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Crews have cleared the site and built a stone ‘tire-cleaning pad’ on land off Route 9 in Linwood, where developer Sean Scarborough plans to create two office buildings. The new project is just north of where developer Gerry Bird is constructing a two-story building that will have office space above several restaurants that surround a central bar.


LINWOOD — The growing New Road corridor is on its way to getting a new office complex near the south end of town. But the developer isn’t sure yet of the total size or the tenants in the new buildings.

Sean Scarborough, who is in charge of the project, said the family-owned company has approvals from the city to create up to 40,000 square feet of office space in two buildings. But he added he expects to build closer to half that much finished space.

“I think it’s probably going to be about 20,000 square feet between the two buildings,” he said, adding his current plans include them going up at one story each. “We see that as more of the market than multistory mid-rise (buildings). But if something comes along and it makes sense, we certainly could do it.”

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Scarborough said another unknown at this point is what businesses will fill the buildings, which are about a quarter-mile north of the Somers Point city line on New Road, or Route 9.

“We’re working with a couple of promising tenants, but nothing is final yet,” he said. “We’ll do deals as small as 5,000 square feet. … The primary tenants would be professional offices, and we’re looking for longer-term deals of 10 years.”

Those users could include insurance, legal or medical offices, Scarborough said, pointing out that “we have medical on either side of us” in the new location. The site is also just a short drive from Shore Medical Center in Somers Point.

But the developer said there’s time to work out all those details, because he also isn’t sure when construction will start on a site crews started clearing in February and just added a stone “tire-cleaning pad” to last week.

“We hope to be doing something by late fall of this year,” he said.

The new project is just north of where developer Gerry Bird is building a two-story building in Linwood that will put office space on top of a collection of small restaurants that will be built around a central bar.

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