The Atlantic County Habitat for Humanity chapter has announced a new program to spend more than half a million dollars in home repair for properties damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

“There are plenty of families whose homes have not been cleared out yet or families living in homes with growing mold,” chapter Executive Director Debbie Van Sant said. “We want to identify these families and get these homes cleaned out.”

The chapter has received up to $500,000 in funds to make repairs to homes in Atlantic City, and Van Sant said they are securing money for projects for the rest of the county.

The organization wants to make “critical repairs” such as replacing damaged flooring, plumbing, electrical work, sheet rock and other damage, Van Sant said.

The organization will supply the funds based on need, ability to repay and willingness to volunteer for habitat projects, she said.

Van Sant said everyone is eligible to apply and any repayment, if required, would be minimal.

Interested residents can obtain more information at

They can apply in person Friday and Feb. 22 at the Trinity United Methodist Church, 7117 Ventnor Ave. in Ventnor from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Applicants should include copies of their last income tax return, last three pay stubs, title of the property, insurance, FEMA application and correspondence, proof of taxes paid and mortgage on property.

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