Atlantic City

2 S. Hartford Ave. B1, Brogan, Timothy M. to Fannie Mae; 4/22/2013. $98,017

3851 Boardwalk No. 1406, Karlin, Samuel, Karlin, Judy to Bauman, Frank, Bauman, Joanne; 4/23/2013. $141,000

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407 N. Ohio Ave., Aries Financial LLC, Ramaekers, Lawrence J. to Persaud, David, Ishmael, Untiewatie Shazia; 4/25/2013. $42,000

101 S. Plaza Place Unit 810, Gallagher, Hugh C., Hulme, Mary to Ranelli, John J.; 4/25/2013. $180,000


403B E. Beach Ave., Giannone, Frank, Giannone, Josephine to Drewes, Colleen, Smith, John C., Smith, Margaret D., Drewes, Kurt; 4/22/2013. $325,000

242 35th St. S., Walker, Nguyen Thi Hoa to Kelley, Suzanne M.; 4/22/2013. $150,000

4540 W. Brigantine Ave., Unit N411, Duboski, Anthony S., Duboski, Virginia M. to Panchelli, Frances T., Panchelli, Russell V.; 4/23/2013. $300,000

201 11th St., Walker, Loretta M., Shaw, Margaret, Walker, Thomas R. to GGFA Management LLC; 4/24/2013. $125,000


311 W. Wright St., Lucas, Delfino Lopez, Vidanos, Sandra to Rodriguez, Argimiro Terrones; 4/22/2013. $75,500

21 Loraine Ave., Rivera, Amelia I. to Schloss, Wayne, Schloss, Samantha; 4/23/2013. $53,921

225 W. Leeds Ave. No. 26, Pimentel, Rodrigo, Rosado, Ana D. to Polanco, Mineli, Garcia, Giovanny A.; 4/23/2013. $42,000

50 E. Pacific Ave., Deutsche Bank, Ocwen Loan Serv LLC, Securitized Asset Backed Receivables Tr 2006 Wm4 to Community Asset Preservation Corp.; 4/24/2013. $103,000

122 E. Reading Ave., Alicea, Juan J., Alicea, Mydia, Flores, Elizabeth to Fountain, Lonnell Q.; 4/25/2013. $182,000

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