Green Teams

plan Bag It Day

The Green Teams of Absecon, Brigantine, Galloway Township and Port Republic are joining forces to hold a regional "BAG IT" Day on April 12.

The purpose of this day is to encourage residents to use reusable bags - reducing the use of plastic bags. Green Team volunteers will distribute free reusable bags at the entrance to major stores to all shoppers. The main benefits of switching to reusable bags are:

Reduce litter in the community.

Save marine animals who are killed when they ingest plastic bags.

Lower costs for businesses.

Send less trash to landfills - plastic bags are not biodegradable.

Reduce the use of oil that produces the plastic to create bags.

South Jersey Gas, Atlantic City Electric, Royal Suites and Merrill Lynch donated reusable bags for this event. Businesses that would like to donate bags or participate should call Mary Crawford at 609-742-7076.