Atlantic City

2709 Fairmount Ave. and 212 N. California Ave., Davidson, Herman to Bangladesh Association of South Jersey; 12/18/2013. $200,000

928 Arctic Ave., Rowell, Ethel J. to Taja Real Estate Inv. LLC; 12/19/2013. $65,000

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42 N. Maryland Ave., Wong, Yuk King to Chan, Cheong Ming, Li, Guo Jun; 12/19/2013. $22,000

3101 Boardwalk, Mitchell, Arthur David, Mitchell, Sharon Claire to Mitchell, Arthur David; 12/19/2013. $142,500

101 S. Raleigh Ave., Lesniewska, Jolanta to Viikna, Paul M., Viikna, Sandy J.; 12/20/2013. $58,000

3 Stanley Court, Fannie Mae to Tahiry, Sima; 12/20/2013. $33,000

185 N. New Hampshire Ave., Smith, Francine L. to Nicholson Shontai; 12/20/2013. $155,000

24 N. Stenton Place, Fannie Mae to Umar, Muhammad; 12/20/2013. $73,550


422 Lafayette Blvd., Shovlin, Charles B., Shovlin, Irene A. to Murdor LLC; 12/17/2013. $100,000

410 W. Shore Drive, Webster, Dwight P., Webster, Sue to Rabbuttino, Richard J., Rabbuttino, Jean M.; 12/18/2013. $430,000

213 Lincoln Drive, Homes For Everyone LLC, Zebrowski, Jerome to Desandis, Devan; 12/18/2013. $250,000

2 Ocean Drive, Stuart, Thomas, Stuart, Roxanne to Maam LLC; 12/20/2013. $508,000

16 Lagoon Blvd., Goode Mary E. to McGee Joseph L., McGee Luavada J.; 12/20/2013. $540,000


113 Frambes Ave., Shinn, Florence M., Grimsley, Rosemary to Ruiz, Alejandro; 12/16/2013. $158,000

1117 Broad St., Jefferson, John, Jefferson, Patricia M. to Shur, Don; 12/16/2013. $27,000

1113 McKinley Ave., Williams, Rodney M. to Revolus, Gerard; 12/19/2013. $67,500

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