Port Republic Mayor Gary Giberson and Galloway Mayor Don Purdy spoke with residents of Manchester Village at Four Seasons in Galloway about their concerns over plans for a new Atlantic City Electric substation.

Giberson said the residents were concerned about the aesthetics and noise of the substation planned for the Port Republic side of Wrangleboro and Moss Mill roads. But Giberson said the utility will plant trees around the substation to hide it. He also told the residents the noise will not be louder than a gentle hum.

“It’s a great community,” he said. “You can see why they would be concerned about the substation.”

Giberson said the substation will increase the electricity capability in the area and will make it easier for the utility to transfer electricity in case of a power outage. He said the residents left the two-hour meeting feeling much better about the situation.

The utility plans to introduce the proposal before the Port Republic Planning Board later this year and build the substation next year, he said.

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