GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP — Galloway school officials voted unanimously Monday night do away with transportation for some students to help achieve $830,000 cuts demanded by local elected officials.

The cuts bring the Galloway Township Public School District budget for the upcoming year to $52.3 million. Although that represents a decrease of more than $4 million from the previous year, the budget will require a 1.2 percent tax increase due to state aid cuts, according to district documents.

The spending plan also lists a $261,888 increase in state aid, $399,865 saved on benefits and a $32,160 cut to child study team costs.

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The cuts to courtesy busing approved Monday night will save $136,865 and mean students living within 1.5 miles of their school must find another way to get there. The law requires districts to provide bus services to children living beyond a 2-mile radius, Superintendent Douglas Groff said.

Galloway Township Council members said last week they would prefer the district save money by freezing salaries and having employees contribute to health coverage. District staff members will, in fact, contribute 1.5 percent of their salaries to cover benefits.

While local elected officials can specify an amount of cuts to make after voters reject a school budget, they cannot dictate where savings come from. In this case, council members included their suggestions anyway because they wanted to public to know their views, Councilman Dennis Kleiner said at the time.

School officials said earlier this year they would eliminate 67 jobs through attrition and layoffs.

The board also voted Monday on the employment roster for next year. It also approved retirements for two elementary school teachers with a combined 57 years experience, effective June 30, and resignations from a custodian and child study team secretary.

Administrators also will work four-day weeks during the summer, as they did last year, to help save money.

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