Band Spotlight: Resident Stone

Resident Stone really knows how to rock: the band's stage presence is undeniable. But you can judge for yourself this weekend at Le Grand Fromage in Atlantic City.

"We pride ourselves on our stage performance," guitarist Rick Land says. "We provide a loud, high-energy show, and our fans tell us there are no local bands around that can match us. Rob Stone, our lead singer, is really intense, and we also have strong guitar solos and two-part harmonies. We'll even jump into the crowd and bring them on stage."

The band has caught the attention of Goldheart Records, with which they are currently working on a debut album due in 2012.

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"We are working with some amazing talent," Land says. "Our producer, Vince McCartney, has worked with bands like U2, Bad Company and Roger Waters. We're very excited to be nearing completion of the album and to get out on the road."

Fan Favorites: Resident Stone performs all original songs, including fan favorites "Now Shes's," "The Knight" and "Space Brownies With A Question Mark," Land says.

Musical Influences: Land lists Black Sabbath, Guns 'N Roses, AC/DC and Aerosmith as influences, but they enjoy jazz, too.

Roster: Rob Stone, vocals; Rick Land, Rebel Somers, guitar; Sam Ross, bass; Drew Clark, drums.

Fun Fact: "Rob and I started this band together in a garage with no ventilation or air conditioning, in 100-degree heat," Land reveals. "We worked our tails off to put the band together and become one of the top acts in Atlantic City. We recently got signed and are working on a debut album; we definitely plan to take over the world!"

Go See Them: 8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 17, at Le Grand Fromage, 25 Gordon's Alley, Atlantic City. Catch them again on New Year's Eve.

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- Rebecca Grites

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