Atlantic City

3101 Boardwalk Unit 1209 I, Sullivan John M, Watson Diane M to Watson Ethel; 11/20/2012. $132,500

48 S. Harrisburg Ave., Moya Luis A, Espinosa Elsa B to Ramchand Maya; 11/20/2012. $80,000

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3851 Boardwalk Unit 2511, Galowitz Peter, Galowitz Barbara to Rastgar Khosrow; 11/20/2012. $268,000

101 S. Plaza Unit 701, Bard Natacha, Bard Semyon to Cowan Eric D, Cowan Andi; 11/21/2012. $164,500

541 N. Massachusetts Ave., Jenci Joseph D, Vargas Matthew R to Vizzi Richard; 11/21/2012. $300,000


701 Lafayette Blvd., Graybill Patricia J, Graybill Gary S to Macready Kris, Macready Maureen; 11/17/2012. $315,000

219 S. Roosevelt Blvd., Risso Ella to Herndon Dorie I, Wallace & Woerner Dev LLC; 11/19/2012. $250,000

403 18th St. South, Hitchcock William G, Hitchcock Sarah A to Mantas John J, Mantas Marjorie T; 11/19/2012. $900,000

4800 Harbor Beach Blvd. 1302, Murphy Maria D to Tremblay Maurice; 11/19/2012. $400,000

316 Gull Cove, Casey William Paul, Casey Catherine A to Corsaro Maryann; 11/20/2012. $230,000


229 Second St., Mercado Carmen to Blake Larry, Mosesly Blake Sharon, Blake Sharon Mosesly; 11/20/2012. $48,500

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