The results in Tuesday’s non-partisan elections are unofficial.


For mayor, vote for one 

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Martin L. Pagliughi   234

For council-at-large,

vote for t wo

Charles P. Covington  233

Richard E. Dean  224


For mayor, vote for one

Leonard C. Desiderio  965

Michael J. McHale  472

For council-at-large,

vote for two

William J. Kehner Sr.  967

Frank P. Edwardi Jr.  901

Barbara A. Drew  470

Daniel E. Organ  465


For City Commission,

vote for three

Ernie Troiano Jr.   738

Peter Byron   719

Anthony Leonetti   693

Gary S. DeMarzo   452

Sandra Richardson   412

Al Brannen   405

Edward E. Harshaw Sr.   395

Dara Baltuskonis  280

Question No. 1

Should Ordinance 828-10, which revises staffing levels in the city of Wildwood Police Department, be adopted?

YES  651

NO  545

A “YES” vote would adopt Ordinance 828-10 and reduce the authorized positions within the Wildwood Police Department to: one police chief, one deputy police chief, one captain, one lieutenant, five sergeants, and 38 patrolmen. A “NO” vote would keep the current police structure in place.

Question No. 2

Should the municipal election day in the city of Wildwood be moved to the general election day in November?

YES   739

NO   416

A “YES” vote supports moving the next municipal election to November 2015. A “NO” vote supports keeping the municipal election in May. Approximately $25,000 would be saved by moving the date of the municipal election to coincide with the general election date in November.

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