Atlantic City

518 N. Massachusetts Ave., Smith Herbert, Smith Sonia to Gordon Derrick; 9/4/2012. $52,900

2809 Denny St., Nguyen Leona to Phan Hong Diep; 9/5/2012. $138,000

Latest Video

2721 Boardwalk Unit 318, Lazo Bernardita T to Moyer Stephen A, Moyer Laurie A; 9/6/2012. $60,000

107 N. California Ave., Hernandez Jarvin A, Delgado Enriqueta R to Chowdhury Mohammad L; 9/6/2012. $60,000


208 34th St. South, Palumbo Christine, Galiani Christine to 105 Lincoln Llc; 9/5/2012. $80,000

407 Lagoon Blvd., Kennedy Frances A to Levin Irwin P, Pike Ronald W; 9/5/2012. $239,900

13 Manitoba Ave., Perpiglia Frank J, Perpiglia Eileen M to Weinles Dan, Reid Virginia; 9/5/2012. $265,000

514 Casa Drive, Baltrunas Denise N to Staniszewski Jaroslaw, Staniszewski Iwona; 9/6/2012. $127,000


36 Oakland Ave., Suntrust Mortgage Inc to Argus Craig; 9/6/2012. $45,000

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