Bar of the Week: Bullshots Pizza Pub in Atlantic City

Candi Lynn of Long Beach Island (left) and Brianna Hubschman of Toms River work behind the bar at Bullshots in Atlantic City.

Bullshots Pizza Pub is a place punk rockers, metalheads and every nightlifer in between have been frequenting for more than 10 years, even after the pub's recent relocation to a larger building.

Bar manager Michael Sellarole-Sweeney, affectionately known as Sweeney, has been with the bar through thick and thin, and believes that with its resurgence of live music and nightly specials, Bullshots has become nothing short of hip, welcoming and lively.

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"The Bullshots nightlife philosophy would have to be for everyone to chill," Sweeney says. "We've got the comfortable and homey feel of a great dive bar, but with lots of attention poured into our food and drinks - so everything is excellent. And our jukebox is definitely the best."

Get down any night of the week at Bullshots, with live entertainment happening on Fridays and Saturdays, and great specials throughout the week.

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Keepin' It Real: "We host original bands during the week when we can," Sweeney says. "Friday nights we have DJ Rick Clark, who plays great classics in funk, old-school tunes and reggae. Also, in the summertime, we have live acoustic music on Saturdays on our newly renovated outdoor patio."

A.C. Style: "The neighborhood feel is alive and well at Bullshots, and we pride ourselves on that," Sweeney says. "We like to offer personalized attention and make everyone feel welcome. Atlantic City is as diverse as any other major city, but it's on a smaller scale, and that makes it unique."

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