Transactions are from county property records. Settlement dates are listed; deed filings may be delayed. Location may reflect address of seller rather than property sold. If your property is incorrectly listed, call 609-272-7253.

Atlantic County


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1741 Baltic Ave, Les, Laundry Equipment Systems Inc, L E S to Roseanna LLC; 12/23/2015. $407,362

37 N Albany Ave, Wytoshek Walter to Roseanna LLC; 12/23/2015. $265,889

1401 McKinley Ave, Laundry Equipment Systems Inc to Roseanna LLC; 12/23/2015. $253,872

10 S #a Florida Ave, Laundry Equipment Systems Inc to Roseanna LLC; 12/23/2015. $215,889

3501 Winchester Ave, Seedorf Paul, Cross Katherine to Bybee Danny N, Ngo Bill; 12/23/2015. $49,000

253 N Texas Ave, Rahman Mohammed, Begum Mosammat R to Akter Nelufa; 12/23/2015. $50,000

4013 Ventnor Ave, US Bank Tr NA, Lsf8 Master Participation Tr, Caliber Home Loans Inc to Kondaur Capital Corp, Matawin Ventures Tr; 12/24/2015. $55,000

2817 Denny St, Uddin Mohammed N, Akter Kohinoor to Akter Samima, Mustafz Norul; 12/24/2015. $41,000

105 N Florida Ave, Fitzgerald Shawn to Uddin Rowshan Ara, Ara Uddin Rowshan; 12/24/2015. $27,000


4901 Harbour Beach Blvd Unit B3, Dattallo Donna M, Dattalo Michael A to Simpson Michael; 12/21/2015. $75,000

1101 Fownes Ave, Nelson Edward D, Nelson Nancy V to 551 Lafayette Blvd LLC, Five Five One Lafayette Blvd LLC, Five Fifty One Lafayette Blvd LLC; 12/22/2015. $170,000

109 Hamilton Place, Wt Hannan Contractors Inc to Chiarolanza Joseph G, Chiarolanza Theresa F, Chiarolanza Joseph P; 12/23/2015. $140,000

172 39th St Unit 61, Ramsey Andrew J, Ramsey Margaret A to Forbes James, Forbes Lois; 12/24/2015. $80,000


924 Harding Highway, Deutsche Bank Natl Tr Co, Securitized Asset Backed Receivables LLC Tr 2007 Br1, Ocwen Loan Serv LLC to Cinotti Anthony, Cinotti Rudolph; 12/23/2015. $32,000


300 Martin Luther King Ave, Trans Global Land Co LLC, Hammerschlag Lennard R to Fennal Brian; 12/21/2015. $160,000

29 Patriot Walk, Ramirez Jacqueline, Bardales Lourdes P, Alache Sara to Espichan Luisa, Cruz Mario; 12/21/2015. $126,000

294 Pine Ave, Carfagno Salvatore, Carfagno Dana to Casey Grace, Casey Milton D; 12/22/2015. $46,000

2 Country Spruce Lane, Carter Mary Gay Obrien, Obrien Carter Mary Gay, Obrien Jennifer L, Obrien William, Day Jennifer L to Truong Emmelina U; 12/22/2015. $50,000

124 Mark Ave, Pagan Santos, Pagan Maria D to Kleinberg Marilyn; 12/23/2015. $188,900

40 Brandywine Court, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn to Wright Quinton, Reed Kirstie; 12/24/2015. $150,000

117 Carmel Drive, Emmanuel Naaman, Emmanuel Dimple to Fatzinger Christine; 12/24/2015. $160,000

3 Knight Court, NJHR 2 LLC, Pollock Donald L to Bradley Richard W, Plasket Katelyn E; 12/24/2015. $159,900


1717 12th St, Jacobs Lisa M, Jacobs Jeremy George to Jacobs Lisa M; 12/21/2015. $30,000


28 Iroquois Drive, Bayview Loan Serv LLC to Mazzatta Jeffrey, Mazzatta Sheila; 12/23/2015. $47,500

438 S Xanthus Ave, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn to Pdjl Investments LLC; 12/23/2015. $63,500

70 Sussex Place, HSBC Bank USA NA, Nomura Home Equity Home Loan Inc, Ocwen Loan Serv LLC to Zhu Huina, Su Qiang; 12/23/2015. $56,000

58 E Mockingbird Way, Krackomberger Kelly A to Moore Thomas William; 12/23/2015. $150,000

309 Huntington Court, Sinagria Vincent A, Sinagria Sharon to Brooks Chad D; 12/24/2015. $200,000


2528 Cottonwood Court, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mtg Assn to Ghosh Moni R; 12/21/2015. $35,000

4780 Andorea Drive, Demari Lauren E, Demari Lois E to Anderson Catherine M; 12/24/2015. $104,500


1 E Gilmar Circle, Carlacci Florinda M to Lapides Ronald, Lapides Ilysa; 12/21/2015. $600,000

8 S Pembroke Ave, Neustadter Robert, Neustadter P June to Ganz Steven, Ganz Ashley; 12/21/2015. $890,000

23 S Jefferson Ave Unit 1, Barbet Kenneth M, Barbet Tamara A to Liberman Martin; 12/23/2015. $640,000

5 N Harding Ave, Fisher Jon S, Fisher Amy R to Glazier Kenneth, Glazier Kim; 12/24/2015. $580,000


2800 Schooner Lane, Sprouls Kevin R, Sprouls Rosemarie S to Dagostino John, Dagostino Michele; 12/23/2015. $360,000


2 Meredith Court, Gindhart Genevieve, Gindhart James R to Trulli Elaine; 12/22/2015. $210,000

3000 Cedarbridge Road, Lorady Darrin P, Lorady Kelsey M, Lorady Donald to Digilio Mark R; 12/23/2015. $270,000


1506 Monarch Place, American Homeowner Preservation Tr 2013c to Johnson Wastella; 12/21/2015. $38,000

409 Alder Ave, Hicks Savage Alisa, Savage Alisa Hicks, Savage Louis C to Bakersville Investment Group LLC; 12/22/2015. $55,000


5300 Boardwalk Unit 121, Pollock Francine L, Pollock Stanton J to Axelrod Lawrence, Axelrod Roberta; 12/23/2015. $169,000

400 N Cambridge Ave, Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp, Phelan Hallinan Diamond Pc, Phelan Hallinan Diamond Jones Pc to Mendell Richard A, Mendell Eileen M; 12/24/2015. $131,000

236 N Derby Ave #1108, Spada Mary C, Spada Daniel T to Jackie 888 Inc; 12/24/2015. $90,000

Cape May County


305 Monomy Terrace, Brian Groetsch L, Steven Groetsch J, Steven Groetsch J to Raymond Freeling E, Maryanne Freeling ; 12/23/2015. $342,500


14 Baywyn Drive, Dana Quigley , Amy Quigley , Matthew Gardner D to William Herrick J; 12/22/2015. $220,000


938 Honeysuckle Lane, Department of Veterans Affairs to Malcolm Knapp R, Dorothy Knapp C; 12/22/2015. $120,000

11 Tulip Ave, US Bank NA, Truman 2013 Sc3 Title Trust, Truman Capital Advisors LP to George Robinson ; 12/22/2015. $60,000

302 Eldredge Ave, Dennis Reed Brian, Douglas Reed Guy, Blanche Reed S, Dennis Reed B, Douglas Reed G to Brian Reed E, Teresa Reed M; 12/22/2015. $142,000

158 E Florida Ave, 101 Briarwood Ave LLC to Drew Pennebaker ; 12/23/2015. $124,000

201 Suzanne Ave, Marianne Grogg to Donna De Barberie ; 12/23/2015. $153,500

1136-1138 Lafayette St Unit 2, 1136-1138 Lafayette Street LLC to John Mc Ginley J, Yvonne Mc Ginley G; 12/23/2015. $312,500

27 Heron Way, James Finn T, James Finn T to Robert Boyle F, Veronica Boyle M; 12/23/2015. $245,000

100 Pacific Ave, Eleanore Di Cicco C, Barbara Di Cicco , Joseph Di Cicco J to Phillip Fritzscha L, Stacy Fritzscha ; 12/23/2015. $230,000

837 Seashore Road, BKA Real Property One LLC to John Vansplinter S, Patricia Moran Ann; 12/23/2015. $120,000

513 Windward Road, James Lynch C, Janet Lynch C to Carol Mckenzie , Michael Mckenzie B; 12/23/2015. $300,000

19 Delaware Ave, Carol Talaga P, Andrew Paskowsky , Diane Willmann Marie, Kathryn Doyle P, Walter Paskowsky John, Michael Paskowsky Paul, Joanne Carr Paskowsky, Carol Talaga Ann to Henry Stronski , Jami Stronski ; 12/23/2015. $275,000

13 W Miami Ave, Norman Ridgway, Douglas Iarossi M to Zachary Pashley D, Adriana Pashley ; 12/24/2015. $222,000


203 Lee Lane, Alan Thomas , Jane Thomas to Mary Dougherty P; 12/21/2015. $135,000

13 N 8th Ave, Anthony Onorato J, Helen Onorato to Robert Thompson W, Tracy Thompson L; 12/21/2015. $155,000

132 Swainton Goshen Road, Jo Ann Adcock Willis, James Willis O'Neil, James Willis O'Neal, James O'Neil , James O'Neal to Gustaf Keun M, Varvara Ovcharenko V; 12/22/2015. $135,000

6 Freedom Drive, Andrea Balliette C, Ruth Mc Master R, Edward Mc Master to Maryjane De Mento C, Anthony De Mento C; 12/22/2015. $218,000

30 4th Ave, Daniel McLaughlin R, Laura Mc Laughlin K to Angel Velez Acevedo, Carol Acevedo A; 12/23/2015. $160,000

Vacant Land East Of Garden State Parkway, 2l2gLLC to Mitchell Nichols; 12/24/2015. $200,000


1810 New Jersey Ave 101 & 102, Coba Inc to Elizabeth Cooper ; 12/21/2015. $100,000

2206 New York Ave, 104 S Oakland Ave LLC to Norman Carey S; 12/21/2015. $137,000

122 W 10th Ave, Bernard McGinty J, Barbara Drobel-McGinty to Jeffrey Buscham M; 12/22/2015. $184,900


500 Bay Ave Unit 705s, JDS/Atlantic Properties LLC to Mary Cole Jane B; 12/21/2015. $239,000

3508 Simpson Ave, Karen Paarz , Karen Paarz Lynn, Stephen Hoffman to Frederick Cessna L, Elizabeth Cessna ; 12/22/2015. $155,000

109 Fowlers Court, Anthony Crisci E, Laryn Richlin-Crisci R to James O'Neill C; 12/22/2015. $280,000

812-20 Ocean Ave Unit 315, Denise Day M, Gregory Day J to Anne Rightley M; 12/24/2015. $285,000

3913-15 West Ave Unit B, Robert Moreland Scott to Keith D'Amore ; 12/24/2015. $342,500


124 45th St 1st Floor, Elizabeth Destefano L to James Suplee , Patricia Suplee ; 12/23/2015. $330,000


9718 Third Ave Unit 201, Joseph Pedroni J, Monica Pedroni-De Rose L, Monica De Rose to Monica Pedroni-De Rose L, Matthew De Rose ; 12/23/2015. $160,000


102 Corson Tavern Road, James Schroder H to John Lunsford T, Jane Lunsford L; 12/21/2015. $125,000

17 W Katharine Ave, Timothy Kertz G, Anna Kertz Irrevocable Trust , Kertz Anna Irrevocable Trust , Anna Kertz to Seaville Partners LLC; 12/22/2015. $240,000

6 Evergreen Drive, Kenneth Sedberry A, Lauren Sedberry P, Lauren Young P, K Sedberry to Richard Gross M, Richard Gross J; 12/22/2015. $256,450

11 Whipporwill Drive, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, Fein Such Kahn & Shepard PC to Robert Neville; 12/22/2015. $214,000

55 Route 50, Barbara North H to Eustace Eggie; 12/23/2015. $150,000

140 Skimmer Lane, William Cossaboon H, Pamela Cossaboon L to Andrew Giambalvo , Nancy Giambalvo; 12/24/2015. $93,800


539 E 9th Ave Unit 301, Thomas Bisceglie G, Bernadette Bisceglie M to Panagiotis Karapanos , Melanie Karapanos; 12/21/2015. $325,000

320 W 16th Ave, US Bank NA, Lehman Xs Trust Mortgage, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Richard Gilson; 12/21/2015. $122,000

124 E Bennett Ave, Donald Digiovanni J, Theresa Digiovanni M to Vincent Moffo, Monique Moffo, Donna Massanova; 12/22/2015. $185,000

2207 Surf Ave #105, John Brady A, Kimberly Brady A to Sharon Silfies A; 12/22/2015. $222,500

118 W Baker Ave, 360 Capital LLC to Bernadino Varallo; 12/22/2015. $50,000

4704 Atlantic Ave Unit 102, Steven Spencer E to Russell Johnson Hans, Lise Johnson; 12/23/2015. $225,000

215 E Rio Grande Ave #e, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Jonathan Souza, Theano Dellis; 12/23/2015. $170,000

221 W Magnolia Ave, Steven Myers M, John W Myers Testamentary CredIt Shelter Trust, Mary Ott E to Joseph Donoavan Michael; 12/23/2015. $189,000

5201 Ocean Ave Unit 7010, Mary Frances Costigan, Norman Kiger F, Mary Frances Costigan Living Trust, Edward Costigan J to Victoria Fekete ; 12/23/2015. $200,000

413 W Leaming Ave Unit 104, Dennis Slobodian J, Danielle Slobodian M to Richard Latella Dominic, Kelley Latella Jane; 12/24/2015. $221,450


111 W Lavender Road, Dean Di Sibio A, Michele Di Sibio L, Daniel Zeccola T, Heather Zeccola G to Joseph Lyons J, Annemarie Lyons; 12/22/2015. $190,500

131 W Morning Glory Road, Raymond Joseph G, Wendi Joseph M to Ronnie Rosario, Elizabeth Rosario; 12/24/2015. $120,000


312 Franklin St, Elisel Ortiz to Christopher Rodriguez; 12/23/2015. $121,000

Cumberland County


16 South Ave, Pulman, Darrin to Hawkins, Anthony; 12/22/2015. $41,000

42 & 44 Franklin St, Ferguson, Kurt to Ocampos, Rafael; 12/22/2015. $127,500


9507 Highland St, Bramell, Donna P Rep to Underhill, Jeanna; 12/22/2015. $171,000

435 Robin Road, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp By Atty to Clemens, William T; 12/24/2015. $15,000


275 Cove Road, Thornburg, Ronald E to Saar, Rhena M; 12/24/2015. $53,000


22 Stanger Road, Bozarth, Betty L By Atty to Cuff, Leon H; 12/22/2015. $72,000


5815 Central Ave, Sweeney, Eric D to Andrews, Kenneth W; 12/23/2015. $164,500


348 Sandalwood Road, Parr, Wayne Exec to Watson, Robert H; 12/22/2015. $23,000

968 Carmel Road, Groff, Darcy L to Cross, Keith M; 12/22/2015. $141,040

1920 Hess St, Lloyd, Benjamin H Jr to Brobst, Robert; 12/23/2015. $22,000

2234 Wedgewood Court N, Mounts, Rebecca to Pleis, Steven; 12/23/2015. $155,000

1309 Mallard Lane, Farnsworth, John By Atty to Stadler, John C; 12/23/2015. $75,000


1580 Highway 77, Vanlier, Philip E to Divietro, Kathleen H; 12/22/2015. $110,000


2575 Graiffs Way, Drogo, Carlo to Johnson, Johnnie D; 12/22/2015. $207,500

654 Ridgewood Drive, Lemons-Spinelli, Cristina L Adm to Fedga, James A; 12/22/2015. $155,000

3715 S Main Road, Ward, Grace to Westcott, Rosalee M; 12/22/2015. $122,500

2908 Dante Ave, Gaburo, Charles G to Delgado, Jose; 12/22/2015. $173,500

Cornucopia Ave, Smaniotto, Richard J to Ferrari, Robert J Jr; 12/22/2015. $156,316

Cornucopia Ave, Smaniotto, Richard J to Ferrari, Robert J Jr; 12/22/2015. $123,683

485 E Grant Ave, Galetto, Louis J Jr to Vingi, Antonio; 12/22/2015. $139,900

250 Highland Ave, Asselta, Cathryn Est By Exec to Torres-Falcon, Jose I; 12/23/2015. $193,000

3595 Hance Bridge Road, Dietz, Dina M to Kaur, Kuldip; 12/23/2015. $140,000

509 Broadlawn Terrace, Cohen, Marcy to Almodovar, Camela D; 12/23/2015. $143,600

1075 Chelsea’s Way, Pryor, Tina to Price, Aaron M; 12/23/2015. $142,000

Ocean County


9 E 23rd St, Giannotti Louis J, Bartolozzi Maria A, Bartolozzi Arthur R Iii, Morris Rohinton J, Bartolozzi Terry H, Morris Elyse B to Kaschak Janice, Adams Gregory T; 12/24/2015. $810,000


42 Deer Run Drive, Lahm Donna L, Lahm Richard W to Serrano Eduardo, Soto Madeline; 12/23/2015. $253,000

27 Lexington Blvd, 129 Jordan LLC, Flam David to Gudz Solutions LLC; 12/21/2015. $45,000

19 Mast Drive, Sanchez Augusto to Garcia Joseph, Ramos-Garcia Kelly V; 12/22/2015. $170,500

20 Denville St, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association to Grant Brandon; 12/22/2015. $94,000

29 Chesapeake Court, Dasti Alexander J to Garcia-Moreno Wilson N; 12/22/2015. $113,000

102 Ravenwood Blvd, Mas Hector, Mas Peggy to Taute Frederick J; 12/22/2015. $254,000

438 East Bay Ave Unit #2, Defalco Attilio to Dictrich William, Gregory Cynthia; 12/22/2015. $167,000

16 Denville St, Ocean Prime Limited Liability Company, Flam Esther to Gonzales-Rodriguez Edil, Villafane-Santiago Marielie; 12/23/2015. $172,500

10 S Main St, Barnegat Senior Apartments LLC, Barnegat Properties Senior Apartments LLC, Del Duca Joseph A to Stafford Contracting LLC; 12/23/2015. $2,135,348

119 Emerson Lane, NVR Inc, Ryan Homes to Geiger Karen L, Geiger Michael J; 12/24/2015. $397,634

47 Pond View Circle, Rabens Lynda E, Beattie Letitia M to Lamson Patti L; 12/24/2015. $135,596


1907 S Bay Ave, Martini Ada P, Martini Vincent D to Ferrer Jasmine, Matthews Jason D; 12/22/2015. $805,000

201 Fairview Ave, Bentley Anita L to Stoldt Derek, Maggs James A; 12/22/2015. $876,000

514a Engleside Ave, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assn to Widener Robert, Widener Kristin; 12/22/2015. $226,000

220 Fairview Ave, Brennan James M, Brennan Susan H to Keller Thomas J; 12/23/2015. $650,000


189 Cox Ave, Barrett John to Horner Carol K; 12/22/2015. $104,000


11 E 81st St, Inzinna Frank, Inzinna Barbara to Gerleit Steven R, Gerleit Patricia K; 12/24/2015. $1,692,500


407 Fernwood Drive, Rac Grace A, Rac Cogger Grace A to Fleming Kevin, Fleming Margaret; 12/24/2015. $179,485

239 Davis Ave, Famularo Joseph Jr, Gerasimchuk Barbara, Famularo Humphrey to Roman Matthew; 12/23/2015. $150,000

Davis Avenue, Gerasimchuk Barbara, Famularo Humphrey, Famularo Vincent to Roman David; 12/23/2015. $50,000

4 Ditton Lane, Barber John R, Barber Gillian S to Acquavita Terese, Acquavita Louis; 12/21/2015. $295,000

1708 Anchorage Drive, Phelan Hallinan & Diamond PC, Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae, Phelan Hallinan Diamond & Jones PC to Zeitlin Lynda; 12/21/2015. $101,600

205 Greewood Lane, Crincoli Nicole, Bank Of America NA, Ocean County Sheriff, Naples FLP to Naples FLP; 12/22/2015. $88,000

26 Laurel Blvd, PNC Bank NA, Walters Lorraine, Walters Edward, Ocean County Sheriff, Mandrake Properties FLP, JPMorgan Chase Bank Na, Walters Francesan T to Mandrake Properties FLP; 12/22/2015. $80,000

233 Willow Lane, Sasso Marc to Pnc Bank; 12/23/2015. $80,000

1523 Dee Road, Castro Julian, Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development, Housing And Urban Development, Ofori & Associates to Trotter Concetta; 12/23/2015. $125,000

1741 Lakeside Drive South, Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates Series 2006-Nc2, Carrington Mortgage Services, Meadowlands Anesthesia Associates, McGauley Susan, McGauley Craig, Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc 2006-Nc2, US Bank NA, Kranz Akiva, Ocean County Sheriff to Kranz Akiva; 12/23/2015. $63,000

755 Lakeside Drive North, Ruemmler Ronald E, Titus Gail A, Mault Sandra J, Ruemmler Mabel June, Ruemmler M June to Titus Anthony, Titus Gail; 12/24/2015. $186,000


122 E Dory Drive, Di Vito Ann to DNR Towing LLC, Vicchi Ralph Le, Villalta Debra; 12/24/2015. $150,000

122 E Dory Drive, DNR Towing LLC, Levicchi Ralph, Villalta Debra to Velocity Commercial Capital LLC; 12/24/2015. $94,250

3 Altori Court, Doyle Steven, Doyle Kathleen to Jillson Brian, Jillson Janelle, Damon Steven W, Damon Marlene; 12/21/2015. $475,000

8 Skylar Court, Bayer Pamela, Bayer Stephen to Doyle Steven, Doyle Kathleen; 12/21/2015. $329,000

60 Chatham Road, K Hovnanian At Little Egg Harbor Township II LLC to Balsamello James, Balsamello Susan; 12/21/2015. $325,020

58 Kentucky Drive, Mason Lorraine A, Mason Mark, Mason John J, Lonski David P to Principe Josephine, Principe Peter; 12/24/2015. $318,000

137 N Ensign Drive, Shaw Walter Jr, Shaw Walter, Shaw Davina, Shaw Barbara to Sienrukos John, Sienrukos Kathleen; 12/24/2015. $199,000

221 Lexington Drive, Rausch Magdalen, Goldhawk Madeline to Horlowski Walter; 12/24/2015. $75,000

132 S Forecastle Drive, Curtis Norman, Curtis Carol to Sagaas Karen, Sagaas Gregory; 12/24/2015. $115,000

129 Zelus St, Mtglq Investors LP, Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC to Edel Emily M; 12/24/2015. $82,000


101 E Idaho Ave, Reis Michael, Roblee Erica, Reis Jennifer B, Roblee Kyle, Kyle Roblee And Erica Roblee Revocable Living Trust, Roblee Kyle And Erica Roblee Revocable Living Trust to 101 E Idaho LLC; 12/23/2015. $937,500

4701 S Long Beach Blvd, Wolpert Millicent, Wolpert Lionel to Tyler Nine LLC; 12/21/2015. $1,201,250

4701 S Long Beach Blvd, Karagjozi Lysbeth, Serratelli Joseph A, Tyler Nine LLC to Alpha Prime II LLC; 12/21/2015. $1,741,000

12 W 18th St, Robinson Harold H to Robinson Paula; 12/23/2015. $230,050

5 W 17th St, Cauda Kris E, Cauda John Iii, Lane Lisa A, Czajkowski Jill M, Lorenz Lynn M, Lane Jeffrey A to Grogan Dennis W, Grogan Donna A Ingram; 12/23/2015. $965,000

103 B Long Beach Blvd, Addiego Nicholas, Luedtke Joy to Casamento Benedetta, Watros Donald W; 12/23/2015. $1,300,000

12805 Beach Ave, Pike Glenn A, Pike Bradley P to Curatola Matthew, Curatola Maryann; 12/22/2015. $745,000

23 W Sailboat Drive, Johnson Alyson R to Siebel David R, Siebel Lisa; 12/24/2015. $675,000

5 Arts Lane, Busch Kenneth J, Busch Joan M to Arts Lane LLC; 12/24/2015. $1,200,000


36 Walker Lane, Lombardo Jodi L to Barone Austin; 12/21/2015. $265,000

203 Wells Mills Road, Pajak Elizabeth, Miller Elizabeth Ann, Baker Anna H, Baker Frank E to Steitz Edward J; 12/22/2015. $254,500

2 Chickasaw Drive, Ocean County Sheriff, Mandrake Properties FLP, Prochorov Tatiana B, Wells Fargo Bank NA, Fretwell Phillip E, Fretwell Philip E to Mandrake Properties FLP; 12/22/2015. $79,000

79 Johnson St, Damon Steven W, Damon Marlene E to Rehman Justin, Rehman Carolyn; 12/23/2015. $351,900

82 Clearwater Drive, Mazzetta Frank, Mazzetta Susan to Dasti Alexander; 12/23/2015. $154,480

41 Beach Haven Way, US Home Corp, Lennar to Ryder Frederick A, Ryder Paula M; 12/24/2015. $386,950


202 W 26th St First Floor, Shafer Michael, Shafer Deborah, Carlin Melinda to Jk Shore Property LLC; 12/23/2015. $273,000


Vacant Land, Baebi Joseph F to Ocean County; 12/21/2015. $166,250

234 Stafford Park Blvd, Stafford Retail Holdings LLC, Stafford Park Commercial LLC, Stafford Properties Urban Renewal LLC, Regan Timothy to Cantor Commercial Real Estate Lending LP; 12/21/2015. $31,200,000

917 Jane Drive, Modestino Jacqueline L, Modestino Paul to Modestino Gia; 12/21/2015. $200,000

179 Jeremy Lane, Van Hook Patricia to Van Hook Allison; 12/21/2015. $260,000

252 Tackle Ave, Mckenna Dorothy, Home Mark Modular LLC to Skora Inc; 12/21/2015. $52,000

1908 Mill Creek Road, Mulkeen Gerald, Mulkeen Michelle to Schiavone Linda Collette; 12/21/2015. $450,000

52 Deerfield Drive, Manturi Pasquale, Manturi Catherine, Manturi Patrick to Gordon Susan G, Gordon Robert J; 12/21/2015. $183,000

109 Sloop Road, Serpineto Karen to Gray Jonathan; 12/21/2015. $193,000

172 Lehigh Ave, Taylor Kelly D Clancy to Carey Michael P Jr, Davies Nicole; 12/21/2015. $170,000

225 Sextant Road, Goodstein Bruce, Goodstein Elizabeth to Mycek Anthony J; 12/21/2015. $158,900

225 Sextant Road, New Century Bank to Mycek Anthony J, Mycek Joanne P; 12/21/2015. $153,000

565 Nautilus Drive, Arnold Daniel L, Arnold Nicole L to Graziano Michael, Graziano Laura; 12/22/2015. $215,000

253 Matey Ave, Foor Susan to Chesnowitz Joseph, Chesnowitz Margaret; 12/22/2015. $185,000

17 Sylvia Lane, Sylvia 17 AJ LLC, Ambrose Marc to Nakly-Jandersit Christine; 12/23/2015. $310,800

25 Albert Drive, Albert25 AJ LLC, Jandersit Gary, Ambrose Marc to A&J Agency LLC; 12/23/2015. $110,000

15 Addington Court, Ash Maple LLC to Pedreiro Licinio, Seacoast Constuction Inc; 12/23/2015. $52,000

267 Clipper Road, Verge Jason F to Gallucci Christopher T, Gallucci Renay L; 12/23/2015. $270,500

52 Albert Drive, Bielen Lorrie Kwasek, Beilen Lorrie Kwasek, Kwasek Philip to Thompson Peter J, Thompson Barbara D; 12/23/2015. $165,000

5 Sea Breeze Court, Cribbs Yvonne F to Island Gate Homeowners Association Inc; 12/23/2015. $18,280

4 Elm Road, Siegel Joan L, Siegel George L, Cregge Thomas B Jr, Cregge Thomas B Sr to Degregorio Anthony, Degregorio Patricia; 12/24/2015. $116,000

20d Sycamore Road, Breza Virginia, Breza George J to Gonzalez Isabel M; 12/24/2015. $56,000

51 Weaver Drive, Albanese Joseph to Gibson James, Gibson Nicole; 12/24/2015. $170,000


1603 N Long Beach Blvd, Hodgson William D Sr, Hodgson Ursula Y to 1603 LBB LLC; 12/24/2015. $555,000


56 Parker Road, Lemond Carol J, Lemond Raymond W to Hansen Gloria D, Hansen Bruce D; 12/23/2015. $135,000

Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped.

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