Business: DelMoSports

Owner: Stephen, 37, and Jaime Del Monte, of Wildwood Crest

Location: 100 E. Rio Grande Ave., Wildwood

Started: 2004

Employees: 1

Phone: 609-374-6495

DelMoSports is an event production company. We produce elite events, and our specialty is triathlons.

We produce four triathlons along the southern New Jersey shore, iconic events.

For example, Escape the Cape has 1,500 people jumping off the Cape May Lewes Ferry. That will take place again June 8.

The new Challenge Atlantic City in June will launch a global race series.

The state has been fantastic to deal with, and that goes from Trenton, to Hammonton, to the shore and all the municipalities in between.

What we do is have the biggest dream possible of what we want to do, then go about making it happen.

There are more than 100 triathlons in New Jersey, but our four are entirely different.

In this business, people will say there are only so many things you can do to attract new customers, and we don't believe that. We believe the potential is limitless.

For example, shutting down Ocean Drive between North Wildwood and Stone Harbor in August is spectacular and it's safe.

Our other two events are the Tri The Wildwoods Triathlon and the Atlantic City International Triathlon.

We have to be crystal clear in our vision to effectively sell the ideas to the people who make the decisions. You have to paint a masterpiece when you explain, and back it up with experience and know how.

We involve people from graphic designers to operations specialists to logistics experts to social media coordinators and public relations people. Once we get the approvals, I have a team I put together to run the event.

Entry: I've been a triathlete for about 15 years. I competed in a race that was poorly run and decided that before someone did that in my hometown, I was going to produce the race.

My first race was Tri-The Wildwoods in 2004. I didn't know yet what I was doing, but I loved the sport.

Future plans: There are more events to come.


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