Trump Plaza Beach Bar

Trump Plaza Beach Bar attracts a wide range of customers. It's not unusual to see both twentysomethings and fiftysomethings getting down on the dance floor.


1 The beach bar at Trump Plaza is huge, easily the largest of its kind in the city, and voted one of the best in the country by national publications. It occupies a big block of prime real estate right on the beach. Packed with tables and umbrellas, two bars, a giant stage and a regularly solid crowd, it adds a whole other nightlife element to the Boardwalk during the summer.

2 The difference between Atlantic City's year-round casino clubs and its beach bars, among a myriad of things ranging from dress code to drink specials, also is the seven days a week schedule of themed nights. Here is Trump Plaza's line-up: Monday is Latin Night, Tuesday is locals night, then "Rock and Shots Wednesdays," "S.I.N. on the Beach" industry night, Absolut Fridays, Top 40 pop and hip-hip night on Saturdays, and a set of island jams with Brian and the Coconutz from 2 to 6 p.m. on Sundays.

3 The other obviously different aspect of beach bars in A.C. - Trump being a case in point - is the age range. On a recent Saturday night there was a packed dance floor in front of the DJ with people in their mid-60s and couples that just turned 21. There were middle aged couples sitting at tables, laughing with people half their age sitting next to them. Whereas most of the other clubs at the resort's casinos are almost exclusively under 30, this bar is just a melange of people mixing it up.

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4 Yet another thing that's unusual at Atlantic City's indoor casino clubs is seating. At the Beach Bar, you can not only have a seat at a table and just chill out and enjoy the warm weather, but the waitresses are usually on point. Day and night, lay the base layer with some Bang Bang shrimp or nachos grande, follow it up with a Jumbo Boardwalk Hot Dog or a Jersey Shore Crab Cake, and wash it down with a variety of brews like draft Landshark or a glass of Blue Moon.

5 Get Ship Wrecked. That's the name of a drink. It has Captain Morgan, Malibu rum, Triple Sec and pineapple juice, for $9.99. Buy it.

The Scene

Heard on a Saturday night: A stream of party standards, ranging from "Yeah 3x" by Chris Brown, "Hot in Herre" by Nelly and "Hotel Room Service" by Pitbull.

Seen at midnight: Groups of people sit at tables, others lean against the long bar on one side, and still others stand at the edge of the dance floor, all watching about 50 people go nuts in front of the DJ under an array of lights on a dark, warm night with an ocean breeze softly working its way over the bar. A remix of Katy Perry's "Firework" comes on and the dance floor erupts, with a crowd of 21-year-old girls dancing in a circle next to a crew of couples in their mid-50s.

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What They're Saying About Beach Bar

Devin Serago, 26
Washington Township
"Great place to both chill out or get goofy."
Joe Scheinfeld, 27
Washington Township
"It's a whole different environment compared to what you're used to in A.C. Normally, the bars are completely packed and uptight, but here there is zero tension and everyone's just relaxing."

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