Atlantic City

1515 Boardwalk Unit 2407, Subscription Services Inc. to Foglia, Ralph, Foglia, Jozeni S.; 3/10/2014. $68,000

703 N. Ohio Ave., McBride, H. Michael, McBride, Cynthia M. to Sinha, Karabi; 3/10/2014. $49,000

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412 Wister Place, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Cityside Management Corp. to Ricom International LLC; 3/10/2014. $49,000

19-21 S. Windsor Ave. B1, Kostadinov, Georgi I., Chingarski, Emil to Kirev, Krassimir; 3/11/2014. $47,000

100 S. Berkley Square Unit 20a, Kiejdan, Tybee, Kiejdan, Fern to Kuldiner, Michael; 3/11/2014. $380,000

21 N. Texas Ave., Freddie Mac to Rahman, Md M.; 3/11/2014. $80,000

101 S. Plaza, Schaeffer, M. Harris, to Levine, Mark E., Levine, Terri; 3/12/2014. $126,500

1507 Boardwalk, Atlantic Palace Dev. LLC to Collier, John T., Collier, Deborah M.; 3/12/2014. $19,000

4121 Winchester Ave., Vantium Reo Capital Markets LP, Franklin Credit Mgmt. Corp. to Hosen, Mohammed J.; 3/12/2014. $65,000

1423 Magellan Ave., Teixeira, Antonio to Nunez, Marvelle; 3/14/2014. $61,000


319 21st St. S., Meehan, John R., Meehan, Violet H., Meehan, Thomas F. to Jones, Michael D.; 3/11/2014. $450,500

1400 W. Brigantine Ave., La Sammana Ventures LLC to Rochester, Dawn; 3/12/2014. $27,400


701 Linden Ave., Mock, Sherrine, Mock, Thomas to Robinson, Monique Y.; 3/10/2014. $90,000

12 Stenton Place, Beckmeier, Stephen D., Beckmeier, Frederick K. to Choinacki, Ashley A.; 3/10/2014. $71,000

214 W. Park Ave., Fannie Mae to Deflores, Rosa Iraheta, Flores, Maximo; 3/11/2014. $24,900

23 Merion Ave., Charles, Elsa A., Charles, Christopher to Wright, Keith G., Wright, Elmay; 3/14/2014. $146,000

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