5 things you need to know about Boogie Nights
Boogie Nights, inside Resorts Casino Hotel, often hosts impersonators of favorite musical icons, such as Michael Jackson.

1  This is not your prototypical dance club. Not in the traditional Dusk-Providence-mur.mur mode. Boogie Nights is more like nightlife comfort food, providing a steady diet of tunes that power this wayback machine to non-Auto Tune times. In many ways its 20s and older crowd makes the club reminiscent of a wedding reception, where crazy cousin Stevie can be seen getting down with Grandma and Uncle Earl. This is not a bad thing, especially if you want to party but not at clubs skewing younger.

2  The best way to think about Boogie Nights is as an episode of VH1's "I Love the '80s" come to life, with a dash of the '70s hip tossed in. From the DJ, dressed up in his Devo "Whip It" finest, to the arcade games near the foyer (Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man; go ahead, you know you want to play), everything about the club embraces the past, down to appearances by impersonators of iconic figures such as Michael Jackson and Madonna. Theme nights - such as a recent "Star Wars" night - complete the scene.

3 Walk into the club for the first time, and among your first thoughts is likely to be 'This wasn't always a club, was it?' And you'd be correct. Before Boogie Nights there was the upscale steakhouse Camelot.

4 Roller Girl, Meet Hula Girl. Part of the club's allure is the window dressing. Servers parade around the room in bright orange leotards, people strut around the room in faux afro wigs, Mr. Boogie rocks the house and Roller Girl is the unofficial mascot. Now, you can add another element: Hula Girl. On a recent Friday night she stood up on the DJ booth/stage twirling a hula hoop around her body in several motions. She's the latest offbeat addition to the party.

5 Steve Perry is god. Or was it Rick Springfield? Classic pop and rock dominate the club's soundtrack, with a liberal dose of old-school hip-hop thrown in. But one night two names drew significantly more hoots and hollers than any other, and it wasn't the likes of Michael Jackson or Madonna, either. No, Perry and Springfield got the crowd worked up into a lather. Maybe it's the power of "Glee," which has featured both artists. Or, maybe it's just that nobody messes with "Jessie's Girl."


The Scene

Heard on a Friday night: If it was a hit in the '70s or '80s, it will be played here. Rob Base, Beastie Boys, Bob Seger … they all put in an appearance, presented straight-up, no modern mixes necessary.

Seen at midnight: Two couples huddle around Ms. Pac-Man as the party continues in full swing. The square dance floor in the middle of the room is packed as dancers and Hula Girl gyrate on either side of the DJ, who is spinning a steady diet of Top 40 hits from another era.

Clips projected onto the walls range from a Honey Nut Cheerios commercial to "It's An Adventure, Charlie Brown." There's no Jacko or Madge impersonators in the house, but you can imagine how enthusiastically they are received.


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What They're Saying About Boogie Nights

Ruby Lewis, 39
Egg Harbor Township
"The music. I like the memories it brings back of being young, vibrant and more innocent times."
Michele Kurz, 41
Galloway Township
"The music. I personally can relate to it. You can dance to it, and everybody knows a song from the 70s and 80s."
Desiree Brenner, 35
Galloway Township
"I would come back to people watch. I like everybody's outfits."

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