Atlantic County


933 Navajo Ave, Falivene Gerald G to Gragg Robert D, Gragg Jessica L; 4/18/2013. $247,900

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304 North Shore Rd, Juhrs William A, Juhrs Kristin W, Noppenberger Kristin W to Mulholland Robert F, Grottola Frank R; 4/18/2013. $175,000

1106 Shelburne Ave, Wood Richard D, Wood Doris F to Feriozzi Joseph W; 4/18/2013. $190,000

626 N Shore Rd, American Cancer Society Inc, American Cancer Society Eastern Division Inc to Atlantic Prevention Resources Inc; 4/18/2013. $229,000

2 Ritz Dr, Poletis Louis N to Tracy William J; 4/19/2013. $179,000


101 South Raleigh Ave Unit 510, Liney Jonathan D, Hardin Daphne P to Lacca Maria; 4/16/2013. $78,000

2721 Boardwalk, Homeward Residential Inc, American Home Mtg Serv Inc to Chen Gang, Liu Zhigang; 4/16/2013. $50,000

422 N Ocean Ave, Chen Zhen Hong, Wang Li Chai, Tong Chak Kin to Persaud David, Ishmael Untiewatie Shazia; 4/17/2013. $31,000

721 Harris Pl, Infinity Real Estate Inv Llc, Kennedy Alex to David Elvira; 4/18/2013. $22,500

108 N Brighton Ave, Hurley Raymond, Hurley Joann, Donahue Kimberly to Pham Dat Duy; 4/18/2013. $65,000

101 S The Plaza Unit #407, Shecter Frederic M, Shecter Craig A, Shecter Doris to Rovner Robert A; 4/19/2013. $130,000


26 Delmar Dr, Bayview Loan Serv Llc to Branco Mark D; 4/15/2013. $140,000

702 Sarazen Rd, Doran Matthew F to Doran Patrick J, Doran Elizabeth C; 4/17/2013. $225,000

4636 Atlantic Brigantine Blvd Unit A, Doran Patrick Joseph, Doran Patrick J to Doran Matthew F; 4/17/2013. $190,000


201 Evergreen Ave, Candera Hamilcar to Powell Kevin; 4/19/2013. $157,000

207 Delwyn Lane, Casual Coastal Inv Llc, Acker Melissa to Delwyn Associates Llc; 4/19/2013. $49,000


4 Isaacs Lane, Oneill Christine, Oneill Carol to Okeefe James, Okeefe Patricia; 4/15/2013. $159,100

5005 Fernwood Ave, Lee Mu, Lee Kyung, Kim So Young to Rubba Kimberlee; 4/16/2013. $170,000

6692 Washington Ave, Thomas Phyllis Barry, Barry Joseph, Barry Thomas Phyllis to Brenes Leida; 4/17/2013. $30,000

115 Lighthouse Lane, Maglio Michael J, Maglio Linda L to Halkias Demetrios, Halkias Hanna; 4/17/2013. $360,500

38 Heathercroft, Garrett Robert F to Kriebel Henry T; 4/17/2013. $50,000

13 Primrose Circle, Haines Andrew, Haines Linda to Jackson Richard, Barca Josephine; 4/18/2013. $277,500

4 High School Dr, Federal National Mtg Assn to Velazquez Joselito, Madera Idalia; 4/18/2013. $198,000


501 Arbor Ct, Doebley &Amp; Dad Llc, Doebley Eugene J to Miller Kristin, Miller Charles; 4/17/2013. $258,000

439 W Wht Horse Pk, Lindner James, Lindner David to Lindner Megan; 4/18/2013. $100,000

539 Newbury Ct, Maurer R James, Maurer Barbara A to Wood Richard D, Wood Doris F; 4/18/2013. $170,000

401 Kingston Ct, Murray Francis, Romeo Murray Maria, Murray Maria Romeo to Wintemberg John Scott, Dale Wintemberg Denise, Wintemberg Denise Dale; 4/18/2013. $285,000

7 Federal Ct, Conlon Investments Llc, Seddon Jon to Dye Robert J, Dye Mary Jane; 4/18/2013. $70,000

19 Colonial Ct, Pilot Properties Inc to Daitol Jackito, Daitol Eloisa; 4/18/2013. $80,000

2 Carvel Ave, Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Hunter Brian; 4/18/2013. $143,500


82 Merlino Lane, Banker Bruce, Banker Carol to Jacobs Michael, Jacobs Mary Ann; 4/17/2013. $200,000

6391 Estelle Ave, Kelly Daniel G, Kelly Mary T to Born Christopher, Born Rachel; 4/17/2013. $335,000

677 Park Rd, Karpinski Maryjane, Karpinski Matthew C to Simone Matthew P; 4/18/2013. $105,000

5736 Main St, Shuler Marlayne G to Siciliano Salvatore E, Siciliano Judith M; 4/19/2013. $225,000

5732 Birch St, United States Of America Va to Miller Donna P; 4/19/2013. $116,000


19 So First Rd, Pickul Linda to Galletta Robert E, Galletta Beatrice A; 4/17/2013. $135,000

129 Brynmaur Ave, Fiorentino Mark, Fiorentino Gloria Ann to Rosso Frank; 4/17/2013. $277,000

557 Grape St, Lowe Keith, Lowe Carrie, Wagner Carrie to Girimont Michael J, Danielsen Lisa S; 4/17/2013. $239,900


201-C North Jefferson Ave, Weiner Cynthia, Seavey Rosemarie, Seavey Gregory, Weiner Jay to Angelone Anthony P, Angelone Margaret A; 4/17/2013. $539,000

9706 Ventnor Ave, Condit Cy, Condit Tara to Long George, Long Valarie; 4/18/2013. $217,500


1110 Columbia Rd, Pb 1110 Columbia Ave Llc to Grasso Donna L, Maher Jason A; 4/17/2013. $220,000


231 Glencove Ave, Fabietti Victor A, Fabietti Wendy to Glencove Ave Llc; 4/17/2013. $275,000


17 No Sacramento Ave, Krasner David M, David M Krasner Tr, Krasner Bonnie D, Bonnie D Krasner Tr to Jimenez Mariano Jose; 4/17/2013. $275,000

7101 Ventnor Ave, Weinrich Edward M, Weinrich Kathryn B to Weinrich Herman J; 4/17/2013. $275,000

Cape May County


1342 Ohio Ave, David Shaver , Vicki Scott-Shaver , Vicki Shaver Scott to Robin Blaker J, Susan Blaker M; 4/15/2013. $350,000

1520 New Jersey Ave Unit 221, Maria Mercadante , Leonard Nisivoccia , Maria Mercadante , Leonard Nisivoccia , Marie Nisivoccia to Robert Verdi C, Deborah Verdi J; 4/18/2013. $258,000


9 Scott Dr, Diann Walters to Richard Walters A; 4/15/2013. $60,000


3705 Bybrook Rd, Grayce Kelleher S to Rebecca Chamberlain ; 4/16/2013. $100,800

38 Wildwood Ave, Claudio Pawlus to Hugh Mc Closkey , Joanne Mc Closkey ; 4/16/2013. $125,000

202 Pine St Unit B, Georgious Michailidis , Jessica Michailidis to Meghan Ludgate ; 4/16/2013. $165,000

22 N 15th St, newbury Place Reo Iii Llc to polymathic Properties Inc ; 4/16/2013. $99,381

16 W Florida Ave, Joan Clime E, Edmund Whitlock L, Elaine Whitlock M to Michael Tokash J, Kathryn Tokash ; 4/19/2013. $105,000


18 Goshen Rd, skr Investments Llc to 18 Goshen Road Llc ; 4/16/2013. $60,000

2305 Tidewater Ave, nvr Inc , Ryan Homes to Susan Larsen ; 4/16/2013. $222,760

1907 Tidewater Ave, nvr Inc , Ryan Homes to Joseph Quattrone A, Margaret Quattrone A; 4/17/2013. $251,790

132 Holly Dr, Charles Hunter L, William Carr , Olive Hunter K to Joseph Peterson H; 4/17/2013. $160,000

2 Lehigh Ave, Elizabeth Noland G to Daniel Wilby , Susan Wilby ; 4/19/2013. $162,000

761 Stone Harbor Blvd, Maureen Costa D, Maureen Daniels D to Stephen Obert J, Sharon Obert A; 4/19/2013. $175,000


3701 Susquehanna Ave Unit 3701, slm Financial Corp , Slm to Michele Kelly , John Bradley E; 4/15/2013. $259,000

141 B Allen Dr, Robert Lemmo , Janet Lemmo to Nancy Tomlinson ; 4/15/2013. $90,000


353 West Ave, slm Financial Corp , Slm to Virginia Rine B, J Rine Gary; 4/15/2013. $195,000

1708 West Ave, Helen Kelly to John Sarin A, Margaret Sarin R; 4/16/2013. $267,000

4120-22 Asbury Ave 1st Fl, Ronald Mc Kinnon J, Charlotte Mc Kinnon S to Frank Porto W, Stephanie Porto A; 4/16/2013. $195,000

921 Park Pl Unit 210, Mary Schlein F, Roy Schlein Larry to David Kavjian , Maureen Kavjian ; 4/19/2013. $205,000


10601 Golden Gate Dr, Richard Pike O, T Shelter Trust Lynn M Pike Testamentary Credi , T Shelter Trust Pike Lynn M Testamentary Credi , Leslie Pike Suzanne to Richard Pike O, Lori Andrews Lynn, Leslie Pike Suzanne, Leanne Treese ; 4/19/2013. $138,450


412 Second Ave, Christopher Moffatt J to Frank Demarco L, Lauren Torres C; 4/16/2013. $195,000

212 Mistletoe Ave, Gene Candeloro R to John Lee C, Sarah Lee L; 4/16/2013. $175,000


625-627 W Poplar Ave, Joseph Di Stephani E, Joseph Di Stephani , Rita Di Stephani M to Bernadette Licata L; 4/16/2013. $175,000


118 W Youngs Ave, Thomas Gerace to Joan Trotta ; 4/17/2013. $150,000

104 E Wildwood Ave, Raymond Solem , Yvonne Graham-Solem to Elizabeth Mertz A; 4/17/2013. $169,000

5301 Ocean Ave Unit 805, federal National Mortgage Assn , Fei Lam F to James Floryshak , Margaret Floryshak A; 4/18/2013. $160,000

140 W Youngs Ave, O Deutsche Bank National Trust C , Homeward Residential Inc , Ng Inc American Home Mortgage Servici , Ent Trust American Home Mortgage Investm to Elber Munyon ; 4/19/2013. $99,000

450 W Montgomery Ave, montgomery &Amp; Susquehanna Llc to Kevin Matthews F; 4/19/2013. $50,000


402 A E Charleston Ave Unit A, Barbara Dugan Bradley to Charles Bates , Linda Bates ; 4/17/2013. $257,500

Cumberland County


127 Pamphylia Avenue 181, Infinity Real Estate, Investments Llc to Griffiths, Carol; 04/15/2013. $18,400

90 Summit Avenue, Ruiz-Mesa, Mario J to Juarez, Antonio Fonseca; 04/16/2013. $75,000


868 Main Street, Blizzard, Jack I Jr to Massey, Ronald J Jr; 04/16/2013. $197,000


Stathems Neck Road, Pierce, Nathaniel M Jr Exec to New Jersey State Of Dept Of, Env Prot; 04/19/2013. $290,000


731 Shiloh Pike, Corrigan, Kimberly A to Gandy, Harry Iv; 04/16/2013. $80,000

388 W Park Drive, Johnson, James Daniel Exec to Headrick, Austin E; 04/16/2013. $65,000


79 North Avenue, Blizzard, Robert H Jr By Atty to May, Allison; 04/15/2013. $60,000


445 Main Street, Franckle, Jeffrey M to Gadley, Timothy R; 04/15/2013. $117,000

1 E Point Road, Federal National Mortgage, Assoc Aka By Atty to Nielsen, Gilbert L Iii; 04/15/2013. $46,050

4804 Route 47, Sharp, Clifford R to Cox, Joseph; 04/17/2013. $70,000


22 Narcissus Road, Simmons, Maureen B Exec to Reed, Joseph; 04/15/2013. $135,000

143 Cottage Street, Grusemeyer, Carol S to Johnson, Paul M; 04/15/2013. $155,000

114 Se Lake Shore Dr 199, Gilmartin, Betty L to Green, Randolph J; 04/18/2013. $165,000


97 Davis Mill Road, Daniels, David S Sr Ind Exec to Daniels, Daniel S Sr; 04/15/2013. $117,000


1169 Sharp Rd #29, Stevenson, Lois L By Atty to Giacobbe, John M; 04/15/2013. $110,000

524 Alps Place, Niehoff, Peter S to Schreiner, Eric W; 04/15/2013. $155,000

1179 W Wheat Road, Pinto, Deletta Exec to Giacalone, Wendy L; 04/16/2013. $156,500

2025 Panther Road, Reimels, John H Iii to Muniz, Mireya; 04/18/2013. $146,000

1922 Maple Avenue, Long, Robert D to Long, Robert D; 04/19/2013. $60,222

Ocean County


28 West 11th Street, Deasy Denise A to Slyfield Donna, Slyfield James; 4/17/2013. $840,000


9 Geyser Pl, Romano Vincent, Romano Christine, Coyle Doraine to Spade Katina, Spade David; 4/17/2013. $195,000

128 Rockrimmon Blvd, Ryan Homes, Nvr Inc to Hart Valerie D; 4/19/2013. $376,651

23 Sextant Dr, Wong Doug H, Wong Shao to Archibald Ryan, Archibald Kelly; 4/16/2013. $170,000

21 Mast Drive, Nj Home Solutions Llc, Bittel John to Zalewski Amanda, Zalewski Dominic; 4/16/2013. $160,000

58 First St, Melillo Aimee R to Melillo Alfred A; 4/16/2013. $97,000

74 Robin Lane, Futcher Frank, Futcher Frank Walter, Futcher Patrick A, Futcher Frank W to Griffin Donald, Griffin Adeline; 4/18/2013. $173,000

5 Nantucket Ave, Teske Nadine, Teske John Jr, Teske Helen, Teske John to Walters Development Co Llc; 4/19/2013. $70,000

55 Fawcett Blvd & 53 Fawcett Blvd, Vogelman Helyn M, Vogelman Patrick J to Walters Development Co Llc; 4/19/2013. $49,000


Slip C 24 Eleventh Street, Peters Deborah A, Peters Christopher R to Palmadesso Janice A, Palmadesso Jeffrey; 4/17/2013. $58,000


135 Murphy Dr, Vanderbilt Mortgage And Finance Inc to Sutter James F Jr; 4/19/2013. $49,500


2096 Llewellyn Parkway, Lamberti Patrick V, Lamberti Carol L to Bottomly Kathleen, Bottomly John; 4/17/2013. $158,000

408 Brandywine Ave, Mahan Scott, Galbreth Mary Beth, Mahan Mary Beth to Meyer Richard, Meyer Marie; 4/17/2013. $305,000

203 Fernwood Ln, Baran Linda to Terhune Kimberley J; 4/19/2013. $181,500

Vacant land, Nosti Carolyn to Neumann Kristen Wilson, Neumann Edward; 4/15/2013. $145,000

1301 Kauai Dr, Bobadilla Michael to Morton Mark J, Morton Lori C Gowen; 4/16/2013. $160,000

1211 Spoonbill Court, Lewis William Hess Jr, Lewis William Hess, Lewis William H to Fiorella Joan L, Fiorella John V; 4/19/2013. $480,000

312 Chestnut Dr, Fitts Ronald W, Fitts Laurel Leithauser to Hoover Joyce; 4/19/2013. $285,000


370 Golf View Dr, Mido Robert, Kovaly Joann to Phillips Susan, Phillips Dennis J; 4/17/2013. $186,500

398 Great Bay Blvd, Avery John E, Avery James E, Mackenzie Beth A to Mackenzie Beth A; 4/15/2013. $160,000

30 Briarwood Dr, Giordano Antoinette J, Ratty Veronica M to Giordano Antoinette J; 4/16/2013. $55,412

209 Lake Winnepesaukee Dr, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Muhsgnug Eleanor, Muhsgnug Kirk; 4/16/2013. $78,000

133 South Longboat Dr, Myhren Jessie, Prowitz Gail, Myhren William Scott, Myhren Ralph to Byrne Stephen C, Singh Lottie; 4/17/2013. $68,000

16 Garden Terrace, Mezzina Joseph T, Buon-Vita Development Associates Llc to Elkins Amanda; 4/17/2013. $40,000

49 Pinehurst Drive, Ocean County Sheriff, Naples Flp, United States Of America, United States Departments Of Agriculture, Farmers Home Administration, Brown Glenn, Brown Lacey, New Century Financial Services to Naples Flp; 4/18/2013. $51,000


212 Seventh Street, Wirth Edward J Sr, Wirth Elizabeth E to Henshaw Garret W; 4/17/2013. $156,900

24 Mizzen Way, Nationstar Mortgage Llc, Morequity Inc to Pal Abraham; 4/17/2013. $98,000

21 Hawkins Way, Portale James P, Johnson Lorraine E, Portale Robert R, Johnson L Augustus to Doris Susanne; 4/18/2013. $295,000


2419 Central Avenue, Meola Peggy Ann to Leonetti David R; 4/17/2013. $525,000


14 Daniels Dr, Nationstar Mortgage Llc to Mcclellan Michael; 4/15/2013. $123,500

141 Timberlake Dr, Fitzpatrick Alan G, Fitzpatrick Rosemary to Mahasky Matthew, Mahasky Joann; 4/17/2013. $277,500

986 Sandy Circle, Cody Muriel, Cody Arthur to Fletcher Donna K; 4/17/2013. $195,000

324 Compass Ct, Remick Norman to Gresham William; 4/19/2013. $55,000

173 Lighthouse Dr, Boswell Shelley G, Boswell John A to Webb Lisa; 4/17/2013. $150,000

44 Weaver Dr, Dreier William R to 44 Weaver Llc; 4/16/2013. $165,000

76 Lighthouse Dr, Dianna Dorothy H to Holman Jason, Holman Kristen; 4/16/2013. $201,400

72 Glenn Dr, Crocker Robert C to Ascolese Eugene, Ascolese Linda; 4/16/2013. $105,000

1779 Breakers Dr, Bressan Gloria L to Benedict William F, Benedict Theresa; 4/16/2013. $255,000

140 Gangway Lane, Frantz Robert Jr, Frantz Susan to Lynch Lauren A; 4/17/2013. $207,500

284 Morris Blvd, Henderson Mark D, Henderson Karen to Grzyb Gail, Grzyb William S; 4/17/2013. $410,000

8 Beatrice Drive, Rapposelli Raymond to Macko Janusz; 4/17/2013. $235,000

1343 Mill Creek Rd, Federal National Mortgage Association to Quilio Mari, Quilio Michael; 4/17/2013. $442,000

1334 Avenue A, Mattis Walter C, Mattis Rosaria to Adams William H, Adams Stacey E; 4/17/2013. $175,000

1903 Breakers Dr, Finer John R, Finer Linda M to Clark Brendan; 4/19/2013. $236,000

109 Trim Lane, Orlando Lynn, Orlando Anthony P to Lange Sandra L; 4/19/2013. $275,000

157 Inlet Ave, Federal National Mortgage Association to Devries Meghan, Hammock Theodore; 4/19/2013. $145,100

352 Morris Blvd, Kastner Dorothy M, Kastner Arthur J, Kastner Charles T to Slupczewski Lorraine, Slupczewski Stanley; 4/19/2013. $170,000

32 Harold Ln, Riley Joan M, Riley Joseph R to Swift Robert A; 4/19/2013. $120,000


256 11th St, Fhw Land Acquisition Llc, Hodgson William D to Casey Michael; 4/17/2013. $475,000


208 Second Avenue, Hulbert Brett to Clay Cassandra T; 4/17/2013. $41,200

27 Hunter Dr, Bean Elaine V, Bean Jack E to Bean Jack E; 4/16/2013. $23,500

125 New Hope Street, Hersh Nathaniel C, Hersh Laura Anne to Miller Donald, Fialkovich Jenna; 4/16/2013. $203,000

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