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Anthony Smedile

One of the major problems plaguing seashore resorts is that of birds, particularly sea gulls and pigeons. People have come up with all kinds of solutions to this problem. But, to date, none has truly been successful.

This column is happy to report that a solution is at hand and will be instituted in the spring. Don Guardian, director of Atlantic City’s Special Improvement Division, told me that he received a call from a gentleman in Long Island who said he has come up with a means of eliminating the bird problems on the beaches and in municipalities.

The man was invited to come to the resort and demonstrate his ability to get rid of the birds. He accepted the invitation, and Don had members of his staff throw lots of bread crumbs in a select area of the beach to attract a large number of birds. Just a few minutes later, there were flocks of birds nibbling away.

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The man opened his bag, took out a kite and formed it into the shape of an eagle. He proceeded to put it in the wind, which carried the kite into the sky right in the midst of all the birds. Lo and behold, upon seeing the eagle kite, the birds flew away. Different types of birds came to examine the eagle kite and even came as close as to put their beak into it. Other birds came and screeched, hoping the noise would chase the eagle kite. The kite remained steadfast in the sky and was maneuvering back and forth.

Don said he would not have believed it if he didn’t see it personally.

Birds stayed away as long as the eagle was in the sky. The man said he discovered this by noticing a live eagle swoop into a bevy of birds and watched as they flew away. That is when the idea came to him of making a kite of an eagle to scare off birds. He did so, and Don said he saw the result.

Needless to say, there is a $4,000 fee for the purchase of an eagle kite. In addition, it requires someone to hold the rope and keep it moving. Funds were made available from a concerned citizen, and the SID will provide the person to keep the kite moving.

Come spring, an eagle kite will be flying over the Atlantic City beach. Much to the amazement of those sunning themselves on the beach, they will no longer be bothered by the sea gulls, pigeons or other birds. Do you believe it? I believe Don and he saw it happen. Come back to Atlantic City next spring and see it for yourself.

Boardwalk update

The Special Improvement District reports that cleaning will continue under the Boardwalk and on the upper surfaces. As a result of the daily sweep under the Boardwalk, there have been fewer incidents of homeless people sleeping there. Comfort stations at Caspian, New Hampshire, Albany and Bartram avenues will close Sept. 30.

The Boardwalk planters will be changed for cold-weather plants during late September and October. Bartram to Kingston avenues on the Boardwalk will have a park that will be irrigated within the next week and have topsoil placed along with walkways. Sod and plants will be installed by the end of the month. A new pocket park will be located at the southwest corner of Florida and Pacific avenues, with work beginning next week.

Boardwalk street ends are scheduled for landscaping before the end of the year at Pennsylvania and Ocean avenues. The new park at Texas and Fairmount avenues is substantially complete.

Additional arches over the Boardwalk entrances, change benches and Adirondack chairs will resume being constructed during winter months as soon as old decking becomes available. A new base has been constructed for the Christopher Columbus statue on Columbus Boulevard. And, for the first time, there will be fencing under the Central Pier and The Pier Shops at Caesars.

The Tourism District is focusing is on the homeless population. All agencies are working together and they are seeing a positive effect from their efforts. They believe they are on the right track. Jewish Family Services, of Margate, has opened an office in Atlantic City and is working in concert with all of the other agencies.

The Atlantic City Alliance, the CRDA and the SJTA will be conducting a “Wayfinding Survey” during the next four weeks to review visitors’ online comments. The alliance is conducting a research study in Philadelphia, New York and the Baltimore area to see if Atlantic City is a place people want to visit.

Boardwalk improvements will include a Chronicle Wall between Florida and Texas avenues that is expected to be completed by the end of September.

The proposed Boardwalk pavilion is in the hands of the design team, with the interior being created by the Atlantic City Free Public Library. They will be discussing concepts as well as developing a schedule.

There is much concern relative to where the original pavilion should be placed. The choices are the busy parts of the Boardwalk now in the Inlet section and the midsection of the Boardwalk. Others feel it should be in what has become the dead zone, the Chelsea section of the Boardwalk. The Boardwalk Committee would appreciate your suggestions.

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