Clubhouse features a mix of music by DJs and live bands.

Clubhouse, a teen nightclub, has recently opened in Galloway Township, and the 21-and-younger crowd is all a-twitter. Multi-platinum music producer and co-owner Roy Hamilton III hopes to revive the notion of meeting people in "the real world."

"At Clubhouse, the focus is on social networking offline," Hamilton, director of entertainment for Clubhouse says. "We bring in great DJs and live entertainment that is relevant to the teen demographic. We created this atmosphere where the youth can expand in a creative way through dancing and interacting with new and old friends in a safe space. There are no drugs, no alcohol, and no fighting - just good, clean, teen fun."

Hamilton says Clubhouse is a creative outlet for young people.

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"We opened Clubhouse because there is nowhere in the area for our youth to socialize, that they can really call their own," he says. "Clubhouse is inside a beautiful country club that has been renovated into a teen-themed facility. It is a niche market that is severely overlooked in our area, and we've had kids come out from every high school in Atlantic and Cape May counties."


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Fridays and Saturdays: Themed party nights for teens, cover is between $10 and $15.

Coming Up: Clubhouse will start hosting teen talent nights, which all family members can attend.


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Party Time, Excellent: "Clubhouse is the ideal location for any and all teen private events," Hamilton says. "From birthday parties to high school and eighth-grade graduations to holiday parties - we do it all."

Mocktails, anyone?: There's no alcohol at Clubhouse, but that doesn't mean you can't dance with a drink in your hand. The club serves water and soda, with frozen drinks coming this summer

Dress to impress: "The Clubhouse dress code policy is simple," Hamilton says. "No T-shirts allowed; all guests should have dress shirt and jeans - nothing sloppy."

No worries, Mom: "Parents of our patrons are more than welcome to stop in for a few minutes when dropping off or picking up their teens," Hamilton says. "All parents who have toured our facility have been very impressed, and actually become interested in hosting their teen's next event at Clubhouse - it always goes over very well."



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