Atlantic City

3101 Boardwalk Tower 1 3203-B, Landau Flora B, Rudolph Jack Harold to Messina Poulos Ilda, Poulos Ilda Messina, Poulos James A; 6/10/2013. $215,000

1823 McKinley Ave., Cottman Shirley, Cottman Hill Antoinette, Hill Antoinette Cottman, Cottman Antoinette to Herbert James C; 6/10/2013. $20,000

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203 N. Arizona Ave., Moore Rose Anne to Le Huan; 6/11/2013. $27,000

3101 Boardwalk Unit 1503 B, Fifty By 50 Reo Iii Llc to Burke Lawrence; 6/11/2013. $120,000

3101 Boardwalk Unit R21-02 Ocean Club Condo, Sebra Properties Llc, Amir Debra to Sankat Mochan USA Llc; 6/11/2013. $450,000

1710 Atlantic Ave., Cape Bank to Krantz Samuel; 6/11/2013. $192,000

2834 Atlantic Ave. 714, Chang Andrew, Chang Elsa to Baldachino Wayne R; 6/12/2013. $35,000

600 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd., Cornerstone Properties and Inv Llc, Johnson Craig L to Bailey Alonzo; 6/12/2013. $30,000

321 N. Harrisburg Ave., Dillon Charles P, Dillon Anne to Islam Md S; 6/13/2013. $111,000

4 Sextant Drive, Huertas Sergio, Dela Cruz Angelina, Cruz Angelina Dela, Huertas Florentine to Lyon Daniel, Lyon Florine; 6/13/2013. $145,000

310 Martin Luther King Blvd., Edwards Kenneth to Shah Said A, Bibi Saeeda; 6/15/2013. $117,500

125 N. Kingston Ave. Unit B, Petrille James, Petrille Silvia to Borai Nasser; 6/15/2013. $77,000

900 N. Indiana Ave., Speights Ann D, Speights Andrew to Krantz Sam, Gudauskas Daniel G; 6/15/2013. $33,550


114 11th St. North, Linkmeyer Neil, Sabatino Theresa to Dipasquale Phillip; 6/13/2013. $295,000

910 N. Shore Drive, Dougherty Bernadette S, Dougherty James E to Beech Donald G, Beech Debra A; 6/13/2013. $505,000

229 37th St. South, Tefankjian Jack, Tefankjian Marion, Walsh Tracy A to Wallace And Woerner Dev Llc; 6/13/2013. $125,000

5104 Ocean Drive South, Siemietkowski John S, Siemietkowski Marianne S to Butte Stephen J, Butte Susan L; 6/14/2013. $650,000

1101 Bayshore Ave. Unit 3C, Bryn Mawr Tr Co to Lowery Timothy, Lowery Karen; 6/14/2013. $275,000

341 15th St. South, Shima Lane K, Shima Lisa L to Schimony Robert D, Schimony Tina; 6/14/2013. $470,000

8 Coquille Beach Drive, Schwartz Arlene, Feizet James to Nekoranik Sophia; 6/15/2013. $290,000


5 Fox Run, Yussuf Yussuf B, Yussuf Nofisat to Wilson John P, Wilson Marjorie M; 6/10/2013. $42,500

108 E. Collins Ave., Federal National Mtg Assn, Phelan Hallinan & Schmieg Pc, Phelan Hallinan & Diamond Pc to Shur Don; 6/12/2013. $45,000

1110 McKinley Ave., Wojciechowski Ewa to Gaviria Perez Gustavo A, Perez Gustavo A Gaviria, Gaviria Valasquez Tomas A, Valasquez Tomas A Gaviria; 6/13/2013. $119,900

5 N. Third St., Household Finance Corp Iii to Pleasantville Housing Auth; 6/13/2013. $38,500

225 W. Leeds Ave. Unit 103, Compres Joan Jose, Martinez Contreras Miguel Angel, Contreras Miguel Angel Martinez to Irfan Sanila, Irfan Sardar Nourah, Sardar Nourah Irfan; 6/14/2013. $36,750

37 E. Bayview Ave., Gonzalez Baldomero to Martinez Ramos Daysi A, Ramos Daysi A Martinez; 6/14/2013. $115,000

210 Cedar Crest Ave., Coulon Michelle Y, Coulon Robert A, Coulon Leon to Pacheco Grullon Yirelis, Grullon Yirelis Pacheco, Nunez Edison A Amonte, Amonte Nunez Edison A; 6/15/2013. $84,900

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