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That chill in the air may not just be the coming of the fall, but also the coming of one of southern New Jersey's youngest, hottest DJs - DJ Freezie. Known to family and friends as Chelsea Frost, Freezie has been DJing for three years, and is no stranger to the South Jersey scene.

"I am originally from Ocean City," she says. "It's a little weird sometimes when people I barely knew a while back recognize me as 'DJ Freezie,' but I do love it when my old high school friends come out and see me play."

One of Frost's favorite places to play and party with her friends is The Pool inside Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City.

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"The Pool is a great place to play, same with X Bar," she says. "Other places I love in the summer are the Ocean Drive because it's really different from Atlantic City venues - they have live bands play there at the same time as DJs, and that is always fun. South Jersey people can get really crazy."

And that means you. Go get crazy with DJ Freezie throughout Atlantic City, including this weekend at Xhibition Bar inside Harrah's Resort.

The Name Game: Frost, 22, was known as "Freezie" to her high school friends - "Frost. Get it?"

An Open Book: "I spin in open format," she explains. "So, I tend to spin a lot of genres, and because of all the travel I do, I need to be on top of all the genres." Frost says different areas bring out different styles of music: The X Bar at Harrah's thrives on house music, while The Pool is more Top 40.

Party Starter: "I try my best to play music that moves the crowd and keeps them involved," the DJ begins. "Because of my love of dance, I always interact with the music while I'm playing, and that makes it easier for the audience to join in. It's like a partnership between the crowd and myself."

Steady Learner: "I often go out and try to learn from all the experienced DJs out there," Frost says. "I always feel I can learn something, and that everyone has something to offer."

Website: Learn more about DJ Freezie on her Facebook page at

In The Act: You can catch DJ Freezie at the Xhibition Bar Friday and Saturday, as well as Nov. 4 and 5. Admission is always free, and the DJ sets starts at 10 p.m.



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