Atlantic County


204 Highland Blvd., Snowden Denise and Pace Heather to Hamer Steven P.; 7/17/2012. $180,000

704 Shelburne Ave., Griffin Michael and Griffin Claudia to Barnes Matthew and Barnes Kristen; 7/18/2012. $235,000

6 Sooy Lane, Cipolla Catherine A. to Jenkins John H.; 7/18/2012. $195,000


3112 Sunset Ave., J. Baykal Inc., WJ O'Brien LLC and O'Brien Janice to Vu Diem, Vu Huy, Vu Mai and Pham Ha; 7/17/2012. $135,000

115 N. Brighton Ave., Hoag Walter E. to Mai Nguyet Thi; 7/18/2012. $65,000

3101 Boardwalk, Unit 1117 Tower II(C1117), Pescatore Robert to Mordred Realty Corp; 7/18/2012. $275,000

2721 Boardwalk No. 720(CO720), Fellegara Theresa and Fellegara Alfred to Orfanelli Thomas and Orfanelli Rosanne; 7/18/2012. $130,000

1515 Boardwalk Unit 2702, Kowalski Robert, Kowalski Dolores and Bibikos Toni to Salloum Chadi R.; 7/18/2012. $58,000

120 N. Georgia Ave., RR No. B, Stiteler Linda Marie and Stiteler Larry S. to Decanela Juana Reyna; 7/18/2012. $30,000

1536 Penrose Ave., Snydor Franco Ryan, McCall Lawrence Brock and McCall Lawrence B. to Keroles Bassim; 7/18/2012. $20,000

101 S. Plaza No. 704, Gerstein Mitchell, Voron Harvey, Corson Marie and Corson Ben to Nasatir David A. and Nasatir Dara; 7/18/2012. $320,000

129 N. Bertram Ave., Berenato O'Keefe Joann, GST Exempt Fund Trust, Mary T. Berenato Revocable Trust Agreement and Berenato Mary T. to Gowdy Kelli A.; 7/19/2012. $247,000

1919 Hummock Ave., Tepley John to Selby Randy; 7/20/2012. $170,000

100 S. Berkley Square Unit 11-D, Yollin George and Yollin Toby to Ruben Nicholas and Ruben Flora; 7/20/2012. $240,000


559 Caverly Drive, Bell Robert and Bell Colleen to Sellitsch Richard Rudolph and Sellitsch Rudolph Richard; 7/16/2012. $400,000

519 Casa Drive, Norton Vincent to Guercio Anthony; 7/17/2012. $130,000

35 Beacon Lane, Golden Yvonne B. to Lentchner Cassandra, Greifinger Michael and Lentchner Jesse; 7/17/2012. $200,000

313 W. Brigantine Ave., No. 3, Forte Michael and Forte Christina to Hunter Charles W. and Hunter Donna; 7/18/2012. $214,000

2 Ontario Drive, Unit A , McNesby Pamela to Coughlan Stephen and Coughlan Kathleen A.; 7/18/2012. $152,900

318 40th St. South, Tiedrich Alan H. and Tiedrich Ellen K. to Arndt Kristen; 7/18/2012. $488,000

239-A S. Fifth St., Banson Renee to Felice Harry A. and Felice Pamela J.; 7/18/2012. $290,000

3401 Ocean Ave., Unit 10, Mariano Patricia to Adams Cathleen M.; 7/19/2012. $105,000

21 Quay Blvd., Michalowski Edward J. and Michalowski Julie E. to Derrickson Richard R. and Derrickson Lesley; 7/19/2012. $202,000

413 E. Brigantine Ave., No. 35, Foley Michael and Foley Eileen to Dicioccio Daniel M.; 7/19/2012. $125,000

4901 Harbor Beach Blvd. Unit G6, Brahmbhatt Ushaben N. to Caporelli John and Vicinanza Josephine; 7/20/2012. $60,660

4220 Atlantic Brigantine Blvd. Unit 202A, Rossini Virginia to Troxell Joseph R, Troxell Helen A.; 7/20/2012. $242,500


744 Harding Highway Unit C, Midway Holdings LLC, Falasca Aldo and Falasca Daniel to 744 Krishna Realty LLC; 7/19/2012. $475,000


1302 Harding Highway, Hickman Lois to Landrau Hector and Landrau Yolanda; 7/18/2012. $68,000

124 Lejan Terrace, Day Annette, Doe Paula and Digiovacchino Paula, Gilbert Lynda and Perugini Maryann to Cantoni Theresa M.; 7/20/2012. $172,500


1658 Philadelphia Ave., Ferry Frank J., executor for the estate of Wallace Beatryce B., to 111 WHP Associates; 7/17/2012. $45,000


5 Sagemore Court, Divel John A. and Divel Margaret C. to Sedaka Shana; 7/16/2012. $210,000

223 Sun Valley Circle, Margate Community Church to Young Jeffrey T. and Leveque Richelle L.; 7/16/2012. $230,000

114 Briarcliff Drive, Baker Residential Of Penn LLC to Paynter Ryan S.; 7/16/2012. $280,970

6857 Old Egg Harbor Road, Portnoy Builders LLC, Mincer Mark D. and Portnoy Randy Lee to Vongnaraj Tony; 7/17/2012. $217,600

4 Gallant Fox Lane, Gibson Michael and Gibson Lauren to Johnson Krystal; 7/17/2012. $280,000

407 Snox Fox Road, Lee Wilton, Nakahara Emiri to Lawrie Daniel J. and Lawrie Kathryn K.; 7/17/2012. $295,000

230 Sea Pine Drive, Sugrue David M. and Sugrue Tomoko to Bobcowski Christopher J. and Keiser Sonja; 7/17/2012. $335,000

102 Filmore Ave., Sabasino Steven R. and Sabasino Bernadette K. to Bettran Daniel A. and Bettran Daysi A.; 7/17/2012. $165,000

15 Strubridge Court, MacPherson Heather K., MacPherson Crescentia and MacPherson Peter L. to Hamilton William J.; 7/17/2012. $185,000

17 Rook Court, Coholan Thomas, Coholan Brenda to Howard Marc J.; 7/17/2012. $204,000

209 Salem St., Gaddy Steven L. to Santiago Luminada; 7/17/2012. $205,000

316 Frank Lane, Porters Anna F. and Irwin Anna F. to ITM Medical Transport LLC; 7/17/2012. $55,000

1 Cottage Drive, Massaro Thomas and Massaro Stephanie to Higbee Regina; 7/18/2012. $205,000

17 Windsor Drive, Larocca Robert and Larocca Maria to Caberto Nathaniel and Caberto Gayle; 7/18/2012. $160,000

63-A Oxford Village, Martinez Santos A. and Martinez Judith to Pandya Vipul R.; 7/18/2012. $60,000

119 Belmont Drive, Harper Daniel P., Harper Heather L. and The Bank to Police and Firemens Retirement System Board Of Trustees; 7/18/2012. $130,100

423 Pine Ave., Waddell Thomas E. and Waddell Lorian to Jason Brian Shulman Trust and Shulman Jason Brian; 7/18/2012. $595,000

37 Shoreline Road, Ryan Homes to Leichtnam Susan M.; 7/18/2012. $286,843

49 Shoreline Road, Ryan Homes to Kowal Daniel S. and Kowal Jessica A.; 7/18/2012. $278,801

303 Abingdon Drive, Cipollini Agostino and Cipollini Elizabeth to Garvey Sean P. and Garvey Christine L.; 7/20/2012. $333,500

10 Marshall Drive, Adams Stanley R. and Adams Maureen to Curry David W. and Curry Regina B.; 7/20/2012. $468,000


195 Second Ave., Aguina Jose F. to Baumgarten Joseph G. and Baumgarten Derbra L.; 7/16/2012. $70,000


509 Bella Court, Barrick Robin to Leathers Zachary and Leathers Sarah; 7/16/2012. $290,000

513 S. Pitney Road, Rausch Jennifer Lyn (Aarons Jennifer Lyn) to Caring Inc.; 7/17/2012. $240,000

117 N. Leipzig Ave., Leichtnam Susan M. to Hambrecht William O. and Ricci Debra L.; 7/18/2012. $292,000

520 S. Pomona Road, Diaz Armando and Diaz Maria to Arroyo Iliana I.; 7/19/2012. $155,000

317 Meadow Ave., Puma Frank to Leichtnam Brian M. and Leichtnam Suzanne M.; 7/19/2012. $269,000

330 S. Mannheim Ave., Grunow Ernest R. and Grunow Margaret A. to Mealo Francis and Mealo Julie; 7/19/2012. $150,000

309 S. Fairview Ave., Stewart Christopher M. and Stewart Jennifer A. to Lamanteer Kenneth D.; 7/20/2012. $125,000

722 Pine St., Hansen John and Hansen Holli B. to Albrecht Erin J.; 7/20/2012. $130,000


201 Pico Court, Craig Frank C. and Craig Anne G. to O'Keefe Sean P.; 7/16/2012. $50,000

88 Devon Road, Seigfried Lisa to Kuddar Tracy and Belonia Maria; 7/18/2012. $228,000

4446 Yorktown Place, Fannie Mae to Chew Lian S.4446 Yorktown Place Wang Chinghua; 7/18/2012. $40,000

1511 Thomas Jefferson Court (C0411), Lewis Jennifer L. to Craig J. Scott and Craig Kevin; 7/18/2012. $140,000

7 Gasko Road, West Bay II Partners LLC and Danastasio John N. to McCaughey Robert J. and McCaughey Joyce; 7/19/2012. $238,000

1512 Madison Court, Penza Anthony D. to Poznyak Eugene and Poznyak Vadim; 7/19/2012. $130,000

104 Merlino Drive, Mizenis Diane K. to Patterson Bruce and Patterson Sherryl; 7/19/2012. $230,000


503 S. White Horse Pike, Eden Autism Services Foundation Inc. to Penza Auto Sales LLC; 7/16/2012. $195,000

138 Oak Road, Hall Irwin and Hall Lenore to RHB Farms LLC; 7/18/2012. $295,000

196 Oak Road, Hall Irwin and Hall Lenore to RHB Farms LLC; 7/18/2012. $135,000


231 W. Seaview Ave., Riska Guy to Funk David and Funk Shannon C; 7/20/2012. $352,000


6 N. Adams Ave., Unit 5, Tyndall Robert S. and Tyndall Carolyn S. to Kirkpatrick Shaun M. and Carter Nicole; 7/17/2012. $250,000

121 N. Clarendon Ave., Swain Renee L., Starkman Carole F. and Blum Bonita to Reed Joseph R. and Reed Johanna P.; 7/17/2012. $440,000

9615 Monmouth Ave. Unit D, Bayfront Properties LLC to Robinson Edith Mae; 7/18/2012. $518,440

209 N. Belmont Drive, Harcole LLC and Harshaw David C. to Liedman Carl and Liedman Susan; 7/18/2012. $675,000

211 N. Coolidge Ave., Unit 3, Walsh John J. to Natenzon Roman and Natenzon Esther; 7/19/2012. $220,000

22 N. Huntington Ave., Jenkins Elizabeth to Ottoson Thomas H. and Ottoson Jeanne M.; 7/19/2012. $472,500


2630 Circle Drive, Binder Lynn J. to Lehman James M.; 7/18/2012. $90,000

2813 Musket Lane, Delpiano Carol L. to Berntheisel Susan; 7/18/2012. $250,000

5312 Linda Ave., Ginter Samuel W. to Miller Joseph J.; 7/18/2012. $30,000

3637 Moores Ave., Fierro Anthony and Fierro Carmela to Wanek Danny J. and Wanek Christina; 7/19/2012. $178,000


1103 Walnut Ave., R and R Developers Partnership to Baner Stephen D.; 7/19/2012. $185,000


1042 Mallard Place, Trujillo Oscar and Dejesus Keiry to Soto Isaac and Rosario Francisca; 7/17/2012. $130,000

210 S. Franklin Blvd., Wilkins Evelyn and Eidberger Carolyn to Reynoso Joe and Reynoso Aida M.; 7/19/2012. $85,000

206 W. Ridgewood Ave., Harmon Monte C. to Wright Robert; 7/19/2012. $106,000


4 E. Captains Quarters, Mellon Bank of NY, JPMorgan Chase Bank NA and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Elsesser James and Elesser Judith M.; 7/16/2012. $110,000

118 Pleasant Ave., Simpson Catherine to Ries William and Ries Andrea; 7/19/2012. $245,000

605 Second St., Gomez Radames and Gomez Andrea to Bishop Andrew; 7/20/2012. $137,500


107 S. Victoria Ave. Unit A, Soffer Kenneth A. and Soffer Beth C. to Kramer David J. and Kramer Merle L.; 7/16/2012. $250,000

113 N. Princeton Ave., Couch Josephine E. to Fullerton Ronald and Fullerton Susan; 7/17/2012. $142,500

6507 Winchester Ave., Coba Inc. to Woodrow Julie M and Woodrow Nicholas S.; 7/17/2012. $165,000

119 N. Portland Ave., Bank Of America NA, BAC Home Loans Serv LP and Countrywide Home Loans Serv LP to Howard Charles W.; 7/18/2012. $109,000

Cape May County


171 24th St., Michael Fitzpatrick, Brian Fitzpatrick, Noreen Keating Fitzpatrick and John Fitzpatrick to Noreen Keating Fitzpatrick; 7/20/2012. $344,710.31


1420 Pennsylvania Ave., Unit A3, Praxiteles Pandel and Robin Pandel to Anthony Guerrino and Lucy Guerrino; 7/18/2012. $300,500


151 Dennisville Road, Fannie Mae and Sarah Powers E. to Christopher McTommoney; 7/18/2012. $227,000

11 Wiley Court, Raymond Hober and Barbara Hober to Christopher Farschon and Joelle Farschon; 7/18/2012. $300,000


115 Evergreen Ave., Grace Kelly to Jerald Saulino and Valerie Saulino; 7/6/2012. $114,500

229 W. Bates Ave., John Creamer to Roman Bish; 7/18/2012. $154,000

118 Oakdale Ave., Billy Nichols to James Weightman and Nina Weightman; 7/18/2012. $119,000

216 Cedardale Ave., Anthony Cougle and Grisselle Cougle to Rudolph Nicholas Hatala and Theresa Marie Hatala; 7/18/2012. $146,750

16 Schellenger Ave., Joseph Pannullo to Robert Erlandson, Marie Erlandson, Michael Crocker and A. Naomi Crocker; 7/18/2012. $140,000

1005 Rose Hill Highway, John Friel, Kathleen Gibbons and Nora Friel to William Dougherty and Karen Dougherty; 7/18/2012. $125,000

424 Breakwater Road, Joseph Sims and Janet Sims to Joseph Sims; 7/19/2012. $75,000

112 W. Pacific Ave., Sally Dickson Miller and Joseph Dickson to Christopher Babst and Lisaann Babst; 7/20/2012. $102,500

1 Osprey Drive, Rebecca Chamberlain to Susan Pulley; 7/20/2012. $197,500


304 Aberdeen Way, Beazer Homes Corp. to Thomas Gaskill and Constance Gaskill; 7/9/2012. $245,000

3 Maple Court, Wayne Collinson to Andrew Dean and Jaclyn Dean; 7/18/2012. $285,000

166 Lee Lane, Edwin Rosenfeld and Joyce Nichols to Mark Ellis; 7/19/2012. $177,000

1906 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Patricia Rossner; 7/20/2012. $206,400


328 E. 23rd Ave., Unit D, Paul Knottek and Deborah Knottek to Anthony DiMartino and Rosanne DiMartino; 7/17/2012. $280,000

2506 Surf Ave., Unit 100, Rao Bhamidipati and Sujata Bhamidipati to Sijasoft Ltd. LLC; 7/17/2012. $238,400

328 E. 25th Ave., Unit G, James Maloney and Litizia Maloney to James Manion and Nancy Manion; 7/18/2012. $290,000


1333 West Ave., Scalini Brothers LLC and Alan Gould to Bernick DR Llc; 7/9/2012. $225,000

3408-30 Haven Ave., Unit 305, Sandra Cresci to Bartholomew Brigidi and Josephine Brigidi; 7/16/2012. $67,500

805 Brighton Ave., first floor, Theresa King and William King to James Nase and Eileen Nase; 7/16/2012. $210,000

2360 West Ave., Brian Welsh and Michelle Welsh to Ron Calabrese and Marianne Calabrese; 7/17/2012. $225,778

1107 A B C Bay Ave., Michael Morelli and Michele Morelli to Daniel Farah; 7/17/2012. $307,500

935 Ocean Ave., Unit 621, John Shetzline and Louise Shetzline to Jorge Fragoso and Maria Fragoso Emilia; 7/18/2012. $268,500

3408-30 Haven Ave. Unit 224, Chitra C. Mandi Revocable Trust, Chitra Mandi and Arun Mandi to Salvatore Marciante and Patricia Marciante; 7/19/2012. $63,000

112-14 21st Unit A, 112 East 21st Street LLC to Michael Rennick and Sarah Rennick Sally; 7/20/2012. $322,600


6504 Central Ave., Luke Wilson and Helene Wilson to Harry McCann and Nancy McCann; 7/17/2012. $82,000


311 84th St., Italo Cosentino and Nancy Cosentino to Brian Winter and Melissa Winter; 7/9/2012. $525,000


421 Dennisville Petesburg Road, Cheryl Priebs and Robert Madonna to Christopher Canderan and Amber Rummler; 7/17/2012. $189,000

1731 Shore Road Unit 132, Kyran Connor and Barbara Connor to Dean Norbeck and Susan Norbeck; 7/17/2012. $290,000

28 C. New Bridge Road, David Robinson and Jennifer Robinson to Alex Reynolds and Alyssa Creelman; 7/20/2012. $167,000


603 Park Blvd., Christopher Carrigan and Gwyneth Carrigan to Richard Ogle and Jamila Ogle; 7/18/2012. $300,000


5207 Lake Road Unit 5, William Pawlucy and Dana Pawlucy to Kenneth Brown and Ann Brown; 7/17/2012. $242,500

5201 Ocean Ave., Edward Button and Linda Button to James Pepitone and Joane Dennhardt; 7/18/2012. $275,000

237 E. Poplar Ave., C. Reimert Le Roy, Lorraine Celinski and Dorothy Reimert to Terrence McGuire; 7/18/2012. $100,000

417 E. Magnolia Ave., James Lange and Mary Lange to 417 East Magnolia LLC; 7/18/2012. $220,000

145 E. Burk Ave., Cyril Timlin and Rose Timlin to Richard Roussin; 7/18/2012. $100,000

310 E. Pine Ave., Unit 104, 306 E. Pine St. LLC to David Grzywacz and Michele Grzywacz; 7/19/2012. $263,000


303 B. E. Crocus Road Unit 303B, Dallyse Gironda, John Gironda, Michelle Gerow and Constance Gironda to Danielle Sarocy, Raymond Martin and Andrea Martin; 7/9/2012. $175,000

5600 Seaview Ave., Stephen Botta and Amy Kahl to Keith Firestone and Michelle Firestone; 7/18/2012. $151,500

213 E. Taylor Ave., John Butler and Sandra Butler to Samuel Reinhold and Lynn Reinhold; 7/18/2012. $235,000

210B E. Farragut Road, Diane J. Messineo Revocable Trust, James Messineo and David Messineo to Costantino Cerini, Lydia Cerini, Angela Cerini and Christina Cerini; 7/20/2012. $348,000

Cumberland County


262 Atlantic St., Rabago, Denise C. to Tilotta, James T.; 07/09/2012. $50,000

241 W. Commerce, Grant, Barbara A. to Caudy, Michael A.; 07/09/2012. $140,000

300 N. West Ave., Buday, Floretta R. to Pollock, Janah; 07/12/2012. $81,500

309 South Ave., Criss, Dana N. to Paladino, Vincent; 07/20/2012. $75,000


7709 Raymond Drive, Jamison, Patrick P. to Munyon, Elber; 07/16/2012. $20,500

923 Spring Garden, Sheppard, Robert L. to Abbamondi, Charles A.; 07/17/2012. $60,000


Poplar and Shiloh Aves 21, Chipola, Salve to Moore, William; 07/12/2012. $26,900


282 & 283 Cove Road, Newton, Thomas S. to Russo, Damian; 07/20/2012. $167,500


Back Neck Road, Hartel, Florence J. to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; 07/19/2012. $413,399.75


75 Westwood Drive, Quinzer, Stephanie to Bernstein, Michael D.; 07/09/2012. $60,000


1409 Pleasant Drive, Estadt, Glenn to Connolly, Michelle L.; 07/09/2012. $185,000

34 Cedar St., Davis, Eric to Ochetto, Stephen; 07/09/2012. $192,000

419 Fulton St., Corson, Dolores C. to Moss, Debra L.; 07/16/2012. $80,000


278 Landis Ave., Mango, Juanita M. to Melchiorre, Benjamin John Sr.; 07/09/2012. $162,000

18 Seville Drive, Diaz, Jose F. to Austin, John P.; 07/10/2012. $225,000


2628 School Lane, Rupp, Robert M. to Garcia, Abel; 07/10/2012. $215,000

2130 E. Chestnut No. 32 4408, Terrace East Real Estate Associates LP to Gullo, Silvio; 07/10/2012. $95,000

3001 E. Chestnut C-29 4506, Cyter, Michael I. to Ploch, Ryan J.; 07/10/2012. $162,000

3728 Hance Bridge Road 6507, Krawiec, Christopher to Gribble, Linda S.; 07/10/2012. $195,000

2701 Brunetta Drive, Biggs, Daniel James III to Biggs, Renee H.; 07/13/2012. $20,000

725 Tulip St., Afsharkhah, Farzin to Matias, Sully; 07/16/2012. $123,715

2483 Venezia Ave., Dupnock, Theodore L. to Seigfried, Lisa; 07/16/2012. $174,900

2980 Lisbon Lane, Iannucci, Maya to Mangal, Vayd A.; 07/16/2012. $140,000

430 Wood St., Criss, Dana to Paladino, Vincent; 07/20/2012. $113,000

Ocean County


15 Periwinkle Drive, Fabian Steven R. and Akiba Junko to Fabian Steven R.; 7/17/2012. $60,000

3 Brixam Corner, Ryan Homes to Freiwald Jennifer and Freiwald Seth; 7/19/2012. $420,540

52 Fawcett Blvd., Chiara Frank to Callas Christine and Callas Costas H.; 7/18/2012. $20,000

2 Pilot Court, Chiara Frank to Schubiger Connie and Schubiger Kevin; 7/18/2012. $20,000

91 Water St., Miller Katherine, Ragonese Sharon to Cowie John Iii; 7/20/2012. $89,500

9 Tedesco Way, Ryan Homes to Hoyt Dianna J. and Hoyt Kevin P.; 7/16/2012. $349,425

37 Nautilus Ave., Lorenc Christopher and Lorenc Allyson to Crandal Joshua; 7/19/2012. $125,000

19 Second St., Chennells Michael J. to NJ Home Solutions LLC; 7/20/2012. $90,000

2 Brixam Court, Ryan Homes to Baccigalupi Joseph and Baccigalupi Kristina; 7/20/2012. $480,640

33 Fountainview Drive, Rice Jacqueline C. and Rice Robert A. to Rivera Tamara; 7/20/2012. $210,000

5 Cardinal Place, Cassin Jennie and Cassin Robert M. to Harrington Alene M.; 7/20/2012. $200,000

9 Shady Stream Road, Wilson Pamela and Wilson Edward to McGrath Geraldine and McGrath Donald M.; 7/20/2012. $302,500


211 Stratford Ave., Mast Susan P, Mast Jeff S. to Carroll John C, Carroll Kimberly L.; 7/19/2012. $1,366,000


4 W. 86th St., Bono Bradford to Coscia Robert and Coscia Mary; 7/17/2012. $775,000

11 E. 80th St., Kuen Doris J, Kuen William B. to Peters Jon D, Peters Kathleen S.; 7/17/2012. $1,750,000


31 Saltspray Drive, Sulkowski Charles K. to Libot Jaclyn P.; 7/16/2012. $195,500

30 Arborridge Drive, Toll Land Corp. No 10 to Dambach Rita; 7/18/2012. $330,000

603 Alans Way, Ruane Ria and Ruane John J. to Matarazzo Jennifer and Matarazzo Ronald Jr.; 7/16/2012. $377,500

2070 Crestwood Drive, Defibaugh Kim to Adams Scott G. and Adams Bethanie L.; 7/17/2012. $156,000

3 Carr Court, Hohensee Ronald A. and Hohensee Gail A. to Argast Chirstopher; 7/18/2012. $290,000

352 Yorktown Drive, Lynx Asset Services LLC to Deyonker Joseph; 7/18/2012. $119,000

1984 Brookdale Drive, Taibi Gerard to Lefebvre Bernard; 7/18/2012. $160,000

1107 Pensacola Road, Todd Dennis Michael to Jacobson Eric and Jacobson Sara; 7/18/2012. $285,000

18 Ridgemont Drive, Guarini Frances M. and Guarini Eugene J. to Azar Alberta M. and Azar William P.; 7/19/2012. $385,000

511 Elwood St., Dunich Joseph and Rusnak Sharon M. to Klock Brian; 7/19/2012. $162,000

120 Walnut Drive, Janes Gregory H. Jr. to Janes Patricia L.; 7/19/2012. $98,500

Ravine Drive vacant land, block 1351, lot 1.01, Riso Dorothy Irene to Verge Allen; 7/20/2012. $38,000


141 Leitz Blvd., US Bank NA, Lasalle Bank NA, Bank of America NA, Merrill Lynch First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust to Fleming Tina M. and Raptakis John P.; 7/16/2012. $157,100

22 Chatham Road, K. Hovnanian at Little Egg Harbor Township II LLC to Brand Barbara A.; 7/19/2012. $436,253.33

5 Charleston Court, K. Hovnanian at Little Egg Harbor Township II LLC to NetREIT Dubose Model Home REIT LP; 7/16/2012. $298,080

7 Charleston Court, K. Hovnanian at Little Egg Harbor Township II LLC to Dubose Model Home Investors 201 LP; 7/16/2012. $271,450

3 Charleston Court, K. Hovnanian at Little Egg Harbor Township II LLC to NetREIT Dubose Model Home REIT LP; 7/16/2012. $303,600

13 Harvest Way, Bender Kurt M. and Bender Kathryn G. to Lupo Vincent; 7/18/2012. $262,000

42 S. Burgee Drive, Cressman Walter H., Cressman Carol B., Martial Trust A and Cressman Robert L. to Cressman Jennifer E. and Cressman Mark E.; 7/19/2012. $175,000

115 E. Shrewsbury Drive, Romano Ernest T. Jr. and Romano Edith L. to Hill Brian. and Keating-Hill Kathryn; 7/19/2012. $222,000

124 Boom Way, Foley Dorothy S. and Foley Frank J. Jr. to Cranmer Lisa M. and Cranmer Douglas M.; 7/20/2012. $205,000

321 Lake Champlain Drive, Kay Joseph to Drennan Timothy P.; 7/20/2012. $83,000


111 E. Old Whaling Lane, Cowles David J. and Cowles Jonathan P., Cowles Roderick S. Disclaimer Trust and Roderick S. Cowles Disclaimer Trust to Wright Pamela and Wright David; 7/17/2012. $800,000

10 N. Delaware Ave., Colapietro Frank and Colapietro Anna to Dodd Stephen J. and Walston-Dodd Kathy J.; 7/19/2012. $440,000

313 Beach Plum Drive, Hickerson Eldon and Hickerson Lynn Romanoff to Lumby Jeffrey S. and Lumby Danielle G.; 7/18/2012. $1,600,000

19 W. Joan Road, Mest Leon R. and Smith Alice N. to Russo Mark; 7/20/2012. $444,500

169 E. Long Beach Blvd., Bershad Ronald to Adelson Robert and Adelson Marta; 7/20/2012. $3,250,000


6 Timber Lane, Duff James J. and Duff Lisa J. to Duff James J.; 7/20/2012. $155,694.50

67 Strathmere St., Daly Nancy to Odierno Barbara; 7/17/2012. $355,000


325 W. 19th St., Filler Sharon and Filler Steven to Bacharach Roger L. and Ellenberger Trudie J.; 7/18/2012. $579,500

129 E. Seventh St., Benton Jeffrey and Benton Bette to Russo Mario and Russo Lauren; 7/18/2012. $315,000

2219 Central Ave. Unit 4, Mulroy James M. Jr. and Mulroy Brooke H. to Green Mimi; 7/19/2012. $80,000

137 E. 30th St. Unit B, Plumstead Properties Inc. to Wada Warner W. and Rosser Jesse T.; 7/19/2012. $748,500


195 Mizzen Ave., Morabito Kimberly and Morabito Andrew R. to Labar James and Labar Toni Ann; 7/17/2012. $212,000

252 Morris Blvd., Sabino Patrick and Sabino Tracey to Porteus William A. and Porteus Colleen A.; 7/19/2012. $315,000

876 Jennifer Lane, Russell Larry A. and Russell Mary Jane to Good Allison and Donatelli Nancy; 7/19/2012. $325,000

24 Bryce Lane, Ribeira Ernesto and Buckelew Patricia to Coppola Massimo; 7/20/2012. $220,000

125 Bernard Drive, Morone William and Morone Josephine to Jones Patricia and Jones Clifford; 7/16/2012. $340,000

135 Spinnaker Ave., Caruso Nicholas F. Jr., Buckley Kristen and Caruso Kristen to Havens Brian C. and Havens Sandra M.; 7/16/2012. $214,500

141 Arthur Drive, Delvecchio Virginia and Delvecchio Vincent to Corbo Lena M.; 7/16/2012. $355,000

22 Academy Lane, Connors Janet and Costello Catherine to Gresham William; 7/16/2012. $57,500

59 Claudia Lane, Pandolfini Teresa and Pandolfini Jason to Cascella Danielle M. and Dunne Matthew P.; 7/17/2012. $200,000

933 Buccaneer Lane, Mackiewicz Joan to Caine Phyllis E.; 7/17/2012. $325,000

1022 Mariner Ave., Gresham William to Olender Ronald A. and Dreskin Catherine E.; 7/18/2012. $297,500

39 Lookout Drive, Goldsmith Irving B. and Goldsmith Gladys to Clementi Gayle and Clementi Frank; 7/19/2012. $200,000

64 Beverly Lane, Taylor Elizabeth and Taylor Thomas J. to Zanone Virginia and Zanone Marc; 7/19/2012. $190,000

208 Salty Ave., McKeone William J., McKeone Eleanor L., McKeone Eleanor H., Turner Elizabeth Louise and Turner Bettelou to Ray Candice M.; 7/20/2012. $133,000

10 Acorn Road, Decker Lillian R., Decker Frank A. and Conklin Sampson to Benjamin Feather Special Needs Trust and Feather Phyllis; 7/20/2012. $55,000

5 Elm Road, Duffy Marcia A., Duffy Frederick and Duffy Frederick Jr. to Bibby Peter J. and Bibby Marian; 7/20/2012. $166,000


386 N. Sixth St., Riesenberger Nancy and Devlin Linda to Hyland Kristin E.; 7/20/2012. $1,575,000


10 Anglers Road, Knitter Michael R., Stewart Kathy and Knitter Robert to Tyler John; 7/17/2012. $135,000

161 E. Main St., McQuaid Anna Mae and McQuaid Ronald to Cheng Jane and Cheng Meiyuk; 7/17/2012. $500,000