Atlantic City

130 S. Kingston Ave., Mockus, Rosalina C., Caliendo, Jennifer to Exadaktilos, John, Exadaktilos, Jordan; 6/17/2013. $275,000

33 S. Iowa Ave. No. E5, Rodriguez, Martha to Krantz, Samuel; 6/17/2013. $40,000

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221 N. Arizona Ave., Trinh, Larry to Huynh, Nhat K.; 6/17/2013. $50,000

509 Robinson Ave., Harris, Lucy D., Stokes, Michele Ann, Harris, Harvey B. to Attalah, Magdy; 6/18/2013. $29,925

3851 Boardwalk Unit 1910, Weinstein, Kevin, Weinstein, Mary C. to Zelkovitz, Victor, Berman, Izabella; 6/18/2013. $200,000

714 Magellan Ave., Manton, Judy H. to Zimmerman, Nicole A., Steitz, David M.; 6/19/2013. $128,500

101 S. Plaza Place Unit 810, Ranelli, John J. to Damico, Claude, Vail, Kathleen; 6/21/2013. $199,000


1037 Bayshore Ave. Unit 4C, Foley, Linda J. to Foley, Joseph A.; 6/17/2013. $208,218

1504 Ocean Ave., Miller, Julia Jeanette, Wiseman, Julia Jeanette, Wiseman, Amy Elizabeth to Grande, David, Grande, Angela; 6/18/2013. $975,000

317 29th St., Gottlieb, Rosalie to Pomykacz, Stephanie, Pomykacz, Bruno; 6/19/2013. $420,000

2204 Bayshore Ave., Muldoon, Daniel P., Muldoon, Mary A. to Mastromarino, Joseph F., Mastromarino, Robin A.; 6/20/2013. $325,000

300 16th St. S., Cousins, William H., Cousins, Hennard Cathleen, Hennard, Cathleen Cousins to Koch, William Richard, Koch, Artemis Velahos; 6/20/2013. $450,000

602 W. Shore Drive, Dilks, Charles M., Dilks, Diane J. to Driscoll, Eric, Driscoll, Jennifer; 6/20/2013. $500,000

106 26th St. S., Daley, Sean M., Daley, Leigh Ann to Abesh, Daniel C., Abesh, Jane Eisen; 6/21/2013. $485,000


225 W. Leeds Ave. Unit 27, Valentin, Sonia, Jaramillo, Paula to Nammour, Issa, Nammour, Nimer; 6/20/2013. $35,000

911 Linden Ave., First Church of Christ Scientist AC, Wagener, Helen C., Brazos, Cecile to Martinez, Jose A.; 6/21/2013. $82,000

204 Shadeland Ave., Haines, Garlin P., Haines, Garlin L. to KPB Assets Inc.; 6/22/2013. $32,500


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