5 things you need to know about A Dam Good sports Bar

A crowd checks out football Sunday night at A Dam Good sports Bar in the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City.

1 When The Quarter at Tropicana Casino and Resort opened in 2004, A Dam Good Sports Bar was meant to be a casual, affordable alternative to the glitzy, high-end restaurants and clubs surrounding it. Actually, it was originally named "A Dam Good Crab Shack & Sports Bar," and was a Maryland-style crab restaurant with brown paper spread across the tables. In early 2007, they dropped the seafood focus, finding that people weren't as into cracking crabs as just chilling out with a beer and some good old-fashioned American bar food.

2 When locals think of A Dam Good Sports Bar, they think of its damn-good specialty: $5 40-ounce beers. They have more than a dozen varieties available year-round, and the special runs Sundays to Fridays, with the prices going up to $9 on Saturdays. With more than three times the alcohol of a regular beer bottle at the same price as most other places in the city's casinos, that's a deal worthy of being well known. Lesser known, but equally liable to strike fear in your liver, is a $9 Barefoot wine bottle special that also runs from Sundays to Fridays.

3 There isn't a bad seat in the house when there's a game on, because everywhere you look there's a TV. There are three 110-inch, HD projection televisions around the venue, as well as 13 42-inch plasma screens, broadcasting nearly any game you can imagine, with NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB Extra Innings, ESPN Game Plan and other programming packages for all the top sports. Just make sure you get there before game time - you might not get a seat at all.

Latest Video

4 The bar has nearly as many games to play as watch. There are billiards on one side of the bar and a mini-arcade on the other, where there's an ever-present group of dudes dueling over who can shoot more rubber balls through a basketball hoop, toss a spiraling football through a narrow hole or punch a bag the hardest. It's a nice break from the norm on a low-key night, at the start of a wild night or just during halftime.

5 When they dropped the crab concept, it didn't leave a gaping hole in the menu. The bar doubled up on the traditional Americana, adding to its offerings of burgers, pizzas, finger foods and entrees, while keeping seafood standards. There are specials such as three meat tacos for $5, 25 wings for $21 and loaded pizzas for only $7, ideal for absorbing all that inexpensive alcohol.

The Scene

Heard on a Saturday night: A live DJ, which the bar features Thursdays and Fridays as well, played a mix of Top 40 party pop and hip-hop, turning the sports bar into a dance club when LMFAO's single "Sexy And I Know It" came on.

Scene at midnight: Customers fill the bar and restaurant tables, as well as the arcade and pool tables, dressed casually and mingling freely with the groups around them. People who came for a cheap pre-game head out for a night elsewhere in The Quarter's plethora of bars and clubs, while other people filter in and find friends.

What They're Saying

Joe Morrotto, 27, Hammonton

“Five-dollar 40s equals a damn good night every time.”

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