Karma plays Saturday, Nov. 5, at Bally's Atlantic City's Blue Martini.

What goes around, comes around: Karma has been coming and going through the southern New Jersey shore for a while now, and its members' musicianship, showmanship and love for the stage is stronger than ever.

"Karma was created on the basis that we would play songs that were fresh and popular and mix them with classic, epic sing-alongs," explains Emily Jean, the band's lead vocalist. "We enjoy mixing tunes, as well, so the set is ever-changing."

And it's no secret that with great songs comes great opportunities for crowds to dance and have a ball. Jean and her bandmates want nothing more than for audiences to have a memorable time while really getting down.

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"Our goal is to keep people dancing, especially our ladies," Jean says. "It's like partying with a group of your best girlfriends every time you go to work, and that's how I like it to be. I want the girls to take over the dance floors. It's one, massive girl's night out."

Join Jean and the rest of Karma at 9 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 5, at the Blue Martini inside Bally's Atlantic City.

Who's Who: Emily Jean, lead vocals; Chris McCarter, lead guitar, vocals; Julian Hinson, bass, vocals; Jeffrey Quattro, keys, vocals; Mike Czimback, drums.

Pure Passion: "Each member brings a definite passion and personality to the band," Jean says. "It creates a true ensemble feel that really hypes up a crowd. Karma is centered on kicking the latest, influential iTunes hits while also creating a serious balance of standard crowd favorites."

Jersey Love: Jean says Karma has been touring southern New Jersey since the band's genesis, and some of its favorite places to play include La Costa Lounge in Sea Isle City, The Pool at Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City and The Gypsy Bar inside the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, also in Atlantic City.

Musical History: Jean grew up on music and musical theater, so being in a band as an adult is no surprise. "I've always been very musically diverse," she says. "I am truly thankful to be sharing the stage with bandmates who can play anything and have tremendous musical knowledge. They can really play any and everything - keeping up with them is an awesome challenge."

Go See Them: 9 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 5, at the Blue Martini inside Bally's Atlantic City. Call 609-304-2000 for more info.


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