Atlantic County


110 Laurel Circle, Lombardo Paul and Lombardo Leah M. to Riotta Paul S. and Riotta Crystal E.; 7/13/2012. $264,000

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101 S. Raleigh Ave., No. 719, Kessler Marilyn and Dinerman Rose to D'Angelo Claire and D'Angelo Louis; 7/12/2012. $170,000

1315 Drexel Ave., Rahman Aminur to Hope For Atlantic City; 7/13/2012. $52,000

1 S. Raleigh Ave., Aivazoglou Amdreas and Aivazoglou Parthena to 1 South Raleigh LLC; 7/13/2012. $510,000


251 S. 39th St., Nardi Emil P. to Cawley James F. and Cawley Suzanne J.; 7/11/2012. $280,000

363 E. Wheat Road, Laurand Realty LLC and Trasferini Andrew J. to Sofiann LLC; 7/11/2012. $220,000


107 W. Delaware Ave., Wildcat 1 LLC and Hallauer Terry to Quiles Migdalia; 7/11/2012. $158,400


5625 E. Chestnut Ave., Davidson Raymond H. to Haden Dennis; 7/11/2012. $170,000


205 Palmero Ave., Bukowski Brittany Stephanie to Slaughter Gilbert D.; 7/12/2012. $240,000

204 Cedar Ave., Collier Elwood and Collier Aglaia to Brown Dasha M. and Anderson Joanna; 7/13/2012. $167,500

28 Allison Place, Kelly Sharon A. and Bray Kimberly J. to Baldwin Erika C.; 7/13/2012. $136,500

501 Cobblestone Court, Curry James M. and Curry Jennifer Elliott to Makin Karissa and Ksiazek Nathan C.; 7/13/2012. $285,000


107 Route 50, C. Richard Tunney Inc. to Tunney Kevin C.; 7/11/2012. $165,000


130 Seneca Lane, Marsh Harlan F. and Marsh Rhuby A. to T&S Enterprize LLC; 7/12/2012. $52,200


248 Aschwind Court, Daniels Lashawn and Daniels April to Singh Nina and Radcliff Kristen; 7/11/2012. $999,999

648 E. Chancery Lane, East Chancery Lane LLC and Grannick Family Holdings LLC to Scott Mel Edward; 7/13/2012. $150,000

81 Driftwood Court, Fannie Mae to McKnight Patrick; 7/13/2012. $47,500


6171 Robin Drive, Szamreta Robert A. and Szamreta Wendy B. to Boyer Jeffrey D. and Boyer Margarita; 7/11/2012. $177,000

36 Jamestown Circle, American Home Mortgage Serving Inc., Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Argent Securities Inc. to Salas Dennis and Salas Erika E.; 7/11/2012. $133,500

12 Renaissance Drive, Conson LLC and Aerenson Robert to Ryan Homes; 7/11/2012. $67,200

52 Renaissance Drive, Conson LLC and Aerenson Robert to Ryan Homes; 7/11/2012. $73,000

136 Darby Lane, Lennar to Villanueva Maria Evelyn; 7/13/2012. $285,000

1651 Drake Ave., Donato Inge Rose and Donato Joseph F. to Donato Joseph and Donato Bernice; 7/13/2012. $110,000


451 French St., Etruscan Holdings LLC and Olivo Matthew P. to Driscoll Brian B.; 7/12/2012. $170,000

216 Jamestown Blvd., MacDonald Michael A. and MacDonald Gail L. to Haney Gary C. and Haney Renee C.; 7/12/2012. $282,000

232 N. Washington St., Metroka Regina to Losasso Leslie A.; 7/12/2012. $162,500


1901 Franklin Blvd., Anderson Michael D. and Anderson Heidi L. to Lodgek Scott and Lodgek Rachel; 7/13/2012. $390,000


26 S. 32nd Ave., Engle Alice E. to Keene Laura R.; 7/12/2012. $675,000

1600 Atlantic Ave., Unit 48, Fusco Jeffrey A. and Fusco Sandra to Parker Franklin J. and Parker Marianne L.; 7/13/2012. $180,000

102 N. Evergreen Ave., France Deborah H., Donato Virginia and Donato Vincent A. to Stacchini Natalie; 7/13/2012. $484,500


7701 Atlantic Ave. Unit 18E, Lichtman Marc and Lichtman Ina to Boysza Beth Lynn; 7/11/2012. $505,000

111 N. Gladstone Ave., Sunny Gladstone Assoc LLC, Polatnick David and Guarini Francis J. to Glickman Steven Y. and Glickman Debra; 7/12/2012. $481,000

121 N. Barclay Ave., Pantalena Thomas Dominick and Pantalena Dorothy Alberta to Cantell Cynthia M.; 7/12/2012. $90,000

8208 Bayshore Drive West, Kaufman Nechama to Pertuo Angelo Charles and Peruto Puja Suneja; 7/13/2012. $639,000

7808 Marshall Ave., Vanaman Paul, Snellbaker Catherine M. and Vanaman Catherine M. to Rando Danielle M. and Abbruscato Jacob J.; 7/13/2012. $412,000

9400 Atlantic Ave., Unit 415, Roseff Ivan E. to Hannan Keith and Hannan Carole; 7/13/2012. $360,000


317 New Road, Lefebvre Leo to Jurkowski Kimberlynn; 7/12/2012. $135,000

221 Bates Ave., Regina Rachel to Tarsitano Barbara; 7/13/2012. $186,000


400 Atlantic Ave., Longo Marian, executrix for the estate of Marion Norris to DLB Investments; 7/13/2012. $105,129


6423 Monmouth Ave., Brinberg Gary N. and Brinberg Karen M. to Otto Steven and Otto Angela; 7/13/2012. $188,500

105 N. Bryant Ave., Sandberg Michael and Inserra Vincenzo to Reber Randall and Reber Deborah; 7/13/2012. $255,000

Cape May County


1237 Washington St., James Walls to Genevieve Skalak and Jesse Fritz; 7/11/2012. $325,000

1351 Delaware Ave., Europa Properties LLC to Paul Miller and Jennifer Arago; 7/13/2012. $315,000


115 Evergreen Ave., Grace Kelly to Jerald Saulino and Valerie Saulino; 7/6/2012. $114,500

14 Mowery Ave., Cory Ozelski to Maria Mavromatis; 7/10/2012. $110,000

11 Cove Drive, Maria La Magna to Brian Scollon, Barbara Scollon and Mark Quinlan; 7/12/2012. $175,000

218 Suzanne Ave., Edward Peterson to John DiDomenico and Charlotte DiDomenico; 7/12/2012. $132,500


304 Aberdeen Way, Beazer Homes Corp. to Thomas Gaskill and Constance Gaskill; 7/9/2012. $245,000

1808 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Arthur Gorman and Veronica Gorman; 7/10/2012. $241,243

2202 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Kenneth McGaha and Joanne McGaha; 7/10/2012. $253,628

1006-1004 Stone Harbor Blvd., John Thomas and Loretta Thomas to Noah Souders; 7/10/2012. $99,999

1301 1303 1305 1307 Tidewater, Conifer Greenbriar LLC and Conifer Realty LLC to Ryan Homes; 7/10/2012. $210,000

1902 1904 1906 1908 Tidewater, Conifer Greenbriar LLC and Conifer Realty LLC to Ryan Homes; 7/10/2012. $220,000

80 Millman Blvd., Michael Glathorn, Henry Glathorn, Bruce Conwell and Henry Glathorn to Richard Adelizzi and Rita Adelizzi; 7/12/2012. $90,000

116 Central Ave., Karla Goodman to Timothy Bowlby and Tina Bowlby M.; 7/12/2012. $135,000

1110 St. Andrew Drive Unit 0132, Barbara Heard and Barbara R. Heard Trust to Joseph Kozinski and Barbara Kozinski Rubino; 7/12/2012. $312,000


500 Kennedy Drive Unit 220, Donna Sutley to Rudolph Muller and Susan Muller; 7/10/2012. $90,000

2300 New Jersey Ave., Unit 202, Helen Kardasis and Mary Kokalis to William Tirri and Marian Tirri A.; 7/11/2012. $246,250

1000 Kennedy Drive Unit 206, Roman Holiday LP and Beachfront LLC to Nicholas Gross and Jessica Gross; 7/13/2012. $136,500


1333 West Ave., Scalini Brothers LLC and Alan Gould to Bernick Drive LLC; 7/9/2012. $225,000

633-47 Wayne Ave., George Hamburger, Marjorie Roy and Dorothy Troehler to Edward Navitsky and Nancy Navitsky; 7/10/2012. $205,000

3611 Pembroke Lane, Robert Armstrong and Christine Armstrong to Sea Breeze Development LLC; 7/10/2012. $295,000

823 Ocean Ave., Unit D, Judith Miragliuolo to George Romasco and Carole Romasco; 7/11/2012. $190,000

401 31st St., Sandra Ruple and Donna Gavin to Robert Markley and Jill Markley; 7/13/2012. $219,100


4114 Central Ave., Unit 105, William Archer and Ann Archer to James Taylor and Nancy Taylor; 7/12/2012. $300,000

7405 Landis Ave., Unit North, Kevin Smith and Donna Smith to Barry Smith, Donna Smith, Brian Smith, Leslie Smith, Gregory Hungerford and Jennifer Hungerford; 7/13/2012. $138,500


311 84th St., Italo Cosentino and Nancy Cosentino to Brian Winter and Melissa Winter; 7/9/2012. $525,000

150 91st St., Lynn Knauff, Richard Israel and Susan Kreiner to Eric Ruef, Lauren Ruef, Carolyn Ruef and Rosalind Gail Diehl; 7/13/2012. $332,000


180 Dennisville Petersburg Road, Edwin D. Paone and Edwin A. Paone to Wright Rentals LLC; 7/10/2012. $170,000


5001 Atlantic Ave., No. 4, Kip Schmid Davin to Stephen Mihaich and Florence Mihaich J.; 7/10/2012. $160,000

214 W. Glenwood Ave., Michael Gannon and Lisa Gannon to Michael Demayo and Danielle Demayo; 7/11/2012. $50,000

146 E. Spencer Ave., Shaheen Mukhtar and Juana Mukhtar to Anthony Stefanelli; 7/11/2012. $200,000

135 E. Baker Ave., Unit C, Joseph Endres and Virginia Endres to Roy Covey and Virginia Covey; 7/11/2012. $190,000

413 W. Leaming Ave., Unit 206, Fred Sparks and Renee Jones to William Laskowsky and Rochelle Morello; 7/12/2012. $212,000

151 W. Hand Ave., Edward Anstotz to John Hinkle and Tina Hinkle; 7/13/2012. $153,000


303B E. Crocus Road, Unit 303B, Dallyse Gironda, John Gironda, Constance Gironda, Michelle Montague and Michelle Gerow to Danielle Sarocy, Raymond Martin and Andrea Martin; 7/9/2012. $175,000

130 E. Sweetbriar Road, Unit D, Richard DeVogel and Christine Altamuro to John Hoffman and Julia Hoffman; 7/12/2012. $274,000

7100 Seaview Ave., Unit 208, Elizabeth Shaffer and Roland Schafer to John Volpe and Heather Volpe; 7/12/2012. $144,000

118 W. Morning Glory Road, No. 118, Angela Christakos and Charlie Barchechate to Park Place Management LLC; 7/13/2012. $234,900

Cumberland County


262 Atlantic St., Rabago, Denise C. to Tilotta, James T.; 07/09/2012. $50,000

241 W. Commerce, Grant, Barbara A. to Caudy, Michael A.; 07/09/2012. $140,000

300 N. West Ave., Buday, Floretta R. to Pollock, Janah; 07/12/2012. $81,500


Poplar & Shiloh Aves. 21, Chipola, Salve to Moore, William; 07/12/2012. $26,900


75 Westwood Drive, Quinzer, Stephanie to Bernstein, Michael D.; 07/09/2012. $60,000


1409 Pleasant Drive, Estadt, Glenn to Connolly, Michelle L.; 07/09/2012. $185,000

34 Cedar St., Davis, Eric to Ochetto, Stephen; 07/09/2012. $192,000


278 Landis Ave., Mango, Juanita M. to Melchiorre, Benjamin John Sr.; 07/09/2012. $162,000

18 Seville Drive, Diaz, Jose F. to Austin, John P.; 07/10/2012. $225,000


2628 School Lane, Rupp, Robert M. to Garcia, Abel; 07/10/2012. $215,000

2130 E. Chestnut No. 32 4408, Terrace East Real Estate Associates LP to Gullo, Silvio; 07/10/2012. $95,000

3001 E. Chestnut C-29 4506, Cyter, Michael I. to Ploch, Ryan J.; 07/10/2012. $162,000

3728 Hance Bridge Road, 6507, Krawiec, Christopher to Gribble, Linda S.; 07/10/2012. $195,000

2701 Brunetta Drive, Biggs, Daniel James III to Biggs, Renee H. Aka; 07/13/2012. $20,000

Ocean County


29 Robin Lane, Kelley Barbara H. and Kelley Andrew R. to Chenel Eleanor and Kuligowski Marie; 7/6/2012. $120,000

203 & 205 Barracuda, 525 & 527 Mermaid, Moreira Elena to Troilo Jean, Timberline Land and Development Company and Troilo Cameron C.; 7/9/2012. $20,000

18 Tulsa Drive North, Messina Charles and Messina Barbara to Scagnelli Raeann and Scagnelli Louis Jr; 7/9/2012. $142,000

10 Tanglewood Drive, Bollhardt Barbara and Bollhardt George to Powers Stacey; 7/9/2012. $142,000

15 Hemlock Drive, McMahon Regina G and McMahon Thomas J. to Zasowski Beatrice R.; 7/10/2012. $160,000

12 Lexington Blvd., Yousef Mahir and Yousef Panagiota Julie to Tal Etty; 7/10/2012. $45,000

12 Tedesco Way, Ryan Homes to Austin William A. and Flowers-Austin Renee; 7/10/2012. $310,048

25 Valley Stream Place, Wolf Rose and Wolf Clifford to Bathmann Edward R.; 7/11/2012. $204,000

36 Valley Stream Place, Pile Ronald E. to Jones Daniel and Jones Margaret; 7/12/2012. $240,000

5 Mediterranean Court, Rosenfeld Myra to Pasqua Karen; 7/12/2012. $108,000

12 Brixam Corner, Hampton Ridge LLC to Ryan Homes; 7/12/2012. $126,000

131 Rockrimmon Blvd., Hampton Ridge LLC and Szymanski John M. to Ryan Homes; 7/12/2012. $124,500


410 Essex Ave., McLellan Laura J. to Sullivan Diane; 7/10/2012. $1,500,000


11 E. Atlantic Ave., Axelrod Joan to Pressman Eva K. and Zeidman Seth M.; 7/10/2012. $2,200,000

Lange Avenue-Boat Slip, Bernard Graboyes Trust to Marshall John; 7/11/2012. $50,000

5 Fives Ave., Bernard Graboyes Trust to Marshall John; 7/11/2012. $400,000


608 Beach Blvd., US Bank NA and Chevy Chase Funding LLC to Topgun Real Estate Investors; 7/9/2012. $70,000

222 Eaglewood Ave., Anito Magay R. and Anito Gerundio R. to Poikans Michael and Poikans Amy E.; 7/10/2012. $440,000

710 Amherst Road, Meelheim Lisa G. to Asay Elizabeth K. and Rieder Brian C.; 7/9/2012. $292,500

29 South St., Bennett Harry E. to Bennett Barbara V.; 7/9/2012. $79,000

409 Camden Court, Tasker Albert J. III to Mullaney James G.; 7/9/2012. $290,000

823 Hazelton Ave., Carroll John J. and Carroll Lynn A. to Loglio Michael J.; 7/10/2012. $228,000

12 First St., Feist Carolyn to Susen Dawn; 7/11/2012. $131,000

806 Cable Drive, Haas Frances for the estate of Berberich Frances F. to Papaianni Nancy and Papaianni Frank; 7/11/2012. $308,000

108 Chestnut Drive, Milovanovich Donna and Milovanovich Milovan to Stanziani Kimberly; 7/11/2012. $225,000

1616 Beach Blvd., Smith Diane and Smith Michael to Schubel Liam; 7/12/2012. $360,000

1422 Clearview St., Susen Dawn to Thomas Erin M.; 7/13/2012. $188,000


33 Lake Huron Drive, Roguso Steven Paul Sr. and Roguso Angela to Winant David; 7/10/2012. $142,635

523 Kadlubeck Way, U.S. Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development to Peterse Gerard; 7/10/2012. $61,050

133 E. Potomac Drive, Conte Michael, executor for Malinowski Maryann, to Mitschke Gary and Mitschke Debra; 7/12/2012. $102,000

1035 Radio Road, Chiorazzi Anthony S. to Brandell Heather and Brandell Sarah; 7/9/2012. $115,000

13 Ramapo Road, Bauer Aldona M. to Semprevivo Andrew; 7/10/2012. $180,000

183 N. Ensign Drive, Ciecwicz Ellen and Ciecwicz Richard A. to Brown Christen, Vanderstine Christopher W., Blackburn Jaimi, Weidle Nicole and Vanderstine Sandra; 7/10/2012. $375,000

229 Danbury Drive, Kesinger Julia to Morano Barbara; 7/13/2012. $128,000


4403 S. Long Beach Blvd., Tuccelli Marie A. and Tuccelli Salvatore to Walters Gerald G. and Walters Mary Ann; 7/10/2012. $1,500,000

14 E. So. 33rd St., Meyer Hans J. to Fagan Patricia and Fagan Timothy; 7/9/2012. $613,500

136 E. Ryerson Lane, Schiraldi Ronald and Schiraldi Louise to Saia Charles and Saia Allison; 7/9/2012. $920,000

12D Long Beach Blvd., Hall Christine M., Hall Living Trust and Hall Kenneth to Ramsthaler Patricia and Ramsthaler Stephen P.; 7/9/2012. $1,125,000

166D Marnia Road, Oertell Ronald D. to Bergh Catherine; 7/9/2012. $1,175,000

43 W. New Jersey Ave., Persiani Lorraine M. to Galton Eileen P.; 7/9/2012. $625,000

2210 Atlantic Ave., Drury Kathleen A., executrix for Romaine Robert S., to Hoenes Mark W. and Hoenes Lorraine C. to; 7/9/2012. $649,000


11 Dock Ave., Biegert Mark Edward and Biegert Frederick D. to Black Adina A. and Black Charles R.; 7/11/2012. $360,000

44 Brigantine Blvd., Cirelli John and Cirelli Susan J. to Davis William H. and Davis Catherine J.; 7/9/2012. $230,000

48 Point Pleasant Lane, McMahon Diane and McMahon Michael to McCormick William F. and McCormick Toni Lynn; 7/10/2012. $382,000

25 Cape May Court, Fascia John J. and Fascia Dorothy J. to Rocco Gloria; 7/12/2012. $360,000


210-214 W. 11th St., Bisso Marlies, Bisso Al and Shannon Kenneth to Chamberlain Carol A. and Vandewater Keven M.; 7/13/2012. $425,000

505 Central Ave., Tarantini Barbara and Tarantini Vincent to Robinson William T. and Robinson Marijo H.; 7/13/2012. $618,667


192 Liberty Ave., Fitzgerald Mary, Fitzgerald Joan E. and Fitzgerald James to Bruno Christopher W.; 7/9/2012. $166,500

10 Atlantis Ave., Elgawly Maher and Elgawly Ereen to Fodor Jonathan and Fodor Alanna; 7/11/2012. $229,900

25 Crest Ave., Verge Allen to Fox Dolores and Fox Barry R.; 7/9/2012. $215,000

112 Liberty Ave., Didia Patricia Maryann to Phillips Christopher J.; 7/9/2012. $199,900

427 Morris Blvd., Hazel Demarchis Living Trust, Demarchis David, trustee, to McKenna Edward J. and McKenna Joanne B.; 7/10/2012. $305,000

127 Longwood Drive, Straffi Andrea, executrix for the estate of Destefano Josephine R., to Simm Thomas and Simm Linda; 7/10/2012. $135,000

116 Windward Drive, Wetzel Susan M. and Wetzel Lance A. to Dey David H. and Dey Dawn M.; 7/12/2012. $235,000


342 N. Fourth St., Tornabene Joseph A. and Tornabene Irma C. to Tornabene Joseph A.; 7/11/2012. $50,000

242 N. Fifth St., DeBenedict Maria, DeBenedict Jay, Reardon Kim and Reardon Daniel to Reardon Daniel and Reardon Kim; 7/12/2012. $250,000

312 N. Barnegat Ave., Olvesen Marianne R. and Sogluizzo Edward P. Jr. to Cartegna Beth M. and Roguski Thomas; 7/12/2012. $490,000


233 S. Green St., Buist Gayle B. to Slawson John and Buist Gayle B.; 7/10/2012. $42,896.13

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