Business: Robert Kane Auctions LLC

Location: 965 Asbury Ave., inside Young’s Limited, Ocean City

Owner: Bob Kane, 52, of Upper Township

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Employees: Owner operated

Phone: 609-390-1286

Robert Kane Auctions buys and sells coins, stamps, paper money, Americana and other paper ephemera, and does appraisals.

The business also helps some private collectors on a concierge basis, helping them collect specific items or precious metals for their portfolios or sell the same if they wish.

I have become an authorized dealer with PCGS, Professional Coin Grading Services. I’m also on the Appraisal Advisory Committee for the American Philatelic Society. So if a member needs an independent evaluation of a stamp collection, I go out and help the estate value the collection.

I typically deal with large collections or individual rarities in coins, American and foreign paper money, U.S. and worldwide stamp collections, autographs and postal memorabilia. I also appraise and buy musical instruments.

For example, there was a Henry Lee medal struck in the 1860s commemorating Light Horse Harry Lee. His son was Civil War Gen. Robert E. Lee. After Harry Lee’s Revolutionary War victory — he took some British prisoners — they honored him by striking gold, silver and bronze medals, and I acquired one of the bronze medals and sold it at auction.

When you find a rarity, it usually needs to be authenticated, because the end collector wants a third-party verification. Nowadays, China is able to make exacting copies, and unscrupulous dealers will go to China with an actual coin and they’re able to duplicate it.

Detection of counterfeits is something I help law enforcement with, and I’ve directed them to the right sources for information on several coins.

My new shop is inside, but unaffiliated with, Young’s Limited in Ocean City.

Entry: When I was young, my dad had a coin collection, and my grandfather traveled the world and had an impressive stamp album. I collected until my teens. I become a full-time dealer in 1999 and started an online store then.

The future: I’d like to offer live auctions for furniture, antiques and things I can ship through the mail.


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