Details for SIDDH YOH


Kundalini Awakening

While it has been said
that this inner journey
of ancient Yogic path is
purely dependent on an
inner urge of seeker to
realize the TRUTH FIRST
HAND by conscious
self-efforts, the presence
and guidance of MASTER
from an initial stage of
Initiation to advanced
stages of spiritual
seeking accelerates this
inner journey of seeker
to tremendous extent
and details of the same
cannot be described
and explained by mere

Experience an Inner Awakening
via Shaktipat, Rewriting your future
We invite you to the inner journey that
ultimately leads to spiritual awakening
and drives the seeker towards the SELFREALIZATION…. the PURPOSE AND
GOAL of being a Human as described
by sacred ancient scriptures descended
thru the medium of Enlightened Masters.
Come, experience the divine grace and
presence of Master who has been
invited on this earth specifically to guide,
and train sincere seekers in most ancient
traditions of yogic science.
Topics like Chakras, Kundalini, Transmission of
Superconscious, subtle vibrations and associated
subjects will be explored, seekers will have a chance
to ask questions on these important spiritual topics.
In this session, we practice chanting - Pranayama
- Sacred Mantra - Meditation
Benefits: Initiation into Kundalini Meditation
- Gradual Evolution of seeker to increased cognitive
awareness – Enjoying inner peace daily.

Raise your Vibration

Saturday, July 22 2017 • 10:30am-12:30pm & 6pm-8:30pm
Sunday, July 23 2017 • 10:30 AM
Session are free of Charge and conducted in English

Clarion Inn - 342 E. White Horse Pike, Galloway, NJ 08205

For the seekers who want Initiation with Shaktipat,
Please call Amit Patel (609) 504-9461 for complete detail.