The Absegami High School Dance Department will present its first Spring Dance Concert at 7 p.m. May 9 in the Absegami Performing Arts Center, 201 S. Wrangleboro Road, Galloway Township.

The Spring Dance Concert will feature dances choreographed by dance instructor Annanda Carmody and the students in the Absegami High School Dance Department.

Students enrolled in Advanced Dance Classes will perform duets they created based on a painting they selected. During the creative process, the students learned about the elements of art and used the paintings' elements to create their pieces, then took their duets and created group dances.

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The advanced class also learned how to create a site-specific dance. They chose different locations around Absegami High School to analyze and find inspiration, then created a group dance based on the sites' characteristics. They focused on creating new movement that would be unique and fit only in that location. These dances were then recorded by students in the media department and will be presented at the concert through video.

Six senior students in Advanced Dance will present their senior dances. There also will be a jazz musical theater number in the concert, as well as a ballet piece.

The concert will feature three other dance classes. The students learned about classical stories and their components and created solos based on chosen characters.

They then took their solos and placed them into a group dance to show their story. These group dances will illustrate the student's story line or the story's theme.

General admission tickets for the production are $8 for adults and $5 for students and seniors. Tickets will be sold at the concert.

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