Atlantic City’s Police Department added 14 new Class II officers to its force Thursday.

With the additions, there are a total of 31 Class II officers with the department. They handle many of the same functions as the Class I officers but are paid at an hourly rate rather than salaried.

The officers appointed Thursday are: John Marciante, Valmir Loga, Christian Ivanov, Gaetin Merollo, Nicholas Marzocca, Lance Smith, Emmanuel Antoine, Dustin Paulsson, Michael Scanlon, Danielle Colon, Mike Batista, Keith Epstein, Shakiyrah Bishop and Michael Gunsser.

The officers will receive 451 hours of training and instruction and are expected to be on the street by July 1.

Also on Friday the department will make several promotions beginning at 10 a.m. at City Hall Council chambers on the second floor.

Among the promotions are:

Acting Deputy Chief William Mazur to deputy chief.

Lts. Christian Kammerman, Robert DeGaetano and Gregory Anderson to captain.

Sgts. Rodney Ruark, Mary McMenamin and Edward Leon to lieutenant.

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