Atlantic City

638 Wisteria Ave, Wrigley Alfred, Wrigley Charles H, Wrigley Joseph, Wrigley William, Wrigley William Wilkinson to Supian Abu; 10/1/2012. $50,000

408 N Maine Ave, Block Jerome, Block Brunhilde E to Yuen Koo, Yuen Patricia; 10/1/2012. $999,999

Latest Video

2834 Atlantic Ave No. 906, Maurer Michael, Maurer John, Trout Deborah to Kong Edward; 10/3/2012. $63,000


1319 Vardon Road, Weiss Karolyn L, Weiss Rudy K to Corson David S; 10/1/2012. $207,000

3 Dunlap Place, Mp2 Homes Llc to Crilley Edward M; 10/3/2012. $200,000


Orchards at Oak Meadow Unit 2, Umoren Isaac I, Umoren Georgana to Effiong Atabong A; 10/3/2012. $40,000

1201 N Main St Unit 37, Federal National Mtg Assn, Fannie Mae, Gazzara Doyle Lorraine, Doyle Lorraine Gazzara, Udren Law Offices, Mark J Udren Law Offices to Bates Warren, Bates Diane U, Bates Warren, Bates Anthony C; 10/4/2012. $38,000

700 Franklin Bvld Unit 301, Stewart Trudy M to Dejesus Santiago, Dejesus Salcia A, Dejesus Salcia Y; 10/4/2012. $50,000

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