Atlantic County


205 E. Wyoming Ave., Gunning Brandi A and Mullin Brandi to Deluca Joseph; 6/13/2012. $120,000


851 N. Massachusetts Ave., Cg Limited Inv I LLC and Green Joel to Hartman Carol A and Hartman Herbert W Sr; 6/11/2012. $325,000


203 Ninth St. South, Cox William Charles and Krier Roseann D to Krier Roseann D and Morales Michael; 6/11/2012. $17,698

248 13th St. South, McCrosson Andrea and McCrosson Andrew J to Abbamondi Jamie Cimino and Abbamondi John; 6/11/2012. $145,000


137 Berti St., Adams Dawn M,-Atty and Stone John H III/Atty to Selke Christopher R; 6/14/2012. $115,000


211 Sea Pine Drive, Ryan Homes to Caprio Angela and Caprio Victoria A; 6/11/2012. $282,123

61 Shoreline Road, Ryan Homes to Szklarski Michael P; 6/11/2012. $252,825

209 Harbor Drive, Soens Julie A and Thyrring Marc A to Maczynski Michael and Maczynski Sara L; 6/11/2012. $175,000

120 Mark Ave., Lowenbraun Nathan to Hemling Samantha and Mite Andy; 6/12/2012. $150,000

19 Morning Glory Court, Group Land Dev Ltd to Atlantic Land LLC; 6/13/2012. $65,000

117 Offshore Road, Guang Hung Tony Tiunn to Delre Mary and Delre Ronald P; 6/13/2012. $290,000

119 Heathercroft, Peterson Maria to Morgan Gail; 6/13/2012. $116,000

2514 Tremont Ave., Rodriguez Evelyn B Tejeda and Rodriguez Luis A to Imperiale Lance R; 6/14/2012. $170,000

3008 English Creek Road, Briad Lodging Group Egg Harbor II LLC and Honigfeld Bradford to Mcrs Egg Harbor 2 LLC; 6/14/2012. $15,100,000


262 Mattix Run, Ferguson Glenn E and Ferguson John E to Maglione Nicholas and Maglione Pamela; 6/11/2012. $92,500

410 Vine Ave, Maglione Nicholas Jr and Maglione Pamela to Lin Yuming and Ruan Zhuangyu; 6/11/2012. $210,000

722 Osprey Court, Barry Young Hui and Dwyer James W to Brown Eldean J; 6/11/2012. $155,000

232 E. Ridgewood Ave., Facciolla Barbara,-Exrx and Siciliano Debra,/Exrx to Carrelli Keith M and Imam Melissa Ann; 6/11/2012. $214,000

712 Moonraker Court, Badger Marsha Sue and Magee Ernest A to Lamonaca Jennifer and Lamonaca Ryan; 6/12/2012. $205,000

705 Lindbergh Ave., Pirrotti James J to Bonthron Mary; 6/13/2012. $150,000

298 Spruce Ave., Bakken Carrie J and Ovalles Wesley to Graves Harry C and Graves Linda M; 6/14/2012. $155,000

16 Federal Court, US Bank to Borja Brenda; 6/14/2012. $47,699

433 Tulip Ave., Beaufort William A and Cedeno Liza M to Patel Dipak and Patel Dipti; 6/15/2012. $103,000

28 Garfield Ave., Jazwinski Amanda E and Jazwinski Kamil to Comeaux Duane N; 6/15/2012. $265,000


2702 Mimosa Court, Scognamillo Elizabeth and Scognamillo Frank to Boston Walter C; 6/11/2012. $32,500

2702 Falcon Court, Miller Richard C to Peterson Maria; 6/13/2012. $113,716

2823 Hawthorn Court, Shafer Shirley to Rehani Laith; 6/13/2012. $25,900

1521 Washington Court, Lentz Rick L and Mabis Patricia Ann to Wilson Dolores B and Wilson Wilmer W Jr; 6/14/2012. $145,000


78 Centennial Drive, Venturini Maria R and Venturini Salvatore to Slowinski Aneta and Slowinski Michal W; 6/12/2012. $248,000

16 Jerry Lane, Stewart Joanne and Stewart Robert P to Lombardo Joseph P and Lombardo Nancy J; 6/12/2012. $245,000


228 N. 35th Ave., Nicoletti Robert V to Rubin Gary and Rubin Linda; 6/11/2012. $1,150,000


33 N. Clermont Ave, Bates Jesse D,/Heir and Bates Nettie,/Atty to Beachtown LLC; 6/11/2012. $325,000

1 N. Delavan Ave., Smith Rose M to Campolo Louis; 6/12/2012. $350,000

23 N. Delavan Ave., Gold Ferne to Goldstein Lori and Goldstein Richard; 6/13/2012. $565,000


3429 Tomocomo Drive, Fortin William D to Garcia Garcia Maximiliano and Garcia Maximiliano Garcia; 6/13/2012. $115,000

1000 Elwood Road, Schroeder James E Jr to Coulibaly Kathryn Schroeder and Schroeder Coulibaly Kathryn; 6/15/2012. $150,000


1213 Parker Ave., Strumolo Lori to Pacula Heidi and Pacula Joseph; 6/12/2012. $175,000

521 Banning Ave., Allan Harry,/Heir and Allan Nancy to D Mincer Prop LLC; 6/14/2012. $40,000


24 E. Wright St., Isaac Ming Toi and Isaac Roy M to Casalnova Albert and Casalnova Jaqueline; 6/13/2012. $65,000

634 N. Main St., Shannon Yolanda and Wilson Child Care Ctr II Inc to Icc Reo Iv LLC; 6/15/2012. $300,000


415 Bay Ave., Logue Donna W and Logue Michael J to Logue Michael J; 6/11/2012. $17,552

11 Shore Road Unit 1D, Jack Keith,-Exr and Jack Rita,/Exr to Drobel John and Drobel Leah; 6/11/2012. $85,000

1407 Harbour Cove South, Mezger Sandra M and Mezger William E Jr to Schenck Deborah and Schenck William Jr; 6/12/2012. $340,000

74 Bayview Drive, Lockrey Brian W and Lockrey Kate Marie to Bulkey Anne Murphy and Bulkey Charles P; 6/14/2012. $217,500


616 N. Cambridge Ave., Rizzi James W and Rizzi Nicholas R to Papaccio Grispel and Papaccio Vincent J; 6/14/2012. $195,000

Cape May County


488 Hands Mills Road, Debra Gibb and Debra Mason to Diann Walters and Patrick Boylan; 6/13/2012. $106,000

234 Main St., Daniel Mellman to Cathleen Estes; 6/14/2012. $160,000


105 Elwood Road, Alba Martinez and Roberta Trombetta to John Byrne and Mary Byrne; 6/9/2012. $244,000

101 Wilde Ave., Eileen Waldron and Michael Nolan to Gt Renovation; 6/11/2012. $85,000

108 W. St. Johns Ave., Beekman Investments LLC to Katherine Grundstein; 6/12/2012. $152,000

222 Beechwood Ave., Christopher Keplinger and Sweet-Charity Keplinger to Andrew McGraw and Mary Beth McGraw; 6/12/2012. $193,000

54 Heron Way, James Verna and Mary Lou Verna to Anna Venturini; 6/13/2012. $230,500

209 Arizona Ave., Bernard Dera to Joseph Hoover; 6/13/2012. $194,000

509 E. St. Johns Ave., Carol Hughes and Carol McCarthy to Karen Mirabile and Paul Mirabile; 6/14/2012. $80,000

106 Shadeland Ave., Rose Mulliken to Janet Amacher; 6/15/2012. $156,500

65 E. Hudson Ave., James Murtha and Patricia Murtha to 3101 Route 9 South LLC; 6/15/2012. $50,000

112 W. Bates Ave., 101 Briarwood Ave LLC to Madeline Rusiloski; 6/15/2012. $145,000

55 E. Delaware Parkway, Roger Young to James Reilly and Ribka Reilly; 7/9/2002. $161,000


2 Freedom Drive, Barry Owen and Marie Owen to Albert Jiannotti and Sandra Jiannotti; 6/9/2012. $173,000

302 Bayberry Drive Unit 1, Kathleen Macaulay and Raymond Velli to Nicholas Lassor; 6/14/2012. $162,100

7 New River Road, Joseph McCluskey and Lisa McCluskey to Barbara Rosell and Raymond Rosell; 6/15/2012. $76,250

48 Acorn Lane, Doris Hsieh and Shao-Nan Hsieh to Joanne Robinson and John Robinson; 6/15/2012. $245,000

2206 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Judith Foley and Robert Foley; 6/15/2012. $222,290

535 Goshen Road, Tamara Davis and Tamara Moore to Austin Mahan and Natalie Mahan; 6/15/2012. $202,750

9 Schoolhouse Lane, Deborah Eberly to Craig Kaucher and Victoria Kaucher; 6/15/2012. $270,000


2004 New York Ave., Joseph Tomkins and Stephen Tomkins to Patrick Flynn; 6/11/2012. $170,000

230 E. 15th Ave., Elizabeth Kolenda and Joseph Kolenda to Lisa Turco and Vincent Turco; 6/12/2012. $300,000

8401 Atlantic Ave., Dennis Parkinson and Jeanne Parkinson to David Wright and Lori Wright; 6/13/2012. $137,500

322 W. 16th Ave., George Lock and Susan Lock to Marybeth Foy and Stephen Foy; 6/14/2012. $253,000

311 W. 16th Ave., John Hollup and Kristen Hollup to Marc Triglia; 6/15/2012. $93,000

128 W. Chestnut Ave., A Kane and James Kane to Donna Blakemore and Harold Blakemore; 6/15/2012. $280,000

501 Ocean Ave., Joann Goetz to John Burke; 6/15/2012. $160,000

2210 Central Ave., Daniel Nickels and Steven Nickels to Castle Enterprises NFR LLC; 6/15/2012. $312,000


1237-39 Haven Ave. Unit B, BLE Living Trust David W & Joyce L Klahr Revoca and Ble Living Trust Klahr David W & Joyce L Revoca to Christopher Johnson and Donna Johnson; 6/13/2012. $343,000

3800 Westminister Lane, Helen Foglio and Mary Mills to Christopher Halliday and Shannon Halliday; 6/15/2012. $270,000

700 Conch Drive Unit 700, Margaret Stellman and Susan Bolzonella to Carolyn Weber and George Weber; 6/15/2012. $252,000

701 Atlantic Ave. Unit 305, Deborah Schenck and William Schenck to James Schroeder and Mary Schroeder; 6/15/2012. $155,000

8 Dolphin Court, Linda Ridsdale to Lydia Heffernan and Richard Heffernan; 6/15/2012. $310,000

336-338 Bay Ave. Unit 205, Joseph Turchi to Waddell Group LLC; 6/15/2012. $299,000

803 A St. James Place, David Sax and Jeanne Sax to Karen Kervick; 6/15/2012. $275,000


8 McDaniels Court, Kristina Wright to James Rhubart and Megan Rhubart; 6/11/2012. $105,000

21 Hope Corson Road, David Thierman and Phyllis Silvis to Greta Schwartz and Jeffrey Schwartz; 6/15/2012. $140,000

1620 South Shore Road, James Schuler to Peter Schuler and Sandra Schuler; 6/28/2005. $225,000


106 E. Poplar Ave. Unit 101, Slm and Slm Financial Corp to Mary Magowan; 6/12/2012. $185,000

135 E. Spencer Ave. Unit 1, Ronald Bailey and William Walls to Theresa Fahey and Troy Fahey; 6/14/2012. $175,000


6701 Atlantic Ave. Unit 102, Anthony Concilio to John Kelly; 6/15/2012. $80,000

Cumberland County


26 Institute Place, Jones, Bryan T to Bykuc, Grazyna; 6/13/2012. $135,000

290 Holly St., South Jersey Health System Inc. to Miller David LLC; 6/13/2012. $30,000

288 Holly St., South Jersey Health System Inc. to Miller David LLC; 6/13/2012. $25,000

80 Manheim Ave., 825 Realty LLC to Griffin Holdings II LLC; 6/15/2012. $150,000


16 Richmond Lane, Richmond, Daniel M Jr to Prudential Relocation Inc; 6/11/2012. $235,000

490 Fairton-Gouldtown Road, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Pierce, Ellis; 6/14/2012. $100,000


420 Cedar St., Green, Halbert to Keedy, Diane; 6/11/2012. $86,000

609 Richard Drive, Marin, Nicolas Joseph to Ware, Joseph S II; 6/11/2012. $138,000

1816 Newcombtown Road, Burris, Raymond H to Fazzolari, John; 6/11/2012. $140,000

1-27 Reese Road, Century Savings Bank to Manantico Realty LLC; 6/12/2012. $475,000

20 Oakdale Drive, Jacob, Frederick A to Smith, Douglas R; 6/12/2012. $217,000

901 Woodland Ave., Mendolera, George to Macavoy, Nicole C; 6/14/2012. $129,000

29 Reese Road No. 43, Dera, Bernard to Northeast Precast; 6/15/2012. $55,000


210-216 and 218 Landis Ave., Catalana, Frank to Jac Landis LLC; 6/11/2012. $150,000


1096 Utopia Lane, Caignon, Erik to Leustean, Radu; 6/11/2012. $227,500

2562 Bartholomew Drive, Ocone, Benjamin to Caignon, Erik; 6/11/2012. $182,500

1015 McClain Drive, Goldberger, Ari Ind & Atty to Giordano, Brad; 6/11/2012. $450,000

1268 N. Valley Ave., Moreno, Carolee to Harris, Anthony; 6/11/2012. $173,000

2881 S. Delsea Drive, Hodge, James Jr to Kunal Kinjal LLC; 6/12/2012. $357,000

2102 E. Oak Road B6, Ryan Homes to Vanes, Mandi; 6/12/2012. $60,251

1711 W. Oak Road, Coffey, Craig J Ind Exec to Rivera, Hipolito; 6/13/2012. $133,900

571 E. Forest Grove, Cassidy, David C to Ocasio, Eduardo; 6/15/2012. $190,000

1105 Mayfair Court, Latorre, Nellie P Est By Adm to Pompper, Keith W; 6/15/2012. $140,000

Ocean County


23 E. 10th St., Kloske Gladys Elizabeth to Dwyer Karen M and Dwyer William B; 6/11/2012. $785,000


108 Robin Lane, Haney Edmond J Jr to Howland Frances and Howland Ralph; 6/13/2012. $159,900

121 Cox Road, Brooker Martin C and Guglielmo Americo to Walters Development Co LLC; 6/13/2012. $49,405

25 Nautilus Ave., NJ Home Solutions LLC and Paulson Bruce to McFadden Jessica Amanda; 6/14/2012. $137,000

230 Hawthorne Lane, Regan Timothy M and Walters Development Co LLC to Kamau Josephine and Maina Timothy; 6/15/2012. $233,165

4 Periwinkle Drive, Posma Carol A and Posma Michael R to Russ Stacey A; 6/15/2012. $276,000


317 Dock Road, Thompson Barry R and Thompson Sydney W to Woods Thomas; 6/11/2012. $225,000

130 Chatsworth Ave., Bandlow Laurie Zickler and Bandlow Raymond to Moore Joseph H; 6/12/2012. $330,000

221 Nelson Ave., Sell Barbara and Sell James to Patel Janki and Patel Maitreya; 6/13/2012. $1,140,000


17 E. 76th St., Spencer Allen H to Pohlman Alan P and Pohlman Janice R; 6/13/2012. $209,000


829 Elwood St., Ravel Marlene and Ravel Stephen to Murray Alan; 6/12/2012. $175,000

611 Laurel Blvd., Krautter Christine and Krautter William to Bills Jack M and Gervase Barbara; 6/12/2012. $270,000

615 Lacey Road, D and P 2 Star Properties LLC and Erler David R to Groeling Delia and Groeling Stacie; 6/12/2012. $82,000

21 Parkers Point Blvd., Petruzzi Joseph and Petruzzi Linette to Adams Paul T; 6/12/2012. $355,000

437 Cedar St., Bear Stearns Alt-A Trust and Citibank to Nardini Vincent; 6/12/2012. $110,000

508 Dugout Drive, Bertolino Suzanne and Bertolino Troy to Paulikas Jennifer; 6/13/2012. $308,000

946 Mallard Drive, Morton Carol and Morton Steven to Kober Maureen S and Kober Michael A; 6/13/2012. $448,000

202 Greenwood Lane, Schuka Janet A to Sastrowardoyo Hartriono and Sastrowardoyo Jennifer M; 6/13/2012. $195,000

204 Conifer Drive, Brown Barbara L and Brown James E to Sutter William III; 6/13/2012. $236,000

342 Normandie Drive, Keating Gerald to Clayton Tinja Robin; 6/14/2012. $150,000

1006 Sarasota Drive, Draovitch John and Draovitch Nell A to Pagano Anthony W; 6/14/2012. $171,000


14 W. Thames Road, Auletto Joseph and Auletto Patricia to Naugle Gretchen and Naugle Todd R; 6/11/2012. $136,000

31 W. Potomac Drive, Varilla Michael F Jr and Varilla Michael John to Web Footed Lodge LLC; 6/14/2012. $85,000

13 Atlantis Blvd., Cyr Nicole and Fitterer Dale M to Conway Monica Ann; 6/15/2012. $164,000

130 Cedarbrook Drive, Whitehead Christine and Whitehead Eric to Smallwood Larissa M and Smallwood Walter J; 6/15/2012. $213,500

306 Gulf View Drive, Stegen Anna and Stegen Bruce to Lipo James J and Lipo Janice; 6/15/2012. $250,000

24 Sunrise Bay Blvd., Miller Gary J and Schlett Patricia to Mathis Patricia K; 6/15/2012. $152,500


125 E. Louisiana Ave., Callahan Aralene Doan and Horstmann Pamela La Rouche to Callahan Aralene Doan and Callahan Frederick; 6/12/2012. $769,531

5809 Ocean Blvd., Norris John F and Norris Kathleen M to Kaiser Daniel E and Kaiser Kathleen M; 6/13/2012. $1,425,000

120 E. 16th St., R & S Investing Company LLC and Seddon Jeffrey M to Borkowski Edward and McCormick Nancy M; 6/13/2012. $1,275,000

193 Nautilus Drive, Sykes Ira D and Sykes Terri to Brinkman David and Brinkman Leslie; 6/13/2012. $850,000

30 W. California Ave., Dupert David W and Dupert Janice L to Finelli Lorraine and Finelli William A; 6/13/2012. $1,815,000

103 E. 16th St., Cunningham Margaret S and Cunningham Robert W to Barton Carmen P and Barton Richard J; 6/14/2012. $525,000

44 E. Long Beach Blvd., Ratner David A and Ratner Maxine to Shea Lynn and Shea William H Jr; 6/14/2012. $2,995,000

175 W. Marina Blvd., Addiego Nicholas and Hartleben Lara to Kimble Kelley M and Kimble Steven J; 6/14/2012. $825,000

104 E. Sand Dune Lane, Mobilio Philip A to Morcos Abraham and Morcos Rosalien; 6/15/2012. $770,000

3509 Ocean Blvd., Wittmann Heidi to Debruin John and Debruin Veronica; 6/15/2012. $1,312,500

29 Amherst Road, Bowen Patricia to True John and Trus Lisa; 6/15/2012. $650,000


126 Englewood Ave., Grey Charles E to Fascenda Antonia; 6/12/2012. $280,000

51 Hornblower Drive, Moser Karen and Nevins Carole A to Mangan Eugene C and Mangan Maryrose A; 6/13/2012. $310,000


1715 Bay Terrace, Hernek Barbara L and Hernek Stephen A to Egan Kenneth; 6/11/2012. $412,500

108 E. 24th St., Mangelsdorf Thomas L and Stevens Elizabeth to Laruffa Peter; 6/11/2012. $350,000

217 W. 14th St., Bank of America Fia Card Services and Bank One to Homesales Inc; 6/13/2012. $325,100

2409 Central Ave., Breaux A James and Breaux Joy C to Ruotolo George C III; 6/14/2012. $700,000


18 Walnut Road, Allen Kevin and Allen Margaret C to Mcvey John J III; 6/12/2012. $92,500

31 N. Wayne Ave., Beaney Frances and Beaney Reginald to Ascolese Jennifer P; 6/13/2012. $170,000

128 Morris Blvd., Ciancio Kenneth R to Wong Hane M and Wong Susan; 6/13/2012. $225,000

1152 Hawser Ave., Volk Jack G Sr to Kievit John L and O’Neill Tiffani F; 6/13/2012. $187,500

1442 Mill Creek Road, Kubat Arlene G and Palmisano Karen to Bishop Michele; 6/14/2012. $340,000

5 First St., Albertson Patricia N and Nangle Dorothy A to Comerford Anthony W and Comerford Sally H; 6/14/2012. $165,000

1541 Breakers Drive, Kowal Aron and Kowal Ella to Kuna Michael J and Kuna Renee J; 6/15/2012. $170,000

82 Harry Drive, Margiotta Jean and Margiotta Mark to Albright Kenneth G and Albright Theresa M; 6/15/2012. $230,000