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Residents want to vote on the ordinance that gives Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford a 15 percent pay raise.

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ATLANTIC CITY — City Council introduced an ordinance on first reading Wednesday that could result in Mayor Lorenzo Langford earning an additional $15,874 next year.

Under the ordinance, Langford — who currently earns $103,000 and is the city’s top elected official — would make more than any other civilian employee.

Although Councilmen Marty Small, Frank Gilliam, George Tibbitt, Steven Moore, Rizwan Malik and Aaron Randolph approved the measure, it still requires a final vote.

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Council will hold a second reading of the proposed ordinance if it is to pass. At that time, residents can comment on the ordinance before a vote is made.

If the ordinance is approved, it would be effective Jan. 1, 2013.

City officials cite in the ordinance, which was presented by Gilliam, that the mayor’s salary should be comparable to towns and cities similar to the resort.

No council members commented on the ordinance during Wednesday’s meeting.

Additionally, there were few comments from area residents regarding the proposal during the public-comment session. One resident said he thought the ordinance was fair because and that the mayor should earn the most because he has the most responsibilities.

And, finally, council allowed meeting attendees to comment on the city’s proposed $232.4 million budget. No residents spoke on details of the budget, but instead inquired if municipal employees would receive raises.

City administrators said no raises would be given.

No other comment was made on the budget and no vote was taken by council members.

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