ATLANTIC CITY - Papa John's is unsure it will change its delivery boundaries after two of its drivers were attacked within 10 minutes of each other Sunday night.

"We don't know," manager Rich Saltos said. "It just happened, so we haven't met about it yet."

The pizzeria on the 2400 block of Pacific Avenue already has "red zones," where it will not deliver due to safety concerns, Saltos said. That includes the area by the Schoolhouse Apartments and the north end of the Inlet.

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Attacks on drivers were not limited to the city this week, however.

On Monday, a driver was making a delivery about 2:30 p.m. at the Woodlands Condominiums Complex in Hamilton Township when he was attacked by three masked men, Capt. Mike Petuskey said. The unnamed victim was forced to the ground at gunpoint and made to turn over the food and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Meanwhile, Atlantic City - which has seen several armed robberies of deliverymen recently - had two between 7:24 and 7:34 p.m. Sunday. Both worked for Papa John's.

The first, a 20-year-old man, said three men attacked him as he wrestled with a man over the bag of food he was delivering to the 700 block of North Maryland Avenue. A gun was shown, Sgt. Monica McMenamin said. The suspects fled with money, a cell phone and keys. The value, including the food, was $100 to $150. There was little suspect information beyond six males in their late teens and early 20s who fled north on Maryland Avenue.

Ten minutes later, police were called to the 1400 block of Magellan Avenue.

There, a 53-year-old victim said he felt uneasy when he arrived to deliver food, but when a man said he had the money, the unnamed deliveryman got out of his van.

Two more suspects approached and wrestled the food from him, McMenamin said. He was sprayed with some sort of chemical agent during the struggle.

A fourth suspect got into the van while the attack was happening, according to the report. When the victim got back into the van, the suspect fled.

The money and food stolen totaled more than $100.

Neither victim required medical attention.

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Help police

Anyone with information about the Hamilton Township robbery is asked to call Officer Russell Bongiovanni or Detective Lawrence Fernan at 609-625-2700.

Detective Neil Kane is the lead investigator for both Atlantic City robberies. Anyone with information is asked to call the Detective Bureau at 609-347-5766.

Information also can be called in anonymously to Atlantic County Crime Stoppers at 609-652-1234.


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