Atlantic County


167 Marin Drive, Diosa Jesus M to Butt Khalid; 6/7/2012. $72,500

216 E. Wyoming Ave., Pendlebury Drusilla N and Riley Roxanna M to Busch William P Jr; 6/8/2012. $62,500


26 N. Maryland Ave., Bac Home Loans Serv LP and Bank of America to Castle One Inc; 6/7/2012. $45,500

101 S. Raleigh Ave. #630, Hoffner Anthony to Shapiro David and Shapiro Vicki; 6/7/2012. $105,000

103 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Eastwind Development Group LLC and Procida Mario to Atlantic City Housing & Urban Redevelopment Agcy; 6/8/2012. $200,000

105 N. Pennsylvania Ave. , Eastwind Development Group LLC and Procida Mario to Atlantic City Housing & Urban Redevelopment Agcy; 6/8/2012. $200,000

2721 Boardwalk Unit 1215, Laccone Anthony and Laccone Sophie,/Atty to Capone Michele; 6/8/2012. $74,500

100 S. Berkley Unit 18-C, Bongiovanni Anthony M,-Admr and Kaveh Star Veronica,/Admr to Koller Gerald F and Koller Norma; 6/8/2012. $122,500

3605 Winchester Ave., Manto Ida to Toque Dominick and Toque Reginald C; 6/8/2012. $75,000


4500 W. Brigantine Ave. No. 2201, McCarron Concetta and McCarron Francis E to Kovac Andjelija and Kovac Ferenc; 6/1/2012. $208,000

336 Gull Cove, Tarpey Dolores,-Exr and Tarpey John,-Exr to Rogers Elena and Rogers Robert J; 6/1/2012. $219,900

801 Sarazen Road, Mannino David M and Mannino Helen B to Sternin Amy C and Sternin Joel A; 6/1/2012. $365,000

823 W. Shore Drive, Murphy Catherine P and Murphy John P to Bormida Joseph T and Scheirer Susan C; 6/6/2012. $281,000

203 39th St. South, Shannon Roland J Jr,/Shff to Wt Hannan Contractors Inc; 6/7/2012. $122,000

400 E. Brigantine Ave. #1A, Teitelbaum Karen to Cassidy Debra and Cassidy Kevin; 6/7/2012. $220,000


613 Buerger St., Santos Barbara and Santos Francisco to Lombardi Della; 6/1/2012. $160,000

655 Cincinnati Ave., BAC Home Loans Serv LP and Bank of America to NDGGDR LLC; 6/8/2012. $60,000


87 Heathercroft, Becotte Brian W and Becotte Lauren M to Chiu Karen and Chiu William; 6/6/2012. $55,000

222 Prancer Road, Dagostino Linda to Ortega Cara B and Ortega Raphal M; 6/6/2012. $348,000

313 Hidden Oak, Sheehan Richard and Sheehan Rosemarie to Huang Eugene and Huang Yu Chuan; 6/6/2012. $300,000

26 Evergreen Ave., Ireland Joni P to Coyle Ann and Ruggerio Michael; 6/7/2012. $100,000

302 Sanderling Lane, M&M Investments LP to Wade Roy; 6/7/2012. $189,900

114 Snowdrop Road, Dr Horton Inc to McGroarty Kathleen; 6/8/2012. $239,000

204 Branch Hill Road, Paparone Homes of NJ Inc to Chen Jinzi and Yan Yan; 6/8/2012. $207,000


1300 W. Aloe St., Schucker Bejamin T to Heffley Kyle; 6/4/2012. $145,000

790 Fishers Creek Road, Longo Lorainne A and Longo Peter S to Cusumano Timothy; 6/4/2012. $85,000

507 S. English Creek Road, Rosso Serena and Rosso Vincent to Himes Kimberly A and Himes Maureen C; 6/5/2012. $126,000

216 Spring Mill Drive, Colangelo Lisa A and Colangelo Thomas to Pryor Justin and Pryor Natalie; 6/5/2012. $227,900

421 S. Zenia Ave., Nivar Ricardo J and Nivar Sissi M to Battistelli Katelyn M and Battistelli Phillip J; 6/6/2012. $155,000

411 Poplar Ave., Johnson Paul and Voravorngdy Khanthaly to Disalvatore Anthony; 6/6/2012. $240,000

111 Club Place, Hill Rosalinde J to Morales Nelson Jr; 6/7/2012. $122,500

477 Holly Ave., Boddy Daniel and Boddy Michele to Hain John Walter Jr and Hain Julie Anna; 6/8/2012. $124,000

400 Kingston Court, Schmidt David W and Schmidt Laura L to Boeddeker Ingrid and Boeddeker Theodor; 6/8/2012. $267,500

154 Driftwood Court, Nylund Carol to Pasquay Kevin M and Pasquay Margaret S; 6/8/2012. $63,000


31 Lewis Drive, Mufalli Jill and Mufalli Joseph C to Shelton Maria C; 6/5/2012. $256,600

26 Jamestown Circle, Perger Mitchell E to Robbins Cassandra and Rodriguez Juan; 6/5/2012. $162,000

170 Pheasant Run Road, Baker Residential of Penn LLC to Ferrie John C IV and Phillips Rachel L; 6/5/2012. $215,765


226 Cherry St., Bank of America to Cartwright Katherine and Cartwright Nathan; 6/4/2012. $170,000

24 11th St., Minock James A Jr to R&I Construction LLC; 6/4/2012. $75,000

739 Central Ave., Hitman Marjorie and Hitman Mitchell,/Heir to Hughes Robin K; 6/5/2012. $245,000

970 S. Grand St., Komis Dawn M and Komis Deonesios P,/Shff to Inferrera Dorothy A and Orlandini Dorothy A; 6/5/2012. $46,499

768 Fairview Ave., Piccolo Thomas to Demarco Phillip; 6/7/2012. $72,000


2214 Wabash Ave., Myers Family Irrevocable Tr and Ricci Deborah to Dill Michelle and Dill Richard; 6/4/2012. $199,000

30 W. Garfield Ave., Lauck George and Riley Jeanne to Guarini Christopher; 6/5/2012. $170,000


217 N. 35th Ave., Rubin Gary and Rubin Linda to Risler Bruce E and Risler Sheri L; 6/8/2012. $700,000

11 S. 31st Ave., Puggi Albert and Puggi Gina to Beredjiklian Mary and Beredjiklian Pedro K; 6/8/2012. $1,150,000


9510 Amherst Ave. #122, Engel Elsa and Engel Joseph to Kelly Joseph P and Kelly Mary D; 6/7/2012. $122,000

11 S. Adams Ave. Unit 7, Raiton Cynthia S and Raiton Richard F to Laskin Barbara K; 6/8/2012. $385,000


1355 White Oak Circle, Brenner Benjamin F,-Atty and Brenner Stephen,/Atty to Culp Donna M and Culp Grant; 6/5/2012. $115,000


2421 Shepherd Circle, Van Dam Drew J Jr and Van Dam Stacy L to Merline Andrea; 6/4/2012. $163,000

15 E. Revere Ave., Jones Christopher K and Jones Marta I to Jones Rose Marie D; 6/8/2012. $108,980


305 Sassafras Run, Parikh Jyotika and Parikh Pankaj B to Shah Shanjiy; 6/1/2012. $30,500

218 Sassafras Run, Parikh Jyotika and Parikh Pankaj B to Shah Shanjiy; 6/6/2012. $27,500


401 Rhode Island Ave., Thomas Leslie J to Acevedo Gustavo III; 6/8/2012. $120,000

17 Greate Bay Drive, Zuccarino Paul to Haughey Gerald E and Haughey Patricia E; 6/8/2012. $217,000

44 Greate Bay Drive, Tatu Janet to Dwyer Angela and Dwyer Mark; 6/8/2012. $187,500

30 Bayside Drive Unit 30, Salierno Linda and Salierno Sebastian to Conte Donna and Conte Richard; 6/8/2012. $395,000


110 N. Swarthmore Ave., Bregman Carol,-Tr and Bregman Edward,/Tr to Rose Donald and Xaykosy Sue; 6/6/2012. $370,000

7 S. Newport Ave., Yanovsky John and Yanovsky Lena to Delorenzo Alketa and Delorenzo Richard A; 6/6/2012. $150,000

5517 Wellington Ave. M5, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mtg Assn to Vespertino Dante and Vespertino Eleonora; 6/6/2012. $45,000

309 Essex Court, Fiedler George to Bundy Felice and Bundy Herbert; 6/6/2012. $126,500

304 N. Burghley Ave., Law George R and Law Lori to Groff Mary Anne; 6/7/2012. $187,500

317 N. Harvard Ave., Cutler Joan Ellen and Cutler Paul to Sacks Arlene; 6/8/2012. $220,000

Cape May County


1330 Delaware Ave., Edward Ross and Jerome Bruder to Gordon Goyette and Nina Goyette; 6/8/2012. $311,000

402 Champlain Drive, Tracey Schick to Deborah Lewis; 6/8/2012. $183,000


407 Cambridge Ave., Kimberly Reilly to Thomas Reilly; 6/4/2012. $70,000


488 Hands Mills Road, Debra Gibb and Debra Mason to Diann Walters and Patrick Boylan; 6/13/2012. $106,000

234 Main St., Daniel Mellman to Cathleen Estes; 6/14/2012. $160,000


21 E. Drumbed Road, Alice Klinger and Earl Klinger to Robert Castagna; 6/1/2012. $129,000

223 Sivia St., Dorothy Vizzard and Michael Thomson to Donna Taylor; 6/5/2012. $175,000

108 Leaming Ave., P Casaba Real Estate Holding Cor to Connie Moser and William Moser; 6/6/2012. $132,500

903 Woolson Road, Dolores Sadowski and Julia Crowell to William Hedley; 6/8/2012. $122,000

305 Villiage Road, Frances Farley and Marilyn Lacross to Robert Hashinger; 6/8/2012. $140,000

612 Pacific Ave., James Lloyd and Margaret Lloyd to Joseph Matthews and Nancy Matthews; 6/8/2012. $240,000


401 E. Main Ave., Dorothy Sitarski B and Charles Sitarski to William Ries J; 5/31/2012. $77,499

105 Seacrest Lane, Ryan Homes to Dolores Tatarsky; 5/31/2012. $210,998

1107 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Patricia Poake; 5/31/2012. $242,285

118 Schoolhouse Lane, H Von Colln-Hunter and Heidi Von Colln-Hunter to Jonathan Kahnke; 5/31/2012. $211,000

239 Route 47 South, Gary Coleman and Sheryl Coleman to Joshua Coleman; 5/31/2012. $137,000

32 E. Secluded Lane, Benjamin Roy and Doreen Hambro to Daniel Money and Mary Money; 6/4/2012. $180,000

129 Old Goshen Road, Barbara Elliott and Gene Elliott to James Grob and Judy Grob; 6/8/2012. $127,000


110 W. 23rd Ave., Jeannette Disciullo and Louis Disciullo to Mary Tancredi; 6/4/2012. $327,000

304 Surf Ave. Unit 9, Stephen Pappalardo to Carol Kremus and Shawn Kremus; 6/4/2012. $120,000

330 W. Spruce Ave., Kadon LLC to Zawa-N. Wildwood LLC; 6/5/2012. $350,000

206 N. New Jersey Ave. Unit 301, LLC Hereford Inlet Construction Co to Debra O'Neill and Jean Licata; 6/6/2012. $299,000

206 N. New Jersey Ave. Unit 200, LLC Hereford Inlet Construction Co to Geraldine Smith and Helen McErlane; 6/6/2012. $282,000

206 N. New Jersey Ave. Unit 202, LLC Hereford Inlet Construction Co to Nancy Streahle; 6/7/2012. $299,000

206 N. New Jersey Ave. Unit 300, LLC Hereford Inlet Construction Co to Charles Stackhouse and Robin Stackhouse; 6/8/2012. $290,000

143 Seaview Court, John Pezzuto and Rita Pezzuto to Patricia Orr; 6/8/2012. $263,000


4368 West Ave., Catherine Hall and Michael Hall to Everett Foley and M Foley; 6/1/2012. $255,000

715 Moorlyn Terrace, Select Portfolio Servicing Inc and US Bank to Sami Estephan; 6/1/2012. $320,000

437 Bay Ave., Andrew Dougherty and Roseann Dougherty to Christopher Macey and Linda Macey; 6/1/2012. $280,000

3324 Asbury Ave., Michael Magee and Patricia Magee to Marsha Lashner; 6/2/2012. $265,000

188 Flinders Reef, Eilleen Caligiuri and Joseph Caligiuri to David Osciak and Susan Osciak; 6/5/2012. $283,000

812-820 Ocean Ave. Unit 201, Biscay Associates LLC to Alice Mankowski and Candace Mankowski; 6/6/2012. $185,000

101 Pinnacle Road, Donald Dubois and Thomas Capelli to Dana Aristone-Linthicum and Joshua Linthicum; 6/8/2012. $350,000


4215 Landis Ave., Oceans 12 LLC to James Babnew; 5/29/2012. $200,000

34 34th St. Unit 5, Mary Dea A to Vincent Pestritto S and Denise Pestritto I; 5/29/2012. $322,500

124 45th St. 1st Floor, Nicholas Rallis and Patricia Rallis to Elizabeth Destefano L; 5/29/2012. $269,900

315 39th St., Timothy Erb J and Joann Erb K to Regina Murphy G; 5/30/2012. $347,500

4705 Central Ave. Unit North, Lawrence Robinson L and Alicia Robinson to David Scarpa and Dianne Scarpa; 5/30/2012. $590,000

334 47th Place, Anthony Ciarlante and John Ciarlante to Mark Heinlein, Lori Heinlein and Mark Ciarlante A; 5/30/2012. $262,500

7808 Landis Ave. Unit B, Carol O'Meara and Richard O'Meara to Kelly Lynn and Michael Lynn; 6/1/2012. $329,000


51 Evergreen Drive, Thomas Blair J and Diana Blair L to Michael Henrich A, Julia Henrich L, Louis Northrup G and Deborah Northrup; 5/30/2012. $209,000

34 Red Oak Drive, Lynn Petrozza-Dierolf and Brandan Dierolf to David Pennello and Amy Pennello W; 5/30/2012. $280,000

47 Linda Lane, Kathleen Kirkpatrick and Thomas Kirkpatrick to Carolyn Dotegowski and Michael Nelson; 5/31/2012. $260,000

20 New Bridge Road, Leslie Wagner and Ogers Revocable Livi Joseph L Rogers and Evelyn B R to Kathleen Kirkpatrick; 5/31/2012. $182,000

1327 Stagecoach Road, Judith Sharkey and Robert Sharkey to Christopher Menchin and Rebecca Menchin; 6/1/2012. $310,000


511 W. Magnolia Ave., Thomas McKeever J to Herbert Keyser A and Theresa Garvin-Keyser M; 5/29/2012. $135,000

613 W. Maple Ave., Joseph Guckavan and Mary Guckavan to John Kromchad; 5/31/2012. $145,000


526 W. Burk Ave. Unit F, Gerald Doughty and Kathleen Doughty to Kathleen Kuehn and Matthew Kuehn; 5/30/2012. $224,500

9101 Atlantic Ave. Unit 205, John Puzio to Cindy Loniewski and Gregory Loniewski; 5/30/2012. $109,000

301 E. Poplar Ave. Unit 104, Nancy Caramanico and Thomas Caramanico to Donald Vallandingham and Sheri Vallandingham; 5/30/2012. $230,000

406 W. 26th Ave., Susan Biancone L to Joshua Boucher T and Shannon Boucher; 5/31/2012. $193,000

413 W. Leaming Ave., Robert Tracy M and Patricia Tracy A to Joseph Perez J and Laura Perez ; 5/31/2012. $225,000

330 E. Eighth Ave. Unit B, Jeffry Razey and Sandra Razey to Kathleen Gallagher and Kevin Gallagher; 5/31/2012. $338,500

317 E. Wildwood Ave. Unit A14, Anthony Dipasquo and Micaela Dipasquo to Domenic Garozzo; 5/31/2012. $212,000

184 W. Oak Ave. Unit 184, G Lang and Patricia Lang to Alexander Docimo; 5/31/2012. $290,000

115 E. Maple Ave. Unit 101, Wheatley Ocean Properties LLC to Daniel Miller and Kathleen Miller; 6/1/2012. $295,000

5301 Ocean Ave., Nancy Dinella to John Moses and Joyce Moses; 6/7/2012. $179,000

216 E. Roberts Ave. Unit 4, David Schultz and Susan Schultz to Jason Jacoby and Rijka Jacoby; 6/7/2012. $195,000

421 W. Taylor Ave., Catharine Shea and Christian Shea to Jeffrey Wright and Theresa Wright; 6/7/2012. $279,000


309 E. Buttercup Road, Keith Phillips and Lorraine Phillips to Davina Sanderlin and Ronald Sanderlin; 6/1/2012. $263,000

315 E. Topeka Ave., Craig Beifus and Ellen Beifus to Gloria Shaner-Rauer; 6/2/2012. $160,000

5600 Seaview Ave. Unit 6, Louis Licht to Jennifer Volpe and Joseph Volpe; 6/4/2012. $112,500

114 E. Pittsburgh Ave., Sharon Fichthorn to Noreen Connor; 6/5/2012. $345,000

8004 Pacific Ave., Giuliano Rose M Trust and Rose M Giuliano Trust to Scott Peter; 6/6/2012. $140,000

5301 Ocean Ave. Unit 110, Christina Viechnicki to John Browne; 6/8/2012. $155,000

7100 Ocean Ave., Christopher Chiaramonte and Lydia Chiaramonte to Leo Marnien and Sharon Marnien; 6/8/2012. $225,000


487 Petersburg Road, Robert Graeff to Brian Van Artsdalen and Jenna Van Artsdalen; 5/18/2012. $225,000

2204 Route 9 South, Louella Davis-Gray and Louella Gray to Louis Altobelli; 5/29/2012. $55,000

917 Dehirsch Ave., Florence Price and Leslie Price to Kathryn Caraballo and Richard Caraballo; 6/1/2012. $138,000

108 Dehirsch Ave., John Gleason and Lauren Gleason to Julia Pierce; 6/7/2012. $70,000

Cumberland County


7709 Raymond Drive, Jamison, Patrick P Rep to Munyon, Elber; 6/7/2012. $20,500


62 & 64 Virginia Ave., Gaunt Howard E Revocable Living Trust to Kieba, Walter W; 6/6/2012. $25,000


249 W. Park Drive, Barbera, William R to Jones, Michael; 6/4/2012. $171,500

123 Stave Mill Road, Yansick, Raymond C to Nelson, Antoine; 6/6/2012. $130,810

172 Shoemaker Road, Baitinger, Frank P III to Belum, Jeffery T; 6/7/2012. $205,000


637 Skewchenko Ave., Rhubart, James to Lewis, Duane A; 6/7/2012. $240,000

1311 Mallard Lane, Marinelli, Joseph A to Strategic Operational Initiatives LLC; 6/7/2012. $225,000

2069 Fairton Road, Kortvelesy, Daniel J Jr to Scioto Properties Sp-15 LLC; 6/7/2012. $254,000

16 W. Foundry St., McQuaid, Bernice M Adm to Affordable Investments & Rentals LLC; 6/8/2012. $35,000

43 Lisa Marie Terrace, McWilliams, David to Harden, Mercedes; 6/8/2012. $220,000


7 Holly Lane, Kernan, Vicky L to Bernstein, Michael D; 6/6/2012. $95,000

197 Silver Lake Road, Barton, Timothy J to Stevens, Kenneth P III; 6/6/2012. $175,000


1185 Kay Place, Scamoffo, Robert F to Boswell, James L; 6/4/2012. $156,000

1951 Arrowhead Trail, Ozoria, Therese Farrow to Rivera, Olga I; 6/5/2012. $168,000

4136 E Landis Ave., Ferrari, Arthur James to Coxe, Michelle; 6/5/2012. $143,000

1289 N. Mill Road, I&H Homes to Lopez, Fidel A; 6/5/2012. $148,000

3711 Wexley Way, Lopez, Mauricio O to Center For Family Services Inc; 6/6/2012. $230,000

1015 S. Orchard Road, Harkins, Kevin M to Felix, Todd; 6/6/2012. $145,000

631 S. Spring Road, Marino, David Ind Exec to Pepper, Deborah A; 6/7/2012. $95,000

Ocean County


11 Tedesco Way, Ryan Homes to Briganti Brooke Ann; 6/1/2012. $308,408

1953 Breakers Drive, Regan Timothy M and Walters Development Co LLC to Bertolini Anthony Jr and Newborn Jeffrey D; 6/1/2012. $287,328

1A Emerald Drive, Emigrant Bank and Retained Realty Inc to Mongiello June; 6/1/2012. $105,000

35 Fountain View Drive, Rhoades Lauren to Cahill Patricia; 6/4/2012. $215,000

16 Blue Claw Drive, Sharkey Jeremy and Sharkey Nicole to Lidaka Mary Jane and Volk James; 6/4/2012. $265,000

10 Midship Drive, Hansen Frances and Hansen Harold to Adamczyk William M; 6/5/2012. $170,500

13 Sparrow Lane, Giangrande Ann J and Giangrande Joseph M to Reino Anthony and Reino Jerry Lois; 6/6/2012. $120,000

7 Tedesco Way, Ryan Homes to Webster Matthew R; 6/6/2012. $299,415

55 Pierhead Drive, Schormann Elaine to Lucas Annamaria and Lucas Daryl; 6/7/2012. $220,000

83 Bowline St., Bac Home Loans Servicing LP and Bank of America to Pal Abraham; 6/8/2012. $76,500


401 Delaware Ave., Blanchard Barry to Zaleski Cindy M and Zaleski Glenn M; 6/4/2012. $485,000

302 2nd St., Massa Anthony to Massa Organization LLC; 6/6/2012. $470,000

201-03 N. Bay Ave., Light Lenore L to M Cohen and R Cohen; 6/8/2012. $759,000


11 E. 76th St., Siegel Nancy A and Siegel Phillip T to McIntyre Jonathan and McIntyre Karen; 6/1/2012. $1,735,000


2 Clubhouse Circle, Armento Robert A and Armento Sarah P to Schoeneberg Dane G; 6/8/2012. $193,000

6 Squire Drive, Dyevoich George J Jr and Haggerty Joseph to Hurley James R and Hurley Maryanne M; 6/8/2012. $145,000

8 Lancaster Court, Mountsier Dorothy J and Mountsier John S to Pepitone Angela; 6/8/2012. $162,000

1707 Fleetwood Drive, Federal National Mortgage Association to Lugo Minerva; 6/8/2012. $120,000


102 Buckhorn Lake Court, Rostello Barbara and Sciacca Frank to Semer Properties LLC; 6/1/2012. $60,000

277 Center St., Heyner Barbara J and Wojceichowski John to Caruso Jennifer L; 6/4/2012. $170,000

25 S. Boston Drive, Brown Evelyn and Brown George to Simoncini Cynthia and Simoncini Thomas A; 6/4/2012. $160,000

9 Plantation Drive, Jackson James R and Jackson Sandy to Almo Nicholas; 6/4/2012. $150,000

118 S. Longboat Drive, Capiraso Dominick P and Capiraso Lorraine to Bliem Ruth and Bliem William; 6/4/2012. $155,000

147 E. Susquehanna Drive, Montagano Santina to McGuigan John and McGuigan Susan; 6/5/2012. $275,000

197 Country Club Road, Miller Neal and Miller Tabitha to Lewis James K and Lewis Michelle M; 6/5/2012. $149,000

15 Fern Drive, Kinasczuk Karen L to Schubiger Robert; 6/7/2012. $50,000

6 Rocky Road, Gaudiosi Mary R and Gaudiosi Theodore to Flanagan Christopher R and Peak Sarah B; 6/8/2012. $192,500

765 Route 9 North, Price Jonathan W to Price John and Price Sheryl; 6/8/2012. $140,000

40 Hunter Drive, Wiesemann John R and Wiesemann Laraine to Ownes Loyal M; 6/8/2012. $245,000

52 Flax Isle Drive, Colanardi Donato and Colanardi Marie L to Bosler Edward M and Bosler Elizabeth M; 6/8/2012. $272,000

21 Iris Court, Jeffrey James and Saunders Maureen to Bright Ronald F; 6/8/2012. $175,000

111 Zelus St., Smallwood Larissa and Smallwood Walter to Moore Henry and Moore Jeanette; 6/8/2012. $136,000


126 Englewood Ave., Grey Charles E to Fascenda Antonia; 6/12/2012. $280,000

51 Hornblower Drive, Moser Karen and Nevins Carole A to Mangan Eugene C and Mangan Maryrose A; 6/13/2012. $310,000


353 W. 14th St., Piccininni Jack and Piccininni Sandra to Rodak Leslie and Rodak Ralph; 6/1/2012. $1,125,000

102 W. 23rd St., Kohn Jonathan and Lucibello Martin to Van Dyke Harry and Van Dyke Shirley; 6/1/2012. $600,000

901 Ocean Second Floor, Terry Adeline S and Terry Robert J to Burrows Gordon A; 6/4/2012. $600,000

120 E. 30th St., Opperman Bernadette J and Opperman Donald I to Lawler Barbara A and Lawler Daniel J; 6/4/2012. $540,000


272 Raft Ave., Linck John L and Linck Maureen D to Weaver Carole Ann and Weaver Myron T; 6/8/2012. $234,000