DJ Kay Jay, otherwise known as Kristin Jackson, 27, has been a professional DJ for four years now, but can't remember a time when music - and putting together a playlist - wasn't part of her life.

"Music has always been a passion of mine," Jackson begins. "I grew up in a family that loved music. My mom and older brother were my biggest influences; between the two of them, someone was always playing new music."

Jackson loves the nightlife here in Atlantic City. Coming from Baltimore, Md., where Jackson doesn't sense as much innovation in the nightlife community, our neck of the woods really lets her explore her talent.

What To Expect: "I spin all types of music, depending on the venue's style," Jackson reveals. "I try to hit all different genres in one night, so I am guaranteed to please most of the crowd, but I always like to throw in a signature track throughout the night - a song that really represents me."

More Than Music: "What works for me with a crowd is my enthusiastic stage presence," Jackson says. "But in addition to my music and attitude, I am a video DJ, so I coordinate the videos being played along with my music in the venue. This definitely adds to the entertainment, and it really takes everyone's night to the next level."

Get Online:;, or become a fan on Facebook - just search for DJ Kay Jay.

Go See Her: Catch DJ Kay Jay every Wednesday at X-Bar inside Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City. Admission is free, and her set starts at 10 p.m. You can also catch her 11 p.m. Friday, Feb. 3, at The Casbah Nightclub at Trump‚ÄČTaj Mahal Casino Resort in Atlantic City, or 11 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 18, at the Showboat Casino-Hotel in Atlantic City.