5 things you need to know about The Deck

1 In the 15 years since it opened, The Deck has attracted crowds of all ages to its scenic location right on the Farley Marina in Atlantic City. The outdoor dockside bar was an important selling point for Landry's when it purchased the former Trump Marina earlier this year to transform it into the Golden Nugget. "The Deck is one of the nicest assets we have," said Stanford Le, vice president of marketing for the new hotel and casino. "The natural environment overlooking the marina is bar none the best in Atlantic City."

2 The improvements to The Deck are ongoing, but have already included everything from refurbished decking and awnings, to an upgraded sound system, to new additions to the food and drink menu. Party pitchers, signature drinks and 100-ounce towers of beer all have been added recently, and new events like the "Bubba Gump Shrimp Festival" on Sept. 3 and a craft beer festival at the end of the season also are lined up.

3 There are 640 boat slips at the Farley Marina, and much of the crowd at The Deck is often made up of boat owners getting a bite and a beer. This is especially true during the day, when the clientele is mostly people in their early 40s and older. At night, though, the crowd is much more of a mix, as a younger crowd comes in for the nightly promotions.

4 While The Deck's new owners are overhauling the bar in every way, they are leaving a lot of elements in place that worked before. "We're keeping a lot of the old stuff that people enjoyed," said Le. Its most popular annual event, FakeFest, a three-day set of unbelievable tribute bands, remained a huge draw in the beginning of July this year, and daily live music that spans the musical spectrum is scheduled throughout the season.

5 The Deck's rehabilitation is only one part of the Golden Nugget's slew of dining, nightlife and hotel room improvements scheduled through December of this year. That means the bar is not only a destination in and of itself, but also potentially a place to pre-game for one of the new clubs inside or relax after a nice meal at one of the new restaurants, all in an atmosphere that the city's other casinos don't duplicate.

The Scene

Music: Reggae and island music on Mondays, acoustic rock duos on Tuesdays, country music on Wednesdays, Bruce Springsteen tribute bands on Thursdays and Top 40 and party music on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Vibe: A relaxed atmosphere throughout the days with an older crowd relaxing by the water at the bar or the rows of tables. At night, drink promoters, live music and a younger crowd come in and bring contagious energy to the carefree scene.

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What They're Saying About The Deck

Nick Rickert, 26
"The Deck really captures everything that I look forward to when summer comes around."

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