Cape May County


1237 Washington St., James Walls to Genevieve Skalak and Jesse Fritz; 6/28/2012. $325,000


2024 Route 47, Anthony Ciccotelli and Carol Ciccotelli to Roger Geene; 6/1/2012. $178,000

889 Court House-South Dennis Road, Nina George and William George to Janet Pagnam and Walter Stewart; 6/28/2012. $240,000


1601 Holmes Ave., Debra De Cicco and Lillian Adams to Dorothy Panaro and Eugene Panaro; 5/29/2012. $225,000

229 W Bates Ave., John Creamer to Roman Bish; 6/13/2012. $154,000

833 S Cape Ave., Scott Peter to Ann Long; 6/15/2012. $275,000

5 Fieldview Drive, Dolores Leidy and Robert Leidy to Thomas Dooley; 6/15/2012. $259,900

424 Breakwater Road, Janet Sims and Joseph Sims to Joseph Sims; 6/16/2012. $75,000

107 E. North Station, Mary Foster to Regina O'hanna and Richard O'Hanna; 6/25/2012. $270,000

103 Avalon Road, Kenneth Ruckle and M Ruckle to Anthony Doughten; 6/28/2012. $92,500

75 Beachhurst Drive, Heidi Trammell and Terry Trammell to Robert Spicer and Theresa Spicer; 6/28/2012. $250,000

115 Evergreen Ave., Grace Kelly to Jerald Saulino and Valerie Saulino; 6/29/2012. $114,500

786 Tabernacle Road, George Urie and Mary Urie to Lawrence Little and Mary Little; 6/29/2012. $279,000


1301, 1303, 1305, 1307 Tidewater, Conifer Greenbriar LLC and Conifer Realty LLC to Ryan Homes; 5/29/2012. $210,000

177 Beach Ave., Catherine Strickler and Harry Strickler to Herbert Mondros and Patricia D'Arcy; 6/1/2012. $315,000

52 Seabreeze Lane, OC Garden Development LLC and N Co Max Spann Real Estate & Auction to Nicole Rose and Torrey Rose; 6/9/2012. $962,500

216 Aberdeen Way, Beazer Homes Corp. to Edward Oden and Joan Frankenfield; 6/12/2012. $240,000

2208 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Alice Bertelsen; 6/15/2012. $239,332

102 Joffre Ave., James Dever and Sharon Dever to Brittany Wilson and Thomas Greenwood; 6/25/2012. $155,000

2204 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Craig Plump and Dale Plump; 6/27/2012. $213,470

304 Aberdeen Way, Beazer Homes Corp. to Constance Gaskill and Thomas Gaskill; 6/27/2012. $245,000

20 South Boardwalk, Claire Thomasson and Harold Thomasson to Jeanne Bucher and John Bucher; 6/28/2012. $125,000

11 Hemlock Drive, Lucille Lohse and Lucy Anzalone to Michael Rennie; 6/28/2012. $170,000

312 Osprey Drive, William Kindle to Joseph Myles and Margaret Myles; 6/28/2012. $345,000

1906 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Patricia Rossner; 6/29/2012. $206,400

2401 Bayshore Road, Gina Trovarelli and Michael Trovarelli to Diana Hamill and James Hamill; 6/29/2012. $280,000

2202 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Joanne McGaha and Kenneth McGaha; 6/29/2012. $253,628

33 Wynndemere Court, Fannie Mae and LLC Stern Lavinthal & Frankenberg to Geraldine Eggers; 6/29/2012. $184,900

7 Westwood Drive, Ardis Crull and Arthur Crull to Charlene Matthews and Michael Matthews; 6/29/2012. $207,500

1808 Tidewater Ave., Ryan Homes to Arthur Gorman and Veronica Gorman; 6/29/2012. $241,243

1902, 1904, 1906, 1908 Tidewater, Conifer Greenbriar LLC and Conifer Realty LLC to Ryan Homes; 6/29/2012. $220,000


122 E. Fourth Ave., Patricia Wible and Thomas McIntyre to Colleen Gain; 5/10/2012. $240,000

2506 Surf Ave. Unit 100, Rao Bhamidipati and Sujata Bhamidipati to Sijasoft Ltd LLC; 5/31/2012. $238,400

302 E. Sixth Ave., George Bochanski and Irene Bochanski to Joseph Bochanski; 6/7/2012. $380,000

328 E. 23rd Ave. Unit D, Deborah Knottek and Paul Knottek to Anthony Dimartino and Rosanne Dimartino; 6/21/2012. $280,000

408 E. 16th Ave. Unit 5, Catherine Rutkowski and Joseph Rutkowski to Joseph Shields and Stephanie Shields; 6/21/2012. $284,000

305 Surf Ave., James Gardner and Patricia Gardner to Edward Lamb and Jennifer Lamb; 6/23/2012. $320,000

300 Ocean Ave. No. 107, Karen Murphy and Robert Murphy to Elisha Carson; 6/28/2012. $64,500

712 W. Pine Ave. Unit B, Daryl Hirschmann to Edward Johnson and Patricia Johnson; 6/29/2012. $230,000

214 West 13th Ave., Patricia Emery and William Blasius to John Marker and Susan Marker; 6/29/2012. $280,000

2300 New Jersey Ave. Unit 202, Helen Kardasis and Mary Kokalis to Marian Tirri and William Tirri; 6/30/2012. $246,250

1000 Kennedy Drive Unit 206, Beachfront LLC and Roman Holiday LP to Jessica Gross and Nicholas Gross; 7/3/2012. $136,500


900 Wesley Ave. Unit 109, Patricia McCarthy to William Wallace; 4/26/2012. $132,900

917 Pleasure Ave. Unit B, Craig Spina and Denise De Leo to Jacqueline Di Stefano; 4/30/2012. $280,000

633-47 Wayne Ave., Dorothy Troehler and George Hamburger to Edward Navitsky and Nancy Navitsky; 6/1/2012. $205,000

617 Wesley Ave. Unit A, Anita Snyderman and S. Snyderman to Donna Gaffney and Michael Gaffney; 6/7/2012. $145,500

805 Brighton Ave. first floor, Theresa King and William King to Eileen Nase and James Nase; 6/8/2012. $210,000

840 Ocean Ave. Unit 17, Kim Beruf to Laura Siegel and Sheldon Siegel; 6/12/2012. $65,500

33 36th St. Unit A, Kathleen Horner to Jeffrey Hunsberger and Margaret Hunsberger; 6/15/2012. $350,000

1008 Wesley Ave., Colleen Vierling and James Greene to Charlotte Fondacaro and Joseph Fondacaro; 6/18/2012. $185,000

3611 Pembroke Lane, Christine Armstrong and Robert Armstrong to Sea Breeze Development LLC; 6/20/2012. $295,000

610A Pleasure Ave., Alvin Block and Judith Block to Kenneth Andrayo and Loretta Andrayo; 6/22/2012. $310,000

1120 Wesley Ave., E Valley Inc. Shore Management Co. of Delaware to John Walinski; 6/25/2012. $97,500

2360 West Ave., Brian Welsh and Michelle Welsh to Marianne Calabrese and Ron Calabrese; 6/26/2012. $225,778

140 Ocean Road, Carol Frieze and Charla Zigman to Eric Shephard and Theresa Shephard; 6/27/2012. $315,000

1120 Wesley Ave. Unit 307, E Valley Inc. Shore Management Co. of Delaware to Judith Livote and Robert Livote; 6/27/2012. $95,000

1120 Wesley Ave. Unit 306, E Valley Inc. Shore Management Co. of Delaware to Charolette Fondacaro and Joseph Fondacaro; 6/28/2012. $95,000

1333 West Ave., Scalini Brothers LLC and Alan Gould to Bernick Dr LLC; 6/29/2012. $225,000

3408-30 Haven Ave. Unit 305, Sandra Cresci to Bartholomew Brigidi and Josephine Brigidi; 6/29/2012. $67,500

49-51 Simpson Ave. C1, HQ Investments LLC to Cheryl Lyons and William Lyons; 6/29/2012. $310,000

823 Ocean Ave Unit D, Judith Miragliuolo to Carole Romasco and George Romasco; 6/29/2012. $190,000

401 31st St., Donna Gavin and Sandra Ruple to Jill Markley and Robert Markley; 6/29/2012. $219,100

1107 A B C Bay Ave., Michael Morelli and Michele Morelli to Daniel Farah and Daniel J Farah Revocable Living Trust; 7/2/2012. $307,500

3018 Simpson Ave., David Johnson to JWR Properties LLC; 7/3/2012. $295,000

701 Asbury Ave., Kazdon Inc. and Kitchen Connection to OC Pelican Properties LLC; 7/3/2012. $195,500

935 Ocean Ave. Unit 529, John Scafisi and Nancy Scafisi to Dana Paris and Michael Paris; 7/3/2012. $290,000


138 93rd St. west unit, Bonnie Vagnoni and G Boden to Guenther Boden and Irene Boden; 4/25/2012. $800,000

343 43rd Place, Marie Sorber and Borowski Evelyn H Declaration of Trust to Isle Ventures LLC; 5/25/2012. $475,000

5804 Landis Ave. first floor, Ann Scheld and Clementina Rotunno to Joseph Fenerty and Justine Fenerty; 6/26/2012. $260,000

4215 Landis Ave. Unit 102, Oceans 12 LLC to 4215 Landis Sic LLC; 6/28/2012. $225,000

4114 Central Ave. Unit 105, Ann Archer and William Archer to James Taylor and Nancy Taylor; 6/29/2012. $300,000

7405 Landis Ave. Unit North, Donna Smith and Kevin Smith to Brian Smith and Donna Smith; 6/30/2012. $138,500

6504 Central Ave., Helene Wilson and Luke Wilson to Harry McCann and Nancy McCann; 7/2/2012. $82,000


150 91st St., C Knauff and Richard Israel to Carolyn Ruef and Eric Ruef; 6/22/2012. $332,000

311 84th St., Italo Cosentino and Nancy Cosentino to Brian Winter and Melissa Winter; 7/3/2012. $525,000


323 Route 49, Debra Huber and Diane Ewan to Suz-Anthony Corp; 5/25/2012. $75,000

516 Route 9 Unit N-23, Angela Mullen and Dennis Mullen to Nancy Anspach and Tim Anspach; 5/30/2012. $81,500

114 N. Lake Drive Unit 114, Carol Szafran and Joseph Szafran to Helen McCabe; 6/1/2012. $138,200

180 Dennisville-Petersburg Road, Edwin Paone to Wright Rentals LLC; 6/4/2012. $170,000

1454 Stagecoach Road, Doreen Gallagher and Edith Gallagher to Stacey Cramer; 6/22/2012. $195,000

15 Belcroft Ave., Charles Di Cicco and Vincenette Di Cicco to Anne Di Cicco and Vincent Di Cicco; 6/27/2012. $275,000


500 State St., Carolyn Jones to Elizabeth Dougherty; 6/21/2012. $180,000

202 Atlantic Ave., James Burton and Sandra Burton to Jodi Abrams and Keith Abrams; 6/28/2012. $165,000


7 Venice Ave. Unit A, Francis Kane and Patrick Kane to Paulette Smith and Rick Smith; 6/29/2012. $165,000


214 W. Glenwood Ave., Lisa Gannon and Michael Gannon to Danielle Demayo and Michael Demayo; 10/15/2010. $50,000

143 E. Baker Ave. Unit A, Eileen Rooney to Carlos Cabrera and Maria Mondiello-Cabrera; 5/16/2012. $180,000

109 E. Lincoln Ave., Coba Inc. to 109 East Lincoln LLC; 5/23/2012. $135,000

5207 Lake Road Unit 5, Dana Pawlucy and William Pawlucy to Ann Brown and Kenneth Brown; 6/11/2012. $242,500

413 W. Leaming Ave. Unit 206, Fred Sparks and Renee Jones to Rochelle Morello and William Laskowsky; 6/12/2012. $212,000

5001 Atlantic Ave. No. 4, Kip Schmid to Florence Mihaich and Stephen Mihaich; 6/12/2012. $160,000

213 E. Maple Ave. Unit B, Kathy Lyons and Thomas Lyons to UVR Associates LLC; 6/15/2012. $250,000

146 E. Spencer Ave., Juana Mukhtar and Shaheen Mukhtar to Anthony Stefanelli; 6/26/2012. $200,000

213 E. Hand Ave. Unit 9, Deborah Casabona and George Casabona to Anthony Pisacane and Patricia Pisacane; 6/27/2012. $230,000

151 E. Hand Ave. Unit A, Amanda Hansen and John Hansen to Renee Bryant; 6/29/2012. $220,000

104 E. Poplar Ave. Unit 200, SLM and SLM Financial Corp. to Kimberly Kolesar and Steve Kolesar; 7/3/2012. $187,000


303B E. Crocus Road Unit 303B, Constance Gironda and Dallyse Gironda to Andrea Martin and Danielle Sarocy; 4/3/2012. $175,000

6905 Park Blvd. Unit No. 9, Denise Masley and John Masley to Daniel Sembello; 6/20/2012. $112,500

210B E. Farragut Road, Angela Cerini and David Messineo to Angela Cerini and Christina Cerini; 6/20/2012. $348,000

8102 Seaview Ave., Heintz Living Trust and Linda Heintz to Grace Zambardi; 6/27/2012. $310,000

5802 Seaview Lane Unit 16, Cynthia Eschenmann and H Eschenmann to Anthony Kuzmunich and Wilma Kuzmunich; 6/28/2012. $85,000

9007 New Jersey Ave., E Gaydos and Edward Gaydos to Dominic Melchiorre and Natalie Monzo; 6/29/2012. $323,000

5706 New Jersey Ave. Unit 1, Diane Hamill and James Hamill to Jeanne Norton and Thomas Norton; 6/29/2012. $190,000

106 W. Andrews, Joseph O'boyle and Patricia O'boyle to John Walsh and Laura Walsh; 6/29/2012. $223,500


122 Pacific Blvd., Mary Florio and Remo Florio to Ernest Miraglia and Margaret Miraglia; 5/11/2012. $53,200

Ocean County


10 Second St., Catania Carla and Catania Salvatore to Selbeau Joseph V; 7/2/2012. $222,500

7 Cardinal Place, Alecci Jeanne M and Alecci Jeanne Marie C to Tatur Joan A; 7/2/2012. $155,000

26 Thorn Ave., Roman David and Roman Matthew to Trybun Michael; 7/2/2012. $135,000

37 Robin Lane, Lynch M Bridget and Lynch Mary B to Colleary Anne B and Colleary Brian; 7/2/2012. $170,000

35 Norwalk Lane, Heritage Point Inc and Heritage Point LP to Lacorte Frederick F and Lacorte Janice E; 7/3/2012. $398,515


104 Sunrise Blvd., Vito Jill S and Vito Michael G to Brown Roger K Iii and Brown Stephanie A; 7/2/2012. $199,500

713 Fairview Lane, Marcon Jeanette C and Marcon Michael E to Cantillo Sandy; 7/2/2012. $465,000

2030 Brookdale Drive, Meyers Joseph V and Onda Claire R to Martin Terry Lee; 7/2/2012. $95,000

1251 Olds St., Cozzi Benedict Peter and Cozzi Nancy V to Martin William; 7/3/2012. $215,000

924 Tappan St., Bloss Nicole and Bloss Steven M to Baysal Cengiz and Baysal Cheryl Ann; 7/3/2012. $120,000


433 Golf View Drive, Pellecchia Penny and Pellecchia Vincent to Gibbons John F and Gibbons Theresa; 7/2/2012. $355,000


14 W. Janet Road, Buonocore Lawrence M and Buonocore Susan J to Balestra-Leigh Debra and Leigh Hunt; 7/2/2012. $551,000

5 E. Winifred Ave., Gagg Steven to Ehnot Michael; 7/2/2012. $445,000

44 Lighthouse Way, Feldman Amy and Feldman Robert M to Branzburg Morton R and Branzburg Wendy S; 7/2/2012. $3,000,000


71 Bayville Way, Lennar to Grich Joseph A and Grich Shirley A; 7/3/2012. $369,950


1095 Beach Haven West Blvd., Gordon Donald R and Gordon Margaret A to Dougherty Barbara J and Dougherty Bernard J; 7/2/2012. $273,777

17 Teal Bend, Rink Catherine and Rink Kenneth to MacPherson Tracy; 7/3/2012. $150,000

349 Yeoman Road, Bianco Michael T and Bianco Mindy C to Seasholtz James and Seasholtz Joanna; 7/3/2012. $307,500


129 Marlin Road, Magee John to Shaw James; 7/2/2012. $85,000

114 Fourth Ave., Lefkus Maureen and Lefkus Robert A to MacDonald Ross F; 7/3/2012. $249,000

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