Police work at the scene of Monday's shooting in Pleasantville.

Ben Fogletto

PLEASANTVILLE — An Atlantic City man was the victim of a fatal shooting in Pleasantville on Monday night.

Willie Hogans Jr., 42, was killed on the 100 block of East Lindley Avenue, becoming Pleasantville's fourth homicide victim of the year. It's the first killing since January, when there were three.

At about 9:30 Monday night, police had cordoned off the eastern end of the street, where what appeared to be a body covered by a sheet lay near the curb. A firetruck with floodlights was on the scene, and police were sweeping the sidewalk and street with flashlights.

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Capt. Rocky Melendez said that a man had been shot. Officers on the scene referred questions to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

 A few neighbors walked up the street toward the scene.

Chiquita Beck, 34, said she hadn’t heard any shots and her street hasn’t seen many incidents of violence.

“It’s been pretty quiet here lately,” she said.

This would be the fourth homicide in Pleasantville this year, including a double shooting that killed two Atlantic City brothers Jan. 20. The other killing happened that same month, when Daniel Aguilar, 20, of Somers Point, was stabbed to death outside Wash's Inn.

There were four homicides in the city all of last year.

Atlantic County is heading toward a record year in homicides, sparked by 15 in Atlantic City. There have been 21 homicides in the county this year, just two less than all of last year. By this time in 2011, 17 people had been killed.

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