Atlantic County


310 Coolidge Ave., Miller Daniel J and Miller Elizabeth Ann to Collins Jacquelyn N and Collins Jeffrey M; 4/17/2012. $150,000


37 S. Iowa Ave. Unit 2C, Independent Marketing Exhchange Inc. Liquidating Settlement and Trenk Richard D,-Tr to S&L Investments LLC; 4/9/2012. $55,000

201-B N. New York Ave., Burgess Margie S and Burgess Melvin G,/Heir to Harrison Charlie; 4/9/2012. $40,000

341 N. North Carolina Ave., Walston Alexander Sidney,-Jr to Adolphine Roline L; 4/10/2012. $113,250

2721 Boardwalk #920, Hinkle Emma Marie and Strillacci Virginia to Luterzo Celeste A and Luterzo Michael C; 4/12/2012. $136,500

101 S. Raleigh Ave. #919, Dranoff Barbara and Wasserman Edmund to Rosenfeld Helen and Rosenfeld Martin; 4/13/2012. $140,000

208 S. Vermont Ave., Hillgarden William,/Atty and Hillgardner William,/Atty to Nb Acquisition LLC; 4/13/2012. $170,625

16 Windjammer Court, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc. Trust 2007 HE3 to Scott Brian and Scott Ivy; 4/17/2012. $76,399

3101 Boardwalk No. 2103-2, Portner Marc T to Meyerowitz Judith; 4/17/2012. $135,000

2834 Atlantic Ave. Unit 1112, Macatee James B to Kovach Paul; 4/17/2012. $46,000

901 Keener Ave., C&W Property Group LLC and Johnson Craig R to REM Real Estate LLC; 4/19/2012. $30,000

717 Michigan Ave., Husaeen AK to Rahin Mohammed A; 4/20/2012. $37,500

137 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Eastwind Development Group LLC and Procida Mario to Atlantic City Housing Authority & Urban Redevelopment Agency; 4/20/2012. $200,000

135 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Eastwind Development Group LLC and Procida Mario to Atlantic City Housing Authority & Urban Redevelopment Agency; 4/20/2012. $200,000


212 W. Brigantine Ave. #309, Ruschell Benjamin A,/Atty and Ruschell Jenifer Anne,-Ind&Atty to Gaetano Gary and Gaetano Susan; 4/11/2012. $80,000

238 39th St. South, Catroppa Joseph to Delorenzo Robert J; 4/12/2012. $182,650

210 Sixth St. South, Wrede Catherine A and Wrede Paul W to Butler Posca Megan and Posca Anthony Joseph,-Jr; 4/12/2012. $325,000

2600 Ocean Ave., Lyons Wayne A to Grace Michaeli and Harkaway Karen S; 4/13/2012. $930,000

2604 Bayshore Ave., Leehan Patricia E to Hauptman Garret and Hauptman Jeri; 4/17/2012. $365,000

108 W. Beach Ave., Stuart J Horn Enterprises LLC to Tienibar Eric F and Tienibar Michelle E; 4/17/2012. $280,000

340 14th St., Levin Barbara and Maxwell Harry Cattell to Dijoseph Gerardo and Dijoseph Rose; 4/17/2012. $475,502

103 N. Shore Road, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Meritage Mortgage Loan Trust 2005 3 to Blood George and Blood Salvatrice; 4/18/2012. $113,199

329 15th St. South, First Broadway Properties LLC to Mendizabal Martha L; 4/19/2012. $800,000

151 Ninth St. South, Schempp Carol and Schempp Nancy S to Carney Kathleen F and Zangaro Joseph M; 4/19/2012. $254,500

4300 W. Brigantine Ave. A1, Hart George E and Hart Sally to Marchozzi Thomas; 4/19/2012. $165,000

41 Sailfish Drive, Alessio Vinay Ann,-Exrx and Benitto Sarah to Hoey Charles J; 4/19/2012. $310,000

320 21st St. South, Donohoe John and Donohoe Oflaherty Lorraine to Feshuk Claire M and Feshuk Peter J; 4/25/2012. $535,000

22 Surfside Road, Grasso Monica and Grasso Robert to Pickell Carol A and Williams Annette F; 4/25/2012. $434,500

14 Travers Place, Blakeman Lorraine to Farmer Donna Lynn and Farmer Thomas Allen; 4/25/2012. $290,000


207 E. Flower St., Lakeside Assets LLC and Zikowski Robert to Mercado Gloria I and Mercado Jesse J; 4/17/2012. $215,000


139 Route 50, Hill Key to Sternberg Victor; 4/25/2012. $94,000


1515 Grant St., Caporilli & Co LLC and Steedle Roger C,-Rcvr to Casaba Real Estate Holding Corp; 4/5/2012. $624,924

509 Fifth Terrace, Kelley Justin M and Kelley Megan to Madison Brian J; 4/19/2012. $98,000


16 Hartford Drive, Feinberg Jack and Feinberg Judith to Roesch Dianna L and Roesch Douglas J; 4/9/2012. $359,500

8 Oakview Drive, Schloss Samantha and Schloss Wayne III to Chabotar Glen and Elko Samantha\; 4/10/2012. $255,400

21 Covered Bridge Court, Paparone Homes Of Nj Inc to Concepcion Francisco; 4/11/2012. $187,000

8 Bayside Road, Molto Pizza LLC and Sultan Sara to Riaz Mariam; 4/11/2012. $95,000

135 Leo Ave., Campbell Robert and Costanzo Sandra to McNally Clinton H and McNally Margherita; 4/12/2012. $169,900

455 London Court II, Gustein Allan to Sleight Gilllian; 4/12/2012. $63,300

4 Tamaron Drive, Lang Wendi to Keller Brianne; 4/12/2012. $240,000

103 Bonita Drive, Heil Ralph and Heil Vivian to Rodjinske Kimberlee; 4/12/2012. $215,000

7033 Black Horse Pike, Federal National Mtg Assn and Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg Pc to Rahim Mohammed A; 4/13/2012. $150,000

94 Marshall Drive, Aponte Edilberto and Aponte Juana to Scattone Keith and Weber Joann N; 4/13/2012. $330,000

113 Burk Ave., Harris Barry E and Harris Natalie A to Villari Natalie; 4/16/2012. $25,000

302 Island Lane, Welence Craig and Welence Sarah to Biscieglia Andrew J and Biscieglia Melinda Corinne; 4/16/2012. $300,000

23 Gallant Fox Lane, Lepre Loretta M and Lepre Thomas W to Kukorlo Beth L and Kukorlo Matthew J; 4/17/2012. $279,000

116 Bridle Drive, Doppelt Jeremy and M&D TSC LLC to Perry Lina and Smith Daren A; 4/17/2012. $277,000

303 Longport Blvd. B-05, Dyer John G to Theno Sheri; 4/18/2012. $50,000

78B Oxford Village, Donnelly William L to Perez Mary Carol; 4/18/2012. $75,000

216 Salem St., Nguyen Janet C to Griffin Gloria V; 4/18/2012. $205,000

108 Morris Ave., Brunson Saundra C and Brunson William to Griffin Gaitri D and Griffin Robert W; 4/19/2012. $55,000

3055 Spruce Ave., Cook Frederick C and Cook Gladys to GDL Creative Design LLC; 4/19/2012. $119,000

246 Heathercroft , Blackman Scott R to Le Lien Thi; 4/20/2012. $73,000

547 Chatham Way, Christoffer Richard H to Jacobsen Carol L; 4/20/2012. $180,000

2 Holden Court, Canuso John B Jr and Tradition Homes At IW LLC to Romanik Brian Steven and Romanik Kimberly Mae; 4/23/2012. $250,000

5 Malaron Circle, Milone Louis A Jr and Milone Sandra E to Striffolino Alycia; 4/23/2012. $169,900

506 Glenn Ave., Elko Brian and Elko Samantha to Gerace Salvatore; 4/23/2012. $265,000

129 Crystal Lake Drive, Laspada James to Frabbiele Anthony M and Thomas Tara; 4/23/2012. $315,000

17 Patcong Drive, Lazzara Joann and Lazzara John A to Sykes Christine M; 4/24/2012. $155,000


110 Eighth Ave., Duca Robert M to Braccia Jessica and Braccia Nicholas; 4/23/2012. $249,900


491 Country Club, Stone Financing LLC to Tagye Kathryn L; 4/12/2012. $240,000

555 County Blvd., Baker Sherry P to Montano Gerald and Montano Silvia I; 4/12/2012. $199,900

310 A Spruce Ave., Ayers Patricia and Feldbauer Patricia to Burkhart Albert D and Rock Roberta; 4/13/2012. $190,000

662 E. Chancery Lane, Corbin K Susan and Corbin Larry C to Desimone Alan and Desimone Gloria; 4/13/2012. $146,500

543 Constitution Court, Larsen Corey A and Larsen Jessica to Declementi Dana A and Declementi Robert,-Jr; 4/13/2012. $193,000

247 Liebig St., Roman Danielle and Voss Danielle to Dammann Barbara; 4/13/2012. $175,000

56 Greenwich Drive, BT Partners Inc to Guo Ping Ping; 4/16/2012. $95,000

542 Berlin Ave., Gabriel William H 3rd and Mauroff Frank W Jr to Daum Connor; 4/18/2012. $157,000

702 Eagle Point Court, DiCarlo Maria to Peji Corazon F; 4/18/2012. $181,900

441 Ridgewood Ave., Sterling James S and Sterling Patricia to Voss Danielle and Voss Patrick; 4/19/2012. $264,900

154 Sussex Place, Watkins Larry to Imperiale Gina; 4/19/2012. $73,000

5 Manchester St., Fannie Mae to Olivo James and Robinson Linda; 4/23/2012. $212,500

633 Country Club Drive, Palmisano Salvatore to Henderson Joyce R and Henderson Paul L; 4/23/2012. $340,000

514 Robin Lane, Lunde Ginelle Diana and Lunde Olave Ale Stobbe to Clark Patrick J and Coyle Aileen M; 4/23/2012. $150,000

248 S. Odessa Ave., Anzardo Alberto and Morales Melba to Wood Barbara A and Wood Jesse T; 4/24/2012. $138,000

209 Limerick St., Ruth Eileen A and Ruth George W to Silbert Arlene L; 4/24/2012. $236,000

19 Greenwich Drive, Melton Juan and Riddick Sturdivant Toknwa L to Mohammed Mohammed Y; 4/24/2012. $60,000

325 S Spruce Ave., Lewis Frances A and Squadroni Emelio to Atlantic Cape Bldrs LLC; 4/25/2012. $97,500

703 Osprey Court, Fannie Mae to Odonnell Dana; 4/25/2012. $162,900

202 Providence Court, Meyer Patricia to Capone Kristina M; 4/25/2012. $240,000


28 Springton Circle, Desimone Gabriel F and Desimone Maria J to Buck James C; 4/10/2012. $226,000

36 Renaissance Drive, Ryan Homes to Moreno Michael J and Tran Ann C; 4/10/2012. $243,970

17 Renaissance Drive, Ryan Homes to Costantini Joseph and Costantini Tara N; 4/10/2012. $259,060

4701 Arrowood Place, Collins Joanna and Collins Ross to Corbo Nicolle G; 4/12/2012. $156,000

6303 Philips Ave., Dase Steven G,-Exr and Monteleone Jennie D,/Exr to Turner Jerry A; 4/12/2012. $83,500

26 Renaissance Drive, Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Rhodes Nathanael J and Tang Emma R; 4/13/2012. $244,990

127 Woodmere Ave., Lennar and Us Home Corp to Potter Cheryl; 4/13/2012. $279,950

6303 Quinn Ave., McCauley Brian to Callahan Michael J; 4/16/2012. $78,000

4831 Hawthorne Lane, Brito David A and Rosario Sheila O to Castro Nancy and Rosario Sheila O; 4/16/2012. $148,723

43 N White Horse Pike, Alan Litt Exchange Hammonton LLC and Litt Alan to Atlantic Heath Land Holding LLC; 4/16/2012. $100

4598 Paddock St., Sutley Judith and Sutley Ralph to Latorre Michael and Latorre Natalie; 4/17/2012. $357,000

1706 Candlewood Drive, Haberman Kenneth R and Haberman Rosalba to Giordano Gorgianne and Giordano Michael; 4/18/2012. $141,002

4774 Mays Landing Somers Point Road, Degennaro Marta K to Corson David A; 4/18/2012. $179,000

2708 Mimosa Court, Fannie Mae to Skrabets Vitali; 4/18/2012. $22,500


743 13th St., Domenico Christine to Galletta Beatrice; 4/11/2012. $90,000

250 Middle Road, Vegas Anthony and Vegas Paula to Vegas Julian; 4/12/2012. $50,000

841 Oakwood Drive, Pajic Michael Joseph,-3Rd and Pajic Toni to Salvati Lori; 4/18/2012. $240,000


505 Wilson Ave., Yost Celeste L and Yost Celeste M to Kolaksazova Teodora; 4/10/2012. $246,000

2037 West Ave. Rear, Mulholland Anna E and Mulholland Clare M to Marshall Daniel; 4/16/2012. $92,500

822 Maple Ave., Tipaldo Anthony to Lombardo Leah and Lombardo Paul; 4/18/2012. $335,000

8 Seagarden Drive, Schumacher Gary E and Schumacker Mary Jane to Mozitis Christopher and Mozitis Joanne; 4/18/2012. $432,000

9 Hamilton Ave., Mozitis Christopher and Mozitis Joanne to McBride David and McBride Lauren; 4/20/2012. $377,300

12 Elm Ave., Daniels Deborah A,-Exrx and Klein Irene,/Exrx to Mmp Associates LLC; 4/20/2012. $139,900

627 W Revere Ave., Adams Daniel J and Adams Mary Ann Elizabeth to Ashmore Brent; 4/25/2012. $176,000


24 N. Evergreen Ave., Ianoale Peggy Anne and Ianoale Ronald J to Muchnick Louis and Muchnick Lynn; 4/10/2012. $550,000


215 N. Clermont Ave., Dulude Michael S and Dulude Samantha to Anthony Russo; 4/13/2012. $272,500

25 N. Washington Ave. Unit 1, Polis Andrew and Polis Deborah to Garber Joel and Garber Justin; 4/13/2012. $460,000

8207 Amhurst Ave. & Edgemar Cirle, Fabi Junio P,/Tr and Fabi Szapor Nancy,-Tr to Jennings Joseph T and Tocco Sharon; 4/13/2012. $350,000

703 N. Jerome Ave., Tocco Sharon to Dicicco Dominic Charles and Dicicco Philomena Marion; 4/13/2012. $710,000

319 N. Union Ave., Nickey Edwin S III and Nickey Kimberly S to Dulude Michael S and Dulude Samantha; 4/13/2012. $275,000

6 Baycrest Drive, Dalaba Angela R Festa and Dalaba Robert Scott to Lockwood Joyce A and Lockwood Robert J; 4/16/2012. $642,500

224 N. Vendome Ave., Cavanaugh Kristi and Cavanaugh Nicholas J 3rd to Sorrentino Joseph R and Sorrentino Tracy L; 4/16/2012. $362,500

7903 Atlantic Ave., Esta Lee Lesser Revocable Trust Agreement and Lee Lesser Esta to Callaghan Matthew D; 4/17/2012. $330,000

7 S. Kenyon Ave., Antons Restaurant Inc to Kavky Development LLC; 4/17/2012. $500,000

119 N. Kenyon Ave., Kunik John P and Kunik Kelly to Beachwood Real Estate Holdings LLC; 4/17/2012. $610,000

214 N. Lancaster Ave., Kiejdan Robert to Bernstein Michael Roy and Dishler Elyse Lyn; 4/17/2012. $750,000

29 Seaside Court, Laverde Franklin J to Sorensen Brett C and Sorensen Jill K; 4/19/2012. $560,000

2 N Harding Ave., Berman Allan S and Berman Patty to Miller Michael and Mutchnick Stephanie; 4/19/2012. $525,000

15 S Union Ave., Applegate Henry M and Applegate Karen to Davco Construction Inc; 4/19/2012. $1,100,000

110 N. Delavan Ave., Kavky Development LLC and Kavky Michael to Sarowitz Lawrence and Sarowitz Wendy; 4/20/2012. $588,000

9619 Atlantic Ave., Kessler Madeleine and Kessler Steven J to Seltzer Andrea; 4/23/2012. $550,000

9600 Atlantic Ave. No. 1715, Greco Joseph Jr and Greco Rita to Keystone Star Management Inc; 4/24/2012. $575,000

9600 Atlantic Ave. No. 1703, Newman Glenn S to Feldhendler Lois F and Kaiser Aaron S; 4/25/2012. $636,500

21 S. Cedar Grove Ave., Carney Teresa M and Carney Thomas P to Spring Hollow N 1 LLC; 4/25/2012. $812,000


2330 Elwood Road, Bradley Leslie and Quattrone Linda to Janiszewski William C; 4/3/2012. $134,000

230 22nd Ave., Cowan Dennis and Cowan Kathleen to Laspada James T; 4/18/2012. $270,000

1346 White Oak Circle, Cueto Iris and Cueto Orlando to Schlue Gary M and Schlue Theresa M; 4/23/2012. $95,000

2809 Schooner Lane, Hartman Carol A and Rann Michael R to Wimberg Donna; 4/25/2012. $449,000

2027 Airport Road, Peters Gary A and Peters Sandra T to Robinson James P and Robinson Julia; 4/25/2012. $181,500


1210 Columbia Ave., Weingart Rebecca to X2 Renovations LLC; 4/12/2012. $27,000

7 E. Floral Ave., Seyler Richard,-Jr to Bettencourt Joseph S and Bettencourt Natasha L; 4/12/2012. $125,000

342 Oakland Ave., Griffith Harold L Sr to Schneidt Jeffrey and Schneidt Jeffrey L; 4/16/2012. $58,000

222 Guard Place, Bankers Trust Co. of California NA and Deutche Bank to Grant Dennis G; 4/17/2012. $24,707

222 Guard Place, Grant Dennis O to Home Works LLC; 4/17/2012. $37,000

201 Tremont Ave., Deras Baltazar and Mendoza Luis to Rodriguez Daniel A; 4/23/2012. $68,000

402 Sassafras Run, Adase Frank M Jr and Ma Huy D to Rodriguez Rodriguez Ana R; 4/23/2012. $36,000

508 Sunset Court, Griffin Gloria V to Benton Nakita; 4/24/2012. $98,000

803 W. Adams Ave., Bank of America NA and Lasalle Bank NA to Donahue Kimberly; 4/25/2012. $55,000


340 Shore Road, Filipczak Albina and Filipczak Henry to Degrassi Carol L; 4/17/2012. $140,000

536A Sunrise Ave., Meade M Christopher to Collins William F; 4/18/2012. $105,000

157 Jordan Road, Bruno Karen to Pollack Robert; 4/19/2012. $180,000

3 Stanford Road, Rice David L and Rice Shirley A to Lapierre Leroy R; 4/20/2012. $175,000

819 W. Connecticut Ave., Neise Erich W and Reiszer Laura to Payne Frank D and Payne Terri A; 4/24/2012. $85,000

1505 Harbor Cove South, Fraser Kathleen M and Fraser Kerry H to Lubrecht Dianna P and Lubrecht William D 4th; 4/25/2012. $310,000

6 Bucknell Road, Scott Jenna and Scott Kyle to Gardner Jeffrey and Gardner Jessica; 4/25/2012. $175,000


114 S. Vassar Square, Konrad Loretta and Konrad William to Abbonizio Nicholas and Abbonizio Stephanie; 4/10/2012. $745,000

6801 Monmouth Ave., Herst Arnold and Herst Ricky to Corda Peter D; 4/10/2012. $550,000

4800 Boardwalk Unit 506, Eisen Richard F,-Exr and Eisen Ruth C,/Heir to Meyer Patricia; 4/11/2012. $190,000

111 S. Buffalo Ave. Unit 505, Baumgartner Elizabeth A and Baumgartner Nolan D to Dion Micki G and Dion Samuel A; 4/13/2012. $225,000

6101 Monmouth Ave. No. 902, English Patricia and English Robert to Fanelle Edward J; 4/17/2012. $150,000

5401 Ventnor Ave., Walk Leonard to Daniels Lynn and Daniels Thomas; 4/19/2012. $400,000

107 N. Dorset Ave., Rashi Inc to Kreie Richard; 4/20/2012. $400,000

236 N. Derby Ave., Su Kwok Hing and Su Tung Ling to Provenzano Vincenza; 4/23/2012. $126,500

5903 Marshall Ave., Guerra Mario R Sr to Bancheri Joseph; 4/23/2012. $180,000

101 S. Marion Ave., Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Klinman Dennis and Klinman Susan F Leitman; 4/24/2012. $475,000

601 N Harvard Ave., Mezzaroba Michael and Mezzaroba Rita to Larosa Angel and Larosa Carmen; 4/25/2012. $150,000

Cape May County


44 Ravenwood East Drive, William Stearne to Dawn Marazzi; 4/15/2012. $183,200

205 S. Ravenwood Drive, Paul Neeld to Samantha Davison; 4/20/2012. $230,000


145 W. Miami Ave., John Haley and Lois Morrison to Megan Strickland and Robert Strickland; 4/9/2012. $132,000

9901 Seapointe Blvd. Unit 206, Jessie Reda and Samuel Reda to Mill Wright LLC; 4/10/2012. $225,000

1640 Star Ave., Donald Wertz to Commercial Services Inc; 4/18/2012. $100,000

610 Wilson Ave., Joseph Trego and Philip Trego to Crandall Clark and Elizabeth Clark; 4/19/2012. $175,000

220 Amhurst Ave., Crandall Clark and Elizabeth Clark to Gina Laky and William Laky; 4/19/2012. $215,000

906 Weeks Landing Road, Diana Bjork and Diana Rietheimer to Blair Hansen and Jasen Hansen; 4/20/2012. $132,000

14 Englewood Road, Francis O'Neill and John McGovern to Elizabeth Conturo and John Conturo; 4/20/2012. $262,000

303 W. Ocean Ave., Cheryl Bretherick to Michael McNulty and Paula Ng; 4/20/2012. $342,500

200 W. Saint Johns Ave., Beverly Cena and Thomas Cena to Cape Properties LLC; 4/20/2012. $320,000

155 E. Pacific Ave., Fred Voorhees and Patricia Voorhees to Doris Caracci and Edward Caracci; 4/20/2012. $53,000


19 Woodview Lane, 1261 Associates LLC to Carol Forrette and Thomas Cannon; 4/13/2012. $90,000

10 Brooks Ave., Sisters of The Holy Redeemer to Anthony Arico and Marlene Arico; 4/19/2012. $120,000

12 Jerome Drive, Brooke Pace and David Pace to Ingrid Pasciucco and Joseph Pasciucco; 4/20/2012. $347,000


401 E. 13th Ave. Unit 101, Linda Ottinger and Mark Ottinger to Kevin Svonavec; 4/13/2012. $210,000

442 E. 21st Ave. Unit 207, Leslie Jones to Brian Cahill and Susan Sparks-Cahill; 4/16/2012. $159,000

427 W. Pine Ave., Dorothy Getty and Robert Lampman to J Penny and Maureen Penny; 4/17/2012. $180,000

112 W. 25th Ave., Florence Dalesio to Mary Difebbo; 4/17/2012. $181,000

208 E. 25th Ave., Scott Lutte to Colleen Heuer; 4/17/2012. $182,500

1800 Surf Ave. Unit B, John Mendel and Mary Lopez to Robert Palumbo and Roni Palumbo; 4/20/2012. $329,000

403 E. 22nd Ave. Unit G, Alfred Weiss and Virginia Weiss to Equity Trust Co and Kathryn Harper Stark Ira; 4/20/2012. $330,000

1202 Ocean Ave. Unit 201, John Salvatore and Marirose Salvatore to Brian Juleskusky and Debra Wallace; 4/23/2012. $305,000


3312 Simpson Ave., Gloria Scarano and Joseph Scarano to Frances Woolery; 4/6/2012. $75,000

38 Sunset Place, Alan Zuino to Matthew Zuino and Nicole Zuino; 4/6/2012. $200,000

439 West Ave., Margarita Belotserkovskaia to LLC Ocean City Builders/Developers; 4/10/2012. $210,000

352 Simpson Ave., Patrick Grant and Stephanie Grant to Linda Moore and Peter Moore; 4/12/2012. $164,000

3505 Bay Ave. Unit 3505, Joan McGuckin to Joanna Carter and Joel Carter; 4/16/2012. $168,000

332 W. 17th St., Joanne Jones and Judith Echols to Kelly Halliday and Patrick Halliday; 4/16/2012. $265,000

1436-38 West Ave. Unit A, Judith Bonner to Alan Baseman and Bonnie Baseman; 4/20/2012. $350,000


1530 S. Shore Road, Elizabeth Amadio and Gerald Farley to Elizabeth Vassar and Michael Mitchell; 4/13/2012. $245,000


420 W. Hand Ave. Unit 103, Debra Lipski and Raymond Lipski to Antonio Goncalves and Rosa Goncalves; 4/13/2012. $242,500

235 W. Juniper Ave., Edward Jacobus and Joseph Breslin to Joyce Davis and Lawrence Davis; 4/13/2012. $192,400

225 E. Davis Ave. Unit G, Sandra Kennedy and William Kennedy to John Birowski and Linda Birowski; 4/13/2012. $185,000

224 E. Garfield Ave. Unit A, Brian Waninger and Gerri Waninger to Beena Kannampully and Stanley Kannampully; 4/16/2012. $206,000

610 W. Burke Ave., Gregory Orlando to John Turzanski and Patricia Turzanski; 4/17/2012. $109,900

4304 Susquehanna Ave. Unit A4, Donald Smale and James Konnick to Joseph Garzone and Leigh Garzone; 4/17/2012. $225,000

5105 Park Blvd., Dmitry Kaptsov to Malkit Gill; 4/19/2012. $220,000

119 W. Wildwood Ave., John Marker and Susan Marker to Beth Kulb and Joseph Kulb; 4/20/2012. $190,000

119 E. Maple Ave. Unit 202, Wheatley Ocean Properties LLC to Donna Rooney and Robert Rooney; 4/20/2012. $217,000

320 E. Wildwood Ave., Doreen Cardillo to David Marconi and Natalie Marconi; 4/20/2012. $64,000


117 E. Miami Ave., Kenneth Thomas and Sara Thomas to Mary Bauman; 4/12/2012. $322,100

114 E. Buttercup Road, Adal LLC to Anna G Mucchetti Trust and Mucchetti Anna G Trust; 4/17/2012. $151,000

309 E. Buttercup Road Unit D, Keith Phillips and Lorraine Phillips to Gerald Roswal and Maryann Roswal; 4/20/2012. $274,900

Cumberland County


17 Price St., Bridgeton City Of to Rivera, Serafin; 4/11/2012. $3,000

S. East Avenue, Bridgeton City Of to Rosa, Saul; 4/11/2012. $100

43 Monroe St., Butler, John J Ind Exec to Arellano, Jose A; 4/11/2012. $90,000

603 N. Pearl St., Piccioni, Frank Jr to Damivlu LLC,; 4/17/2012. $250,000

346 S. East Ave., Steward, Brenda to Griffith, Todd; 4/18/2012. $62,000

32 E. Commerce St., Wiljoy Corp, to Oliveras, Luis; 4/19/2012. $65,000

14 Thompson Ave., Marks, John V to Hubbard, Steven S; 4/20/2012. $70,000

101 East Ave., Canino, Anthony P Jr to Phillips, Clarence A; 4/25/2012. $114,900


1465 Spring Garden, Lubeck, Jennie A to Watson, Robert S; 4/4/2012. $15,000

412 Jute Road, Mellace, Augustus V to Saxton, Brian; 4/25/2012. $6,000


701 Kenyon Ave., Richardson, Steven J Esq to Ajb Residential Realty, Enterprises Inc; 4/9/2012. $1,650,000

818 Landis Ave., Tomlin, Elizabeth M Stringer to Nazario, Jose; 4/17/2012. $75,000


Turkey Point Road, Downe Township to Levenknight, Harry; 4/16/2012. $12,635


38 Beach Ave., Thompson-Albert, Rebecca C to New Jersey State Of Dept Of Env Prot; 4/13/2012. $172,000


951 Ramah Road, Ortiz, Luz C Est By Adm to Diguiseppi, Thomas; 4/4/2012. $46,000

3002 Surrey Ave., Williams, Brandon to Miletta, Eugene David Jr; 4/23/2012. $140,000


115 Leesburg Belleplain, Pollum, Michael D to Creamer, Michael W; 4/11/2012. $75,000

30 Quail St., Camp, Frank Jr to Green, Stephen; 4/18/2012. $40,000

4138 Route 47, Dietrich, Edward C to Dietrich Ed Construction LLC,; 4/20/2012. $35,000


12 Tomasello Drive, Colonial Bank to Parker, Cheryl; 4/10/2012. $215,000

223 S. Fourth St., Millville Savings & Loan Assoc to Harvey, Edward T; 4/11/2012. $5,000

319 E. Broad St., Barnes, Jeffrey P to Ragsdale, Kevin; 4/11/2012. $40,000

4 S. Pearl St., Charlesworth, Robert to Eckenrode, Robert K Jr; 4/11/2012. $142,000

235 Geissinger Ave., Haley, Reita K Est By Exec to Keen, Jillian R; 4/11/2012. $133,000

907 Sassafras St., Federal National Mortgage Assoc By Atty to Lopez, Julio C; 4/11/2012. $56,000

322 D St., Affordable Homes of Millville, Ecumenical Inc to Velez, Priscilla; 4/18/2012. $97,000

304 N. 11th St., Lippincott, Sumner B to Morales, Yadira; 4/20/2012. $139,000

410 Washington Ave., Riley, John W By Atty to Rumick, David A; 4/23/2012. $72,900

46 University Road, Martin, Phillip W to Craig, Candace J; 4/23/2012. $122,500

1025 N. High St., Cain Machine Inc, to K&L Property Management LLC,; 4/24/2012. $400,000

10 Cornwall Ave., Thompson, Michael W to Dapp, Danielle; 4/24/2012. $139,000


1401 Second Ave., Cumberland County Sheriff to Hsbc Bank Usa Trust; 4/9/2012. $100

60 W. Sunset Pine Drive, Deleon, B Michael to Battavio, James G; 4/10/2012. $250,000

11 Pindale Drive, Barber, Hazel By Atty to Behrens, Vincent; 4/11/2012. $150,000


1585 Linden Blvd., Epstein, Dora J to Lekkas, Vasilios; 4/10/2012. $172,750

565 Fava Drive, Perez, Harry J to Centeno, Elaine; 4/11/2012. $151,500

3595 N. East Blvd., Lakeside Assets LLC to Torres, Raymond; 4/11/2012. $205,000

532 Wayne Ave., Milone, Frank A to Spatola, Anna; 4/11/2012. $150,000

519 N. East Ave., Henley, Marymae Seward Exec to Rpj Properties LLC; 4/11/2012. $75,000

300 S. Third St., Torres, Dianilda to Zavala-Parra, Everardo; 4/11/2012. $80,000

1135 Almond Road, Melendez, Nestor By Atty to Nieves, Cosmita; 4/11/2012. $160,000

3049 Cedarbrook Court, Torres, Raymond to Perez, Roberto V; 4/11/2012. $192,500

1028 E. Park Ave., Walker, Josephine J to Garcia, Eladio; 4/11/2012. $150,000

426 N. Orchard Road, Pulman, Darrin to Coia, Daniel; 4/11/2012. $130,000

1020 Washington Ave., Ruggieri, Angelica Aka to Kanos Holdings LLC; 4/11/2012. $172,000

1535 Bear Branch Court, Zyska, Eduardo to Ottinger, Chester; 4/17/2012. $85,000

865 S. Mill Road, Schwartz, David to Eisen, Julia; 4/17/2012. $90,000

60 S. State St., South Jersey Hospital Inc to State Street Realty Developers, LLC; 4/18/2012. $49,900

1949 N Main Road, Yacovelli, Louis to Scarpa, Joyce A; 4/24/2012. $70,000

Ocean County


1405 Central Ave., Amber Catherine G and Amber Catherine G Revocable Trust to Amber Jay R; 4/24/2012. $150,000


49 Lexington Blvd., Martin Erin L and Olsen Erin L to Mercury Asset Management LLC; 4/11/2012. $51,000

105 Rockrimmon Blvd., Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Pidgeon Dustin M; 4/11/2012. $329,990

3 Castle Lake Court, Trueax Bruce D and Trueax Dorothy C to Graham Joanne and Graham Robert; 4/12/2012. $216,000

114 Nautilus Drive, Sanchez Lucky I and Sanchez Lynna A to Walters Development Co LLC; 4/13/2012. $15,000

34 Norwalk Lane, Heritage Point Inc and Heritage Point LP to Golas Gail E and Golas Robert J; 4/13/2012. $391,090

119 First St., Kiley Lisa and Kiley Michael J to Fernando Kakulawalage U and Gunawardana Ravi C; 4/16/2012. $310,000

32 Highland Drive, Epifanio C E and Epifanio Charles to Cittadino Edward and Cittadino Marie M; 4/16/2012. $89,000

23 Sextant Drive, Sylvia Lynne M and Sylvia Manuel to Wong Doug H and Wong Shao W; 4/17/2012. $60,000

635 E. Bay Ave., Beare Lloyd A Jr and Beare Shirley R to Parker Denise and Parker Jon; 4/17/2012. $150,000

133 Sandpiper Road, King Teresa D and Weeks Geraldine to Gallini George and Gallini Paula; 4/19/2012. $220,000

2 Fullrigger Ave., Walters Development Co LLC to Davoli Anthony and Davoli Marylou; 4/23/2012. $380,246

8 Weymouth Court, McGowan Denise and McGowan George F to Pratt Frederic W and Pratt Jana L; 4/23/2012. $255,000

15 Ivy Court, Apuzzi Joseph J and McGarrel Richard M to Talluto Mary; 4/24/2012. $133,000

7 Chance Drive, O'Sullivan Kevin P to Walters Development Co LLC; 4/24/2012. $35,000

102 Highland Drive, Penque Catherine and Penque Christopher to Rogers Donna and Rogers Ted; 4/25/2012. $218,996

111 Wake Road, Stratton Paul R and Stratton Renee A to Whitcraft Cynthia D and Whitcraft Paul K; 4/25/2012. $279,900


301 Norwood Ave., Maschal Charles E Jr and Maschal Pamela B to Ladenheim Jean D and Ladenheim Steven E; 4/13/2012. $740,000

421 Amber St., Drinane Janice and Drinane Janice H Trust to Mackenzie Danielle and Mackenzie Glenn; 4/13/2012. $510,000

127 Ninth St., McCray Michael W and McCray Shirley J to Benigno John and Benigno Lisa; 4/13/2012. $550,000

224 Iroquois Ave., Alu David and Keller Thomas J to Quartararo Marilyn Smith and Quartararo Raymond; 4/18/2012. $1,150,000

224 Fifth St., Mika Ronald J to Buzzelli Pasquale and Languilli Richard; 4/20/2012. $460,000


232 Forge Road, Rubel Thomas to Finelli Andrew; 4/23/2012. $50,000


7 E. Burlington Ave., Snyder Cynthia R and Snyder Kenneth M to Krenn Eileen and Krenn Thomas; 4/12/2012. $805,000

3 E. 84th St., Tarczynski Patricia and Tarczynski Richard to 18-86th Street LLC; 4/17/2012. $662,500


73 Arborridge Drive, Toll Land Corp N 10 and Toll Land Xi Limited Partnership to Williams Frank D Jr and Williams Linda J; 4/9/2012. $355,455

5 Bayberry Drive, Aurora Loan Services LLC and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; 4/9/2012. $100

1107 Egret Court, Blazowski Kathleen M and Blazowski Kathleen M Trust to Fizzarotti Louis; 4/10/2012. $622,000

1 Tom Gray Court, Cerino Kristin and McGauley Brian to Buczynski Mary Elaine; 4/12/2012. $285,000

325 Normandie Drive, Dicken Paul G Sr to Tice Laura M; 4/16/2012. $185,000

805 Hazelton Ave., Clark Thomas E Sr and Csitkovits Robert to Cole Richard and Cole Susan B; 4/19/2012. $163,000

1307 Lakeside Drive South, JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp and Marix Servicing LLC to Barton John; 4/19/2012. $110,000

1805 Allwood Place, Coram Frank J and Coram Rose M to Barbarotto Tara S; 4/23/2012. $180,000

11 Bridge Creek Lane, Lepley Scott Cameron and Lepley Sue Ann to Zucca Louise E; 4/23/2012. $700,000

4 Bayberry Drive, Haddon Cara L and Haddon William to Segal Joyce Rod and Segal Stanley R; 4/23/2012. $226,000

1230 Lakeside Drive South, Lattanzi Robert to Siddons Richard L Jr; 4/23/2012. $196,000

826 Hazelton Ave., Araneo Frances and Araneo Michael A to Araneo Michael A; 4/25/2012. $34,797

Block 1610, Lots 1, 2, 35, 36, 39-48 vacant land, Pingpank August William and Pingpank William to Bonsangue Charles J and Bonsangue Charles Revocable Trust; 4/25/2012. $140,000

3 Norwick Court, Ferraro John P and Ferraro Mary to Heck Bruce and Heck Sharon; 4/25/2012. $145,139

Conifer Drive, Block 352, Lots 35, 36, 37, 38.01, vacant land, Willmott Fred William and Willmott Karen C to Luz Richard J Sr; 4/25/2012. $83,000


114 N. Spinnaker Drive, Baton Leon and Baton Louis to Tomie James R; 4/12/2012. $90,000

220 Yorktowne Drive, Teague Caroline C and Teague Ronald T to Jobes Herman W and Jobes Patricia A; 4/12/2012. $79,000

93 Cedarbrook Lane, Tataje Carlos W and Tataje Gilma to Brooks Christina M and Sotak Daniel J; 4/12/2012. $140,000

129 Old Ice House Road, Godfrey Kimberly R Dawson and Horneff Nancy R to Dawson Cynthia and Dawson Jeffrey; 4/13/2012. $250,000

264 Great Bay Blvd., Aurora Loan Services LLC and Green River Capital LLC to Ruddy Tom; 4/16/2012. $40,000

3 Beach Drive, Dabkowski Gregory and Inchina Nataliya to Yurkevicz Deborah; 4/18/2012. $200,000

114 E. Potomac Drive, Filiciello Lynn and Filiciello William to Daddio Mark J and Daddio Rebecca; 4/20/2012. $190,000

63 Vincent Court, Eck'art Arthur and Eck'art Jaye to Frasca Gina M; 4/20/2012. $140,000

10 Hunter Drive, Baiada Alonzo F and Baiada Lawrence F to Zonsa Thora; 4/20/2012. $162,000

205 Twin Lakes Blvd., Bonfonti Cheryl A and Bonfonti Thomas J to Downs Anthony; 4/25/2012. $60,347


107 E. 26th St., Barlow Frederick J and Barlow Jean W to Hoffman Jeff and Hoffman Judy; 4/11/2012. $625,000

13516 Beach Ave., Karl John and Karl Virginia H to Shore Prospects LLC; 4/11/2012. $570,000

20 E. 25th St., Rietbergen Donna H and Rietbergen Hans M to Obermann Daniel J and Obermann Eileen E; 4/11/2012. $760,000

125 E. 30th St., Antico Christine A and Antico Glenn J to Edwards Henry Boyd III; 4/11/2012. $775,000

120 Yarmouth Road, Lippincott Linda R and Lippincott Robert III to Demato Donald and Demato Jeanne; 4/12/2012. $1,380,000

5 W. South 33rd St., Craig Gary Irrevocable Trust and Craig Wayne to Graig Alexander T; 4/12/2012. $63,263

105 Roxie Ave., Kathleen D Seergy Twenty Year Personal Residence Trust and Michael J Seergy Twenty Year Personal Residence Trust to Hartman James C and Hartman Judith F; 4/17/2012. $999,000

125 Laguna Lane, Faber Stephen and Haladun Joann to Wieboldt Gregory A and Wieboldt Rosemarie; 4/17/2012. $915,000

15 E. Lillie Ave., Licato Dolores to Jakubowski John and Marchitto-Jakubowski Adrienne; 4/18/2012. $700,000

1078-C Long Beach Blvd., Mastro Patricia and Mastro Ronald to Casey Catherine M; 4/20/2012. $802,500

9201 Long Beach Blvd., Brown Joyce A and Brown Terrence T to Cassino Nicholas and Cassino Sharon; 4/25/2012. $485,000


2 Fairhaven Way, Lennar and US Home Corp. to Schaffert Gelsomina M and Schaffert Kevin M; 4/12/2012. $318,950

16 Seabright Way, Lennar and US Home Corp. to Gilanyi-Lipman Anita and Lipman Edward V Jr; 4/12/2012. $395,850

25 Bayview Drive, Azzalina Gene and Kummer Blair to Marucci Marie; 4/17/2012. $260,000

30 Compass Road, McFadden Andrew and McFadden Joan to Silvestri Richard; 4/18/2012. $168,900

109 Englewood Ave., Conrad Jennifer and Gillikin Jennifer to Rutz Margot and Rutz Reinhard; 4/19/2012. $350,000

56 Bay Parkway, Beulah Jones Living Trust and Jones Beulah to Barsch Theresa and Barsch Wolfgang; 4/20/2012. $120,000

30 Compass Road, Silvestri Maryann and Silvestri Richard to Souder Evelyn and Souder John R; 4/23/2012. $279,000

180 Royal Oaks Drive, Fiore Antoinette and Montalbano Angela to Mickelsen Wendy; 4/23/2012. $210,000

19 Sea Bright Way, Lennar and Us Home Corporation to Myers Margaret K and Myers William P; 4/23/2012. $370,000


123 E. Seventh St., Keubler David J and Keubler Jacqueline M to Moule Partners LLC; 4/11/2012. $602,200

276 W. 16th St., Dobson Linda to Gale Anne; 4/17/2012. $280,000

125-129 E. 31st St., Meola Peggy Ann to Chakonis Lillian and Chakonis Michael; 4/18/2012. $700,000

2418 Central Ave., Maack John A and Maack Susan S to Heiser Christopher J and Heiser Patricia B; 4/20/2012. $660,000

130 E. 26th St., Blow Eva M to Ubranik Kathleen E and Urbanik Ronald W; 4/25/2012. $555,000


91 Charles Blvd., Zator Albin and Zator Linda to Zator Linda; 4/11/2012. $100

20 A Sycamore Road, Naples Sara Ann to Naples Connie and Naples Richard; 4/11/2012. $59,000

1073 Whispering Oak Lane, Laffey Michael P and Laffey Patricia H to Bayard Garrett and Canary Michelle; 4/11/2012. $210,000

213 Stormy Road, Donovan Arthur and Donovan Evelyn to Lees Brian M and Ransom Cory E; 4/11/2012. $290,000

8 N. Union St., Magic Moments Child Care Center to Pharmakon Prescription LLC; 4/11/2012. $300,000

89 Back Road, Giberson Ruth E and Giberson Thomas to McWalters Doris Jo; 4/12/2012. $35,000

60 Capstan Ave., Carfi Joann and Carfi Raffaele to Carfi Peter; 4/13/2012. $140,000

14 Newport Road, Chieco John E and Chieco Mary A to Coutts Shirley; 4/17/2012. $160,000

116 Hatch Lane, Ference Mary Ann to Hensle Lisa; 4/17/2012. $236,250

220 Matey Ave., Schreckenstein Jane A and Schreckenstein Mark G to Frey Jennifer D and Frey Scott T; 4/17/2012. $223,000

77 Frank Drive, Carruthers David J and Carruthers Jill E to Mulholland Danielle and Mulholland William P; 4/18/2012. $900,000

29 Lyle Ave., La Nhan to La Minh P and La Thao P; 4/20/2012. $63,000

131 Jennings Road, Boehm Bernice and Boehm Richard to Butler Timothy Andrew and Pierce Noelle; 4/23/2012. $153,000

141 Gangway Lane, Kolis Janine and Panto Janine to Campbell Marykate A and Casaletto Daniel R; 4/23/2012. $305,000

340 Neptune Drive, Finelli Andrew to Rubel Thomas; 4/23/2012. $50,000

1066 Treasure Ave., Rothrock Ellen Gail and Rothrock Wayne to Bennett John and Bennett Leah; 4/24/2012. $181,100

225 Schooner Road, Gresham William to Dionne Carolyn M and Dionne James K Sr; 4/25/2012. $289,900

56 Glenn Ave., McKinski Maureen and Romp Anna B to Fargione Charles and Van Glahn John; 4/25/2012. $216,000

181 Southard Drive, Goldstein Linda Sharon and Goldstein Phillip E to Kochis John M and Kochis Maryellen; 4/25/2012. $362,500


1 Division Ave., J&F Associates LP to A. Gordon Family Ventures LLC; 4/10/2012. $1,825,000

1205 N. Ocean Ave., Crawford Ventures LLC and Crawford William B to Esteves Lauren S and Esteves Rudy A; 4/13/2012. $1,599,999

13 N. Central Ave., Bender Michael M and Bender Susan C to Dougherty Elizabeth R and Dougherty Joseph A; 4/25/2012. $520,000

211 N. 18th St., Stratton Phyllis O and Stratton Robert R to Whited Gabrielle and Whited Kenneth; 4/25/2012. $592,750

46 N. 25th St., McEliece Frederick J and McEliece Monica to Ard Martha and Ard William; 4/25/2012. $660,000


80 Edgewater Drive, G S Realty Corp to Fuscia Mario; 4/18/2012. $275,000

216 Third Ave., Linton Gloria M and Westwood Douglas M to Defazio Michael; 4/20/2012. $110,000

330 E. Main St., Andrew Carol Ann and Trapp Walter to Jon Miller Properties LLC and Miller Jon Properties LLC; 4/24/2012. $490,000

21 Carroll Ave., Kowalewski Doris A and Kowalewski Francis N to Juliano Joseph and Juliano Noreen; 4/25/2012. $155,000