PLEASANTVILLE — The average homeowner would pay $166 more in local-purpose property taxes this year under a $28.1 million budget introduced unanimously Monday night by City Council.

The municipal services tax would go from $1,920 in 2009 to $2,086 this year on a home assessed at $125,000, the average residential assessment in the city, Chief Financial Officer Ted Freedman said at the City Council meeting. Tax rates are not comparable to last year because the city just completed a property revaluation.

The city has a revenue shortfall of $1.1 million this year, due to a loss of $360,000 in state aid and a revenue decline of about $700,000, Freedman said. Health care premiums for employees went up by 16 percent.

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A hiring freeze is in effect, and employees who leave the city government will not be replaced, Freedman said.

Administrators met with the five unions that represent city employees, asking to accept furlough days without pay, give back their negotiated pay raises for this year and pay 6 percent of their salaries for health benefits, Freedman said. Police officers and firefighters were not asked to take furloughs.

One union said they cannot absorb the cuts, and 15 workers will be laid off from that group June 15, Freedman said. The firefighters and two other unions agreed to concessions, and the police agreed to some givebacks, but not enough to prevent seven layoffs.

The council also voted to trim $36,230 from the defeated school budget, but the specific cuts were not named.

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