013. $260,000


1407 Tidewater Ave, Ryan Homes to Linda Mongiello A, Pasquale Mongiello; 1/8/2013. $236,080

1901, 1903, 1905, 1907 Tidewater, Conifer Greenbriar Llc to Ryan Homes; 1/8/2013. $220,000

1403 Tidewater Ave, Ryan Homes to Patricia Rahill; 1/8/2013. $228,812

1401 Tidewater Ave, Ryan Homes to Marilyn Whitebread; 1/8/2013. $257,385

6 Faith Run, Deborah Tozour, Mary Haq Elizabeth, Martha Barb Family Trust, Barb Martha Family Trust, Mary Haq E to Nick Arefpour, Delara Arefpour; 1/8/2013. $225,000

7 Sand Castle Dr, Merrill Bradway Eugene, Helena Bradway M to Maria Biffoni A; 1/9/2013. $117,500

1004 Tidewater Ave Unit 162, Ryan Homes to John Shea J; 1/11/2013. $216,475


114 W 17th Ave, June Kostek I to Jennifer Sherwin; 1/8/2013. $149,000

321 W Pine Ave, Alexander Schernecke J, Margaret Schernecke V to Marian McGorry E; 1/9/2013. $230,000

220 E 9th Ave, Dorothy Massa M, Valerie Figaniak, Anthony Massa F to Kevin Cook S; 1/10/2013. $320,000

1900 Boardwalk Unit 102, Dolores D Polizze Irrevocable Trust, Michael Polizze, Donna Martin M, John Polizze A to Rosemary Petrucelli; 1/10/2013. $259,900

409 E 12th Ave, Lawrence Troy I, Bethann Troy, Michelle Troy B to Alba DiDonato; 1/11/2013. $82,000


605 Eight St Unit C, KSRS LLC to James Matthews W, Ilene Matthews S; 1/8/2013. $145,000

605 Eight St Unit D, KSRS LLC to Keith Symonds D, Dawn Symonds M; 1/8/2013. $300,000

605 Eighth St Unit B, KSRS LLC to Kenneth Cinder J, Tracey Cinder; 1/8/2013. $240,000

3025-27 Haven Ave Unit 3025, Peggy Foran Gail, Edward Foran L to Frank Cardone , Deborah Cardone A; 1/8/2013. $335,000

336-338 Bay Ave Unit 702, Richard Rainboth A, Ruth Rainboth M to Eve Atkinson; 1/10/2013. $299,900

1-3 West Eighth St, Anne Bush-Grubb, Anne Bodkin E to Adam Fishman L; 1/10/2013. $280,000

419 Ocean Ave, Larissa Kulish to George Choriw; 1/10/2013. $450,000

875 Plymouth Place, Kathleen Neiman to Jeffrey Hearn J, Cheryl Hearn A; 1/11/2013. $100,000

336-338 Bay Ave Unit 605, Alex Anthony J, Helene Anthony V to Nancy Walsh; 1/11/2013. $275,000


267 19th St, John Harper W, Thomas Harper F, Tracey Harper F, George Meagher E, Alice Meagher to George E III and Alice M Meagher Trust; 1/8/2013. $327,000

230 86th St, Richard Alexander J, Joanne Alexander M to James White T, Carol White; 1/9/2013. $340,000


725 Rt 9 S, Ruthanne Williams, Robert Paul Sannino Irrevocable Trust to Richard Stockton S; 1/8/2013. $180,000

1334 Stagecoach Rd, Irene Bower to Mary Rybicki; 1/8/2013. $287,000

615 Rt 9 North, John Kovacs J to Michael Ronan J, Patricia Ronan M; 1/10/2013. $230,000


630 Rio Grande Ave Unit 630, 614 W Rio Grande LLC to Steven Vaspoli, Tina Vaspoli; 1/11/2013. $349,000


404-06 E Farragut Ave #9, Barbara Goodman A, Robert P Goodman Revocable Trust, Eleanor Goodman J to Jan Baginski, Halina Baginski, Baginski Living Trust; 1/7/2013. $148,000

300 E Raleigh Ave, Raymond Cassetta, Lenore Cassetta to Joseph Vigilante, Donna Vigilante; 1/7/2013. $307,000

427 E Miami Ave Unit 307, Robert Reeves G, Catherine Reeves G to Elvio Giardini, Jeannette Giardini; 1/9/2013. $130,000

208 E Forget-Me-Not Rd Unit 211, John Feller L, Evelyn Feller to Mark Lemon C, Carole Volcy-Lemon; 1/10/2013. $150,000

127 East Aster Road, August Matteis Joseph, Pamira Matteis Shah, Mantu Gupta, Lopa Gupta to Catherine Dowling; 1/11/2013. $265,000

Cumberland County


36 Bank St, USHUD to Juarez, Angel Reyes; 01/08/2013. $21,000


22 Quaker St, Pollum, Michael to Rothmel, David C Jr; 01/08/2013. $182,000


615 & 617 Dock St, Tommaseo, Manuel to Forss, Roger; 01/07/2013. $90,000

426 Peach Drive, Noseda, Elizabeth A to Deckman, Thomas P; 01/08/2013. $130,000

424 Spencer Place, Harris, Darren to Harris, Ryant N; 01/09/2013. $198,000

15 Vine Road, Davis, Dolores to Potts, Jennifer; 01/10/2013. $135,000


712 E Chestnut Ave, Boneta, Juan B to Hernandez, Benjamin Alfredo; 01/07/2013. $143,000

2591 Michelon Court 5234, Speziali, Brian to Shalkowski, Michael R; 01/08/2013. $244,000

556 N Mill Road, Miles, Robert J to Ferretti, Paul; 01/09/2013. $149,350

737 Landis Ave, Debellis, David L to Gressman, Marshall T; 01/11/2013. $30,000

2489 Sanford Dr, Greenfield, Christopher to Hilliard, Belford C; 01/11/2013. $162,500

Southern Ocean County


7 East 24th St, Varon Robin, Greenberg Lon to Greenberg Bonnie; 1/9/2013. $283,334

16 West 19th St, Ahlert Erin, Ahlert Charles to Oliver B Designs Llc; 1/10/2013. $450,000

26-28 8th St, Marra Edward A, Marra Mary Lynn to Guy Thomas L, Guy Heidi Daly; 1/11/2013. $999,999


45 Hickory Circle, Gsamp Trust 2006-Fm2, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Kearney Frank; 1/7/2013. $245,000

1957 Breakers Drive, Regan Timothy M, Walters Development Co Llc, Walters Edward M Jr to Gautier Mark H, Gautier Jelomay A; 1/9/2013. $314,428

8 Third Ave, Bass Kenneth M, Bass Marilyn A to Kearns James J, Kearns Sandra P; 1/9/2013. $285,000

107 Rockimmon Blvd, Ryan Homes to Fragapane Jacqueline, Fragapane Gaetano; 1/10/2013. $348,025

Vacant Land, D&F Barnegat Developments Llc, Friedman Hal, Ddf Associates to Cardinale & Barnegat Crossing Associates I Llc; 1/7/2013. $975,000

128 Rockimmon Blvd, Szymanski John M, Hampton Ridge Llc to Ryan Homes; 1/7/2013. $126,000

4 Tedesco Way, Tedesco Homes Inc to Ryan Homes; 1/7/2013. $99,000

35 Osprey Place, Varner Wilhelmina Revocable Trust, Varner Wilhelmina to Topolski Adrienne, Topolski Robert; 1/8/2013. $157,500

6 Fishpond Terrace, Hall Thomas, Hall Daniel, Hall Claire to Licata Michael, Licata Doreen; 1/8/2013. $200,000

13 Denville St, Hagerman Daniel, Hagerman Cheryl to Dicrecchio Raymond E Jr, Dicrecchio Nancy K; 1/10/2013. $115,000

6 Brixam Corner, Ryan Homes to Szczepaniak Richard J; 1/11/2013. $356,860


300 Stratford Ave, Preller Nora, Dodick Helen C to Sevchuk Michael, Moore Vincent; 1/8/2013. $375,000

1000 North Bay Ave Unit 3-2, Azzolino Joseph to Azzolino Glen, Azzolino Robert; 1/8/2013. $412,000


219A Main Street, Johnson Pamela S to Mueller Tina G, Thompson James R; 1/11/2013. $33,000


74 Arborridge Dr, Toll Land Corp No 10 to Catania Mary F, Catania Joseph C; 1/10/2013. $314,913

1451 F Street, JTCJ Builders Inc to Keats Michelle M, Keats Evan M; 1/4/2013. $410,000

21 Davenports Landing, Campolattaro Robert A, Campolattaro Susan M to D'Incognito Pamela R, Perone John R; 1/7/2013. $400,000

317 Annapolis Lane, Polnik Carolyn M, Lidle Carol A to Pilot Tina; 1/7/2013. $159,000

1218 Ocean St, Deluca Barbara to Peters Thomas C; 1/7/2013. $165,500

268 Central Lake Dr, McCracken Karen L, McCracken Lloyd to Marino Nanette; 1/7/2013. $112,000

555 Oak Hollow Ln, Bruno Lucy, Bruno Richard to Osmond Robert; 1/9/2013. $220,000

1755 Parkside Dr, Manganelli Kimberly to Milano Danielle; 1/10/2013. $162,500

938 Meadow Lark Drive, Mennella Carla, Cuomo Frank Jr to Cuomo Frank Paul; 1/10/2013. $65,750

413 Conifer Drive, Luz Richard J Sr to McDade Edward; 1/10/2013. $210,000

610 Twin River Drive, O'Keefe Barbara, O'Keefe William J to Pharaon Norah Alarifi; 1/11/2013. $400,000

416 Brentwood Place, Kennedy Steven H, Kennedy Barbara A to Emery Elana S, Emery Lovell E Jr; 1/11/2013. $252,500

1733 Inwood Place, Iserve Real Estate Operations Inc, Spr 2010-2 Reo Corp to Lubrano Angela; 1/11/2013. $130,177


237 Stage Rd, Montagnino Joseph C, Montagnino Philip to Schools Scott; 1/8/2013. $159,900

32 Greenside Drive, Marzulla Gina M, Trupkiewicz Gina M, Trupkiewicz Michael R to Pirchio Chad, Catanzanti Susan; 1/11/2013. $245,000

211 Falcon Drive, Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust, Carrington Mortgage Services Llc, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co to Thompson Maurice; 1/4/2013. $41,001

65 Vicari Way, Leonardo Felipe, Leonardo Elizabeth to Sova Richard E, Sova Candace J; 1/4/2013. $230,000

50 Briarwood Dr, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp to Tyhanic Kathie; 1/4/2013. $160,000

795 Nugentown Road, Karvan Leslie S to O'Donnell Mary C; 1/8/2013. $200,000

420 Stage Rd, Seeloff Lylian, Seeloff Michael to Schwab John, Schwab Cecilia; 1/8/2013. $237,000

390 Parkertown Dr, Moylan Sonja, Moylan James to Olsen Kenneth, Olsen Loren; 1/8/2013. $40,000

245 Yorktowne Dr, Lorenzani Miriam to Grimaldi James, Ferrell Suzanne; 1/8/2013. $90,000

241 Lake Champlain Dr, USHUD to Mortagy Abdelaziz; 1/8/2013. $60,000

9 Greenside Drive, Aponte Aurea L to Mnich Tiffany; 1/8/2013. $225,000

8 High Bridge Rd, Beneficial Financial I Inc, Beneficial New Jersey Inc, Beneficial Mortgage Co to Cotter Eunice H, Cotter Michael J; 1/10/2013. $184,000

2 Kara Court, Reodique Filemon, Reodique Eufrecinia to Devivo Sabrina, Devivo Paul; 1/10/2013. $263,000

9 West Delaware Drive, Rozett Stefan, Rozett Barbara to Monteiro Gloria, Monteiro Anthony; 1/11/2013. $90,000

37 Country Club Boulevard, Disbrow David N, Disbrow-Keller Daphne L, Rongo Jeffry, Rongo Donna M to McCracken Daniel S; 1/11/2013. $162,500

35 Stonegate Drive, Trether Erika, Trether Peter to Curtis Gregory E; 1/11/2013. $225,000


114 East 18th St, Swisher Jeffrey J, Swisher Joel J to Behr Cindy A, Behr Thomas R; 1/11/2013. $650,000

16 Long Beach Blvd, O'Hara Ruth, Bent Robert D, Bent Family Partnership, Sutton Catherine B to Mena Kathleen R, Mena Daniel; 1/7/2013. $1,725,000

2 E California Ave, Crable Cynthia L, Crable John B to Peck Thomas, Peck Florine; 1/10/2013. $680,000

7101 Ocean Blvd, Bachman Barbara C to Mancini Custom Homes Inc; 1/7/2013. $1,900,000

13515 Long Beach Blvd, Mancini Realty Co Inc to Mancini Custom Homes Inc; 1/10/2013. $1,000,000

104 Auburn Rd, Caulin Laurie A, Caulin William F to Moutenot Andre, Moutenot Karen; 1/7/2013. $1,900,000

19 East Alabama Ave, Faughnan Francis J, Faughnan Bernadette O to Anderson Linda F, Anderson William J; 1/8/2013. $1,325,000

3400 Ocean Blvd, Fiero Joan, Fiero John D, Fiero Jay R to Behnken Michele, Behnken Todd, Savastano Paul, Savastano Kathleen; 1/8/2013. $900,000

11 W Harrington Ave, Walsh Michael to Robinson Alisa, Robinson Michael, Robinson Melissa, Robinson Mark; 1/10/2013. $765,000

15 W Susan Ave, Stanbach Lynda L, Stanbach William to Ross Gregory; 1/10/2013. $495,000


133 Main St, Paulson Bruce, Nj Home Solutions Llc to Karl Ryan Joseph, Echevarria Amber Leigh; 1/10/2013. $135,000

20 Seabright Way, US Home Corp, Lennar to Montroni David, Montroni Joann A; 1/8/2013. $350,000

521 Route 9, Russomanno Linda, Russomanno Ronald to Mackres Family Llc; 1/11/2013. $200,000


113 West 28th St, Huggins James G, Huggins Karen G to Cunningham David B, Cunningham Sheri; 1/4/2013. $399,500

123 4th St, Heubel Donna Marie, Heubel Edward, Fay Sharon to McElgunn Linda A, McElgunn John J Jr; 1/8/2013. $440,000

1607 Central Ave, Casella John N, Casella Doris, Goodreau Doris to Robinson Barey, Robinson Jillian; 1/10/2013. $410,000

126 East 16th St, Fucci Debra Ann to Three By The Sea Inc; 1/11/2013. $750,000


310 Privateer Rd, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co, American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc, Argent Securities Inc to Til Death Do Us Part Llc; 1/7/2013. $215,000

144 Gunwale Road, Redmond Eileen A, Redmond Fred V to Hoffmann Sally; 1/8/2013. $162,000

6A Orange Ave, Gade Elizabeth W, Gade Carla, Gade Donna to Hudak Julius; 1/8/2013. $50,000

1045 Cutlass Ave, McClellan Michael to Conrad Jennifer L; 1/8/2013. $149,000

13A Dogwood Road, Janssen Dianne, Heinl Dianne, Taylor Lynn, Scherlin Hope, Janssen Hope, Wilk Cindy J, Janssen Donald G Jr to Macallister Kathleen, Clark Edward; 1/9/2013. $55,000

1055 Sailor Drive, White Castle System Inc to Thomas Eileen S, Thomas Rebecca M; 1/11/2013. $310,000

612 Newell Ave, Ballou Mary K, Ballou Ernest to Bittel John R Jr, Entrust Group Inc; 1/11/2013. $100,000

190 Sextant Road, Schmidbauer William, Schmidbauer Jean to Marron Valentin; 1/11/2013. $171,250

16 Stonehill Road, Stonehill at Stafford Llc, R Stone And Co, Stone Robert E Jr to Mastrogiovanni Mark, Mastrogiovanni Shannon Lynn; 1/11/2013. $349,300


237 N 1st St, Jeffrey H Waranch Revocable Living Trust, Waranch Jeffrey H to Tierno Kathleen M, Tierno Carmen P Jr; 1/11/2013. $530,000

266 20th St, Rajaniemi Kari, Rajaniemi Donna, Begasse Mary Lynn, Repaci Vincent Jr, Begasse Kenneth, Repaci Joanna to Begasse Mary Lynn, Meyers Martin S, Meyers Toniann; 1/10/2013. $930,000

1519 North Ocean Ave, Grella Gary, Grella Denise to Ryan Anna M C, Ryan George James Jr; 1/8/2013. $1,880,000

23 South 2nd St, Reigle Douglas M, Confer Lisa M to Schmid Randy, Schmid Ellen; 1/8/2013. $457,500


146 Locust St, Favia Judith Jean, Calderone Virginia to Puzio Allison M, Massaro Florence M; 1/4/2013. $235,500

329 Kingfisher Road, Sturts Paige L, Sturts Robert J to Trolli Robert; 1/8/2013. $145,000

313 South Green St, Keeney Philip J III, Keeney Mary M to Ricci Hector; 1/10/2013. $389,000

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