Two years ago: Pleasantville girl dies on Ferris wheel ride

Abiah Jones, an 11-year-old student from PleasanTech Academy Charter School, was on a class trip to Morey’s Mariner’s Landing Pier in Wildwood on June 3, 2011, when she boarded the Giant Wheel alone.

Jones died after falling about 100 feet from the ride, and the matter has yet to be resolved in court.

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Philadelphia-based attorney Jeffrey Reiff filed a wrongful death suit in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas on behalf of Jones’ family a month after the girl’s death, but there are no scheduled court dates.

Reiff said they are awaiting a trial date. He declined to discuss details about the case but said they are not working toward a settlement.

“It’s being very hard fought,” he said.

Maggie Warner, public relations manager for Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Waterparks, said the company does not comment on pending litigation.

Three months ago: MVC employees complain of conditions at Shore Mall location

The ongoing demolition work at the Shore Mall affected one of the few locations that was still open in the back where the majority of the work was going on.

The 34 employees at the Motor Vehicle Commission office in the Egg Harbor Township shopping center began wearing masks in March to protect themselves from fuel odors. Some of the employees had become sick, and the workers wanted the state to do checks on the air quality.

Carly Almodovar, a staff representative for the workers’ union, CWA Local 1038 in Woodbury, Gloucester County, said the workers stopped wearing the masks after it was discovered there was a problem with the office’s HVAC system that, once remedied, made the situation better.

Ellyse Coffey, spokeswoman for the MVC, said occupational safety specialists conduct tests on site periodically, and they have never found the air quality to be outside acceptable levels.

On June 4, the Atlantic County Board of Health reported the air quality was very clean, she said.

But Almodovar said the workers want more regular checking and are not satisfied with the overall conditions.

“It’s frustrating,” she said. “Our workers are very dedicated and they love their job, but they do not want to put their health at risk for the state of New Jersey.”

Three months ago: Health care facility to open in Wildwood

In March, CompleteCare Health Network announced plans to expand its health services for uninsured patients in Wildwood.

The plans are to open a facility adjacent to the Wildwood Housing Authority’s 100-apartment complex on New Jersey Avenue. The facility will provide primary health care for children and adults along with dental care, podiatry, women’s health care and mental health care.

The nonprofit organization operates 18 medical and dental facilities that serve about 50,000 uninsured people in Cape May, Cumberland and Gloucester counties.

Kimberly Tweed, CompleteCare marketing and outreach coordinator, said the new site in Wildwood will be open by the end of June or beginning of July.

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