Dusk at Caesars Atlantic City changed formats when it introduced Global Fridays, which blend hot pop and hip hop sounds with more worldly samples. Press photo by Mike Manger

1 Dusk's slogan is "The Evolution of Nightlife," and in that sense the club's designers tried to improve on a variety of elements found elsewhere in the resort. One example is the arrangement of its bottle-service areas so the tables surround the dance floor and aren't strictly separated from the rest of the club. "We find that people don't want to be partitioned off," says Eric Millstein, president of Dusk Management Group. "That's kind of boring and makes people feel unwanted." The result is people with VIP service can not only sit, relax and enjoy themselves with their personal bottles, but they also can still feel as if they're immersed in the party.

2 Dusk opened in 2009 with the late DJ AM as a major investor. The celebrity turntabilist - who scratched on Madonna and Will Smith albums, produced for Dilated Peoples and spun at Jay-Z concerts and awards shows - personally selected the club's Funktion One sound system, featuring 65 drivers fueled by more than 100,000 watts that literally make your hairs shake in their follicles.

3 The club has been at the forefront of featuring celebrities throughout the year, several of whom come to perform a few of their hits on the stage between the DJ booth and the dance floor. The performance platform is directly connected to the VIP area behind the booth where these celebrities usually hang out, allowing artists such as LMFAO, Far East Movement and Sean Kingston to walk right from their tables to the stage, inches from clubgoers.

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4 Sometimes the best nights are a marathon, not a sprint. Mia, the chic restaurant on the way to the club from the parking garage, offers a reasonably priced bar menu to get the night started. If you get to the club around 11:30 p.m., the wait is usually minimal and you can get that first drink or round of shots with ease. Around 1 a.m. it gets packed, but, if a recent Friday night's a good example, the crowd actually thins out after 2 a.m., leaving plenty of room to party all night.

5 Last spring, the club tried to further separate itself from the city's usual scene by debuting Global Fridays, a departure from the pop/hip-hop mash-up mix routine routinely found at nightlife venues. For more than a year, Philadelphia-native DJ Royale has spun a creative set of beats that include all the Ke$ha and Kanye West the crowd wants but also throws in electro and house music tracks that could be equally heard in London or Ibiza. "So, we do it all," says Millstein. "It's just not one music format."

The Scene

Heard on a Friday night: The crowd went nuts when DJ Royale played a remix of "Firework" by Katy Perry, "Every Time We Touch" by David Guetta and "Warp" by The Bloody Beetroots.

Seen at 1 a.m.: It's dark, like a sprawling, high-tech basement party, but hundreds of lights hanging from the ceiling suddenly illuminate the dance floor so you can appreciate the scene in front of you. The room is flooded with people whose hands wave in the air; a group of girls dance on a raised platform and hang onto a pole in its center; and a row of people stand on their VIP couches in a circle around the floor, moving to the beat and feeding off the crowd's energy. The mercury rises and a cloud of chilled fog shoots down from above the DJ booth into the mix of people to cool everyone off. The DJ switches tracks and the lights change again, blinking, swirling and changing into a rainbow of colors.

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What They're Saying About Dusk

Karl Kelchner, 25
Ocean City
"It's a great atmosphere to get loose, and you expect top-notch bottle service."
Nicole Capaccio, 24
"It's a good girls night out with great music. Great place to celebrate anything, especially a birthday."
Marissa Baptist, 22
"I go out in A.C. a lot and it's one of my favorites. It's definitely always an option on the weekend."

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