Atlantic City’s inaugural holiday music concert Tuesday night surprised guests with its turnout, lineup and other offerings. 

The 90-minute event featured live performances by “American Idol” season 11 alum Jermaine Jones and the Cason Express Show Band at Center Citi Park, South Carolina and Atlantic avenues.

The city also enlisted Tony Baloney’s to provide refreshments, raffled off two bikes and gave away 100 toys from Atlantic County Toys for Kids and two four-packs of Dolphin Watchers tickets donated by Atlantic City Cruising.

“I’m pretty impressed with the turnout and everything, especially because it’s pretty chilly,” said Towland Lamb, who attended with her 12-year-old daughter, Tiaerra Barksdale.

Tiaerra said she doesn’t really watch “American Idol” but agreed with her mother that Jones was entertaining and talented.

“He didn’t seem shy, but I guess if he did national TV, 200 people isn’t so much,” Lamb said.

Mayor Lorenzo Langford presented Jones with an honorary plaque. The 25-year-old lives in Pine Hilll, Camden County, and his mother, Katrice Cornett, whom the mayor lauded during the event as well, works for Atlantic City High School.

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