Atlantic City

2834 Atlantic Ave. Unit 908, Feldman, Irving M., Feldman, Miriam, Feldman, Jean to Kong, EdwaRoad; 6/24/2013. $41,000

121 S. Tennessee Ave., Noah Bank to Kc Ac Realty Inc.; 6/25/2013. $40,000

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4501 Ventnor Ave., Marin, Jose A., Marin, Martha E. to Fox, Ira; 6/25/2013. $355,000

2305 Kuehnle Ave., Hart, AuDriveey to Anderson, Tarik J.; 6/26/2013. $350,000

655 Absecon Blvd. Unit 1018, Fannie Mae, Zucker Goldberg and Ackerman to MRA Property Management LLC; 6/26/2013. $20,000

20 S. New Hampshire Ave., Jefferson Family Partnership LP, Jefferson, Eunice L. to Casino Reinvestment Dev. Auth.; 6/27/2013. $118,000

108 S. Montpelier Ave. Unit 2163, Schoener, Leonard J. to Gonzales, Lowella; 6/27/2013. $37,000

60 N. Maine Ave., Flagship Resort Dev. Corp. to Prasad, Ravi, Prasad, Sarita; 6/28/2013. $15,000

101 S. Plaza Place Unit 1408, Neukrug, Arthur, Neukrug, Clifford to Berkowitz, Edwin, Berkowitz, Lynne A.; 6/28/2013. $144,000

207 N. New York Ave. Unit C, Hodges, Johnny E., Hodges, Delia, Dobson, Sylvia to Strachan, James, Strachan, Rosa; 6/28/2013. $37,500


4713 Atlantic Brigantine Blvd., Beelis, John A. to Burns Klemm Custom Home Builders LLC; 6/24/2013. $115,000

360 Gull Cove, Bobb, Wendy to Forcina, Robert, Forcina, Donna; 6/24/2013. $235,000

4500 E. Brigantine Ave. Unit 1210, Dignan, Mary B. to Marion, Terry, Marion, Linda; 6/24/2013. $150,000

4540 W. Brigantine Ave. No. 403, Staiman, David, Staiman, Marilyn L. to Eliasson, Donald C., Eliasson, Pamela; 6/24/2013. $280,000

340 10th St. S., Wallace & Woerner LLC, Woerner, Gary to Bernstein, Nancy Whalen; 6/25/2013. $995,000

719 E. Brigantine Ave., Juhas, William S., Juhas, Donna M. to Anthony, Louis P., Anthony, Anna Artman; 6/25/2013. $83,000

1307 Vardon Road, Greco, Frank, Greco, Barbara to Belfiore, Rossana S.; 6/27/2013. $280,000

3706 W. Brigantine, Kent, Stephen J. to Dalessio Investments Inc.; 6/28/2013. $311,100


1420 Ocean Ave., Maxwell, Jacqueline, Channell, John D, Channell, Catherine M. to KPB Assets Inc.; 6/24/2013. $45,000

708 Lafayette Circle, Casaba Real Estate Holding Corp. to Dickerson, Levine B., Dickerson, Claudette; 6/24/2013. $138,000

728 W. Adams Ave., Byard, Barbara to Mirza, Imad, Imad, Rizwawa; 6/26/2013. $49,900

202 Noahs Landing, Perez, Ammparo, Perez, Amparo to Llanga, Jacqueline; 6/27/2013. $31,000

148 Plaza Place, Nelson, John H., Nelson, John H. to Nelson, John H.; 6/27/2013. $130,000

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