Beau Jason McGlynn, 39, of Atlantic City, was born with such severe cerebral palsy, doctors said he would not live. When he survived his first weeks, they told his mother he would forever be in a vegetative state, unable to walk, talk or function.

“I kept looking at the light in his eyes,” said his mom, Lucy McGlynn, 66, a counselor for disabled students at Atlantic Cape Community College, with whom Jason lives. She saw potential there, and she was right.

Beau Jason, who goes by Jason, has an IQ of about 140 and has earned a bachelor’s degree and an MBA from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Today, he is an editor and analyst for the Federal Aviation Administration.

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It hasn’t been easy. He has a heavy speech impediment and needs help with personal care. He learned to walk at age 7 while a student at the Matheny School in Peapack, Somerset County. Soon after that, he returned home and went to public schools, including Atlantic City High School.

Jason recently finished writing his first book, “Divine Towels,” after working on it for 12 years. It’s a combination of fiction and autobiography. It is sold for $12 on Amazon.

The title comes from a message he heard from God: “My son, I would like you to be a towel boy.” He didn’t know what that meant, so he prayed for guidance and had a vision of opening a nonprofit store called “Divine Towels.” People would come there for help, and he would wash their feet, as Jesus did for his disciples before the Last Supper.

“It’s $12 for a reason,” Jason said. “It took me 12 years to write the book, and there were 12 disciples. I thought it was kind of symbolic.”

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Boy Scouts make Eagle rank

Three St. Augustine Prep seniors and one alumnus recently had their Court of Honor to become Eagle Scouts. They are Matthew Marroccelli, 14, and Dante Marroccelli, 18, both of Vineland; Adam Jadick, 17, of Pittsgrove Township, Salem County; and Anthony Gaunt, 14, of Newfield, Gloucester County.

Dante Marroccelli installed 360 feet of guard rail, a 12-foot gate and benches at the Willow Oak Natural Area in Vineland. Matthew Marroccelli replaced fence posts and chain rail at the Millville Army Air Field Museum at the historic Millville Airport. Jadick’s project involved landscaping and improving the outdoor recreation area for the Elks Lodge in Millville. Gaunt cleared a half-acre of brush and created a parking lot for Willow Oak Natural Area.

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